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Rumor: Mavs, Celtics talking Rondo trade


According to

The Mavericks are engaging in trade talks involving Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo, sources tell Meanwhile, Dallas has taken a position on Chris Paul and is also investigating bids on point guards Tyreke Evans and Brandon Jennings – and we’ve got the scoop on what’s happening with all four.

That’s all the info I can gather as I’m stuck behind a pay wall and too cheap to shell out $4 for a rumor.

I can’t imagine the Mavs making any moves until they secure Dwight Howard. ESPN’s Chris Broussard thinks the Mavs are the front-runners for clown face.

If Shawn Marion opts-in to the final year of his $9 million contract (and he’s expected to do so), then Dallas will have an expiring contract to offer teams. I have no interest in Marion. It’s not like Rondo’s contract (2 years, $23 million) is an albatross that needs to be unloaded.

OJ Mayo will not exercise the $4 million option on his contract and will become a free agent. He could be a sign-and-trade target.

Dallas recently drafted Miami PG Shane Larkin. Maybe Danny Ainge likes his game.

Because of the ACL injury, Rondo’s trade value is low. If Ainge is determined to move his point guard, he’ll likely have to wait until the mid-season trade deadline to get the most value.

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  • Chuck Moran

    That is a joke they have no players that would come close to rondos value ainge is really starting to piss me off someone needs to fire ths guy he dont think he just love having this reputation.

  • Double P

    If Ainge moves rondo he needs to be fired, you get what in return? A draft pick that you hope turns into a rondo in the future? Absolute joke

  • Double P

    And if you trade rondo we will be such an awful team with very little to attract talent, we have to hope for a lottery Pick that pans out Which is a pipedream That never works out

  • eddysamson

    I’ve been at least a partial supporter of his last few moves, but this better not go down. The only players worth Rondo are like..CP3, Harden, Kevin Love, thats about it? Screw this. I doubt its going to go down.

  • LA Flake

    Logical move by Dallas. In order to get DHoward, they need to show him that they have a willing passer at the PG position and Rondo is one of the best. Unfortunately, they don’t have anything we want except for Mayo and he’s a free agent.


  • Chuck Moran

    There saying the deal wold include Marion’s expiring deal picks an Larkin that is awful is he trying o become the bobcats if he does this it will take ten years to rebuild. We have three great pieces already and he gonna dump the bet one rondo is a top three point guard an nba champ this would e a huge mistake

  • LA Flake

    Calm down a$$holes. No one said this rebuilding phase is going to be easy. Rondo is rapidly approaching 30. Outside of AB & Sully, no one fits into Danny’s current plan. Trade Rondo to SAC for their unprotected pick in 2014. Go ALL IN.

  • adam

    Well it would make the Celtics very interesting to watch next season.

  • Romeo

    This better not go down, that’s all I have to say.

  • forever_green

    I can’t wait for a new GM.

    • Celticsfanatic

      What would you rather have Danny do? Rondo is NOT a number one player. Your number one player by definition needs to be a constant scoring threat, which Rondo alone is not. Even if he is the most skilled on a team, he will never be a number one for that reason.

      As for the rest of our young talent pool, there is something to be said about each of Bradley, Sullinger and Green but again, none of them will ever be number ones. Bradley is perhaps the league’s best perimeter defender; aside from that, he’s average. Sully could be a double double machine in the future; but he’s not going to be posting 25/12 and running the break. Green could very well average 17 ppg as early as next season; but he lacks a definable position and, given his age, enough upside to be considered a future number one. It’s a superstar league. Danny’s doing his best to try to get one in a draft compared to the superstar loaded draft of 2003.

      Rondo is an unbelievable talent and if I could pair him with Green, Sully and say, Jabari Parker I absolutely would. But there’s no way that the Celtics are a bad enough team, with Rondo playing, to secure a high enough lottery pick in order to get that superstar. Rondo will never be the number one (again, not necessarily the most SKILLED) on a contending team; a guy like Parker, Wiggins, Julius Randle, etc. could be. If we’ve already gutted the heart and soul of the KG era, are you really going to sit here and picket for us to be an eighth seed for four more years?

