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Your Morning Dump… Where I’m still trying to wrap my head around the big trade


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Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

In return, the Celtics will acquire valuable draft picks and millions of dollars in payroll flexibility to begin their rebuilding process. Earlier in the week, Ainge acquired the Los Angeles Clippers‘ 2015 pick in return for releasing Doc Rivers from his coaching contract.

That was enough to make the Celtics one of draft night’s biggest winners. The Garnett-Pierce trade, which also will send Jason Terry to the Nets, will land the Celtics three first-round picks (2014, ’16 and ’18) and the right to swap first-round picks with the Nets in 2017 – along with Gerald Wallace, Kris Joseph and the expiring deal of Kris Humphries.

Boston now has two first-round picks, including its own, in a stellar 2014 draft that will possibly be led by coveted Kansas guard Andrew Wiggins.

Yahoo! – Rebuilding C’s big winners

Teams don’t rebuild with this sort of payroll, though. The Celtics will still be way over the cap next season, and the team enters the 2014 offseason right at the salary cap level due to Wallace’s massive deal (three years, and $33 million after 2012-13), with restricted free agent Avery Bradley ready to hit a market that will have scads of teams working with cap space, and several roster spots left to fill.

Real cap relief, the hallmark for any rebuilding team, won’t really set in until the 2015 offseason. And that’s when Rajon Rondo, sick of it all, could flee as a free agent. By the way, Gerald Wallace will still be on the books (two full years after the Chicago Bulls basically ignored him on offense during Brooklyn’s first round loss earlier this year) for over $10.1 million.

The reward for all this cash, and all this patience? Most likely four of the Nets’ upcoming five first round picks.

Ball Don’t Lie – Kelly Dwyer

Let’s save the emotional goodbyes to Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett for another time and get right to the numbers. The Celtics save about $7 million with this deal. While it doesn’t give them any flexibility to sign big name free agents, it does keep them away from the painful luxury tax.

If you believe Marc Spears, the Celtics came away big winners with this deal. The new CBA puts a premium on 1st round draft picks and Danny Ainge possesses 9 first rounders over the next five years. He’s not drafting 9 players. So consider those picks valuable trade assets.

Dwyer isn’t buying the optimism, but he’s viewing this deal through the lens of salary cap relief. Yes, Gerald Wallace’s game has devolved rapidly and it comes with a hefty contract. But might the Celtics consider using the stretch exception in his case? It would allow them to cut Wallace and spread the money owed over 7 years. They’d be paying $4+ million. It’s a salary cap escape shaft for Ainge if he has the opportunity to acquire an impact player.

My first reaction to this trade was – Is this really the best offer out there? Could Ainge have gotten a better return if he traded PP and KG separately? While we heard rumors of a sweet deal that involved shipping Pierce to Cleveland for 2nd round picks and a valuable trade exception it’s possible that deal never existed. So we shouldn’t compare this to any rumored deals.

I hate to say this, but we’ll have to wait and see what Ainge does with the assets before issuing final judgement.

For those frightened by the thought of Kris Humphries in a Celtics uniform, SI’s Chris Mannix tweeted:

Keep an eye on Charlotte as a possible landing spot for Kris Humphries. Rival execs skeptical he stays in Boston.

One possible reason for the haste in completing this deal now: Each team now has until July 10 to work out subsequent trades to flip a guy.

As for the draft, it appears Kelly Olynyk is excited:

Kelly Olynyk

Courtesy: Doug Eberhardt

What impact will Olynyk make on this team? Danny Ainge has the answer:

“Kelly was a guy we think complements [Rajon] Rondo and Avery [Bradley] and Jeff [Green],” Ainge said. “He’s just a really good complementary player. He’s not a go-to guy. He’s not a star player. He’s a really good teammate-type of player for those other guys.”

Yikes. Give him credit for setting expectations.

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  • pierce Hart

    Can I just say what a legend Woj is. Active on twitter during draft day for 21 straight ours to give us all the moves happening. Also 2016 and 2018 unprotected picks should be exciting to far into the future to say they’ll still be successful

    • Nathan Hodge

      Amen. Woj is a beast

  • Romeo

    Man I still say fts

  • Lee in Oregon

    Tough to wake up and realize PP & KG are gone. Even with Wallace’s contract, and the fact that Kris Humphries is Kris Humphries, I still think DA did pretty well. By the time those later picks get here, the C’s might already be better than the Nets.

  • Astarot

    I don’t like that trade like I wrote it earlier. Maybe Humphries will land somewhere else but what will they get for him? And also tha big contract, like I said if you want clear up the books wait a year. I stil hope KG will retire after the season and PP will be back here for min contract. Still this trade I just don’t know are those picks that much valuable? To me at least KG woud contribute for them more than any other player in this trade this upcoming season. I know the system is changing with Doc’s departure but still KG’