      • Astarot

        Rebulding takes years (offseasons) and they woudn’t be 8th for years (2 years) with PP & KG now they can be 8th or even worse without Rondo it woud be much worse but draft picks even high and the gamble whether pick is gonna be good or not that strategy almost never works.

  • RedsLoveChild

    You can`t teach height….Ainge should`ve went full throttle on draft night by trading Rondo for Nerlens Noel {7 footer, projected 1st pick, Mass. born/raised}. Philly beat them to the punch with Holiday.

    Tank season…get into lottery with 2 first rounders…set stage for K-Love signing to join Noel, Sully up front…trade Green for point guard to play along side of Bradley.

    • Suarez

      It was a great trade for Philly. I haven’t seen anything that has said Boston even explored making such a deal. It wouldn’t surprise me if NOLA, hearing the draft clock ticking, just took the first deal they saw. Those guys don’t know what they are doing.

      • RedsLoveChild

        Ainge probably didn`t want to stun Celtic fans any further for 1 night, after trading Pierce/KG.

        Still, Noel was worth taking a shot on.

        • Astarot

          I got your point and ok I don’t know Noel’s game but he;s coming from the ACL too he’s gotta gain some weight fast and Rondo on the other hand proved what he can do in the NBA he can take over the game and you’ll barely notice that. Not to mention his playoff game.

          • RedsLoveChild

            It`s a gamble…he could become another Greg Oden.

            But, he`s a 7-footer, and most assumed he would go #1. It`s like asking yourself a month ago..”Would you trade Rondo for the #1 pick”?

            If 76`ers got him for Holiday, it`s likely Boston could`ve gotten him for Rondo.

          • Astarot

            I woudn’t not this year. I’ll tell you more I woudn’t trade for 1st even if Noel was healthy all year and even that I’m aware how much this team need proper C.

          • Suarez

            Don’t forget that the Sixers get Noel and a top-5 protected pick from NO next year. With Gordon and Holliday, the Pelicans are probably good enough to be out of the top five, but still well out of the playoffs. So the Sixers are likely going to get to mid-lottery picks (with Noel being one of those) for Holliday. Considering where the Celtics are right now, I’d take that for Rondo.

            It is a risk, hoping that their pick falls out of the top five. But the Sixers have put themselves in a great position. They are going to be really, really bad next year. They could end up with two lotto picks, including a top 4 or 5 and a top 10. In the 2014 draft, that’s a lot of talent.

  • Nathan Hodge

    The Thunder drafted Kevin Durant, Russel Westbrook, and James Harden in consecutive drafts. Rebuilding through the lottery has worked in the past. It’s also how Indiana got George, Stephenson and Hibbert. If management is smart with their draft choices, it works. Rondo is going to be 29 and coming off an ACL tear and on a bad team, he won’t be happy. I would rather trade him before he demands to be traded

    • tvor03

      Rondo turns 28 in February.

    • Suarez

      Mostly good points. But I don’t see the need to trade Rondo. I don’t think he’ll be that unhappy. He probably won’t even be playing much as he makes a slow ACL recovery into the season. When he is playing, he’ll be able to put up some monster stat lines, and Rondo is a notoriously stat-oriented player.

  • tvor03

    Damn. When DA decided to blow up the team, he went with a nuke.

  • jrleftfoot

    I might have to get behind the Nets.

  • Joanne Tran

    I thought Danny is trying to build around Rondo? Wtf

    • Astarot

      Well he should.

  • Double P

    I’d rather see Danny package avery and one of our 1st rounders for Demarcus cousins. Groom DMC/Sully into a great front court with green and then you have Rondo, Lee, and Marshon Brooks in the backcourt. Good young team with assets to build/trade with.

  • Astarot

    I was wondering when something like that will come out. I woudn’t be surprised if that was true cuz Ainge is mad. He’s sayin all the right things about Rondo but he doesn;t like him and his attitude. He’s payin’ attention to all the things that doesn’t matter at the end of the day, his character, attitude all of it. Sure you can love Rondo or hate him but I don’t think that’s important. His impact matters, the way he plays and how much his play is important for the team. If sometone wanna trade Rondo (including Ainge) is blind. He was the best PG in the NBA before the injury, he’s passing first type of PG he’s controling the game when team has the ball. I’ve read that he’s not a franchise kind of player, well to me he is simply cuz of the way he plays and like it or not he’s a center piece of that team.

  • kobe_beef2424

    Danny Ainge is building around Brandon Bass.

    • Astarot

      Yeah you got that right 😀

  • jason benn

    Wowwww a quick rebuild huh ok so that’s the excuse ill tell my greay grand kids y we still suck.

  • jason benn

    N remind me again we put our eggs in a basket for durant and ooooohhhh yea we didnt get him have rondo pull a d rose sit tje season out let him go to vegas for tje yr do not trade him!!!!

    • ShawnCVD

      Um…Cs missed on Durant then did plan B…using the 5th pick + others to land Allen. Then expiring and prospects to acquire Garnett. DA is getting assets again. I don’t think moving an injured Rondo is good though.

      • jason benn

        thats a great point exactly that 2007-2008 was a insane year we tried to tank 24 wins right that season before it or close to it i forget i block it out, we traded lots of people for sure fire future hall of famers the all time leading three point shooter ever (eventually) arguably the best all around power forward ever to match with one of the greatest celtics ever! ainge built around that he is senile in his old age if he thinks that plan will ever work again, i just want to make a point to not try and make a team soooo bad there is not even a chance of so called tanking we will just be that bad 🙁 we stuck through so many up and downs with pierce, tell me who they plan on making that in this league as it stands now? an injured rondo trade should never happen we would get such a bad deal i feel like but even a 100% rondo should never be traded. We can do the same thing but ainge forgets the most important piece a true celtic that has gone through ups and downs and you stayed with him no matter what who else currently on this team other than pierce holds an all time celtic record? Rondo should be here to stay and we build around him, this guy is the future like it or not he already will be in the celtic lure forever like it or not. lol sorry i just almost had a heart attack when I heard about this before my saviors at celitcsblog posted the thing about the source shooting down the other source lol but i feel like i needed to say all this before i died from a heart attack 🙂 I hope the season starts with rondo or features him later on im super excited to see what we do next season not against brooklyn though :_( thanksanyonereadin if you did.

  • jason benn

    who can tell me any future sure time hall of famers we could look to replace or they eventually become that plus first round picks or whatever better expiring contracts etc to replace the value rondo brings to the team. ainge is crazy if he thinks that would help us rebuild quick we already have a great core in place that we need to focus on everyone will play their role in rondo is the role of the all star best player on the team bradley is the defensive guru etc. this would make zero sense to do i would hope even from an owners prespective i hope cuz they sign off on this if it goes through 🙁 thank you celtics blog for posting that this is bogus though whewww

  • adam

    rondo for a draft pick is a joke. do the Celtics need to clear salary to tank it that bad? the only good thing to come out of it is the young guys get a ton of playing time to develop.

    • adam

      also these are just rumors. Danny always takes calls he said in interviews. doesn’t mean he has to pursue them.

  • frickenWaaaltah

    Worst time to trade Rondo so far, probably. He had very low trade value already because of his reputation and because of his injury. Then Doc and Danny just utterly annihilated whatever was left.

    If Doc had any confidence in Rondo he wouldn’t have left to coach Chris Paul. If Danny had any confidence in Rondo, he wouldn’t have blown up the team and sent it off to ‘contend’ with Deron Williams.

    So to get any sort of a decent deal, they have to keep Rondo for a while now. First he has to recover from his injury. Then he has to show that he is a more mature player and yes of course he can play for a coach other than Doc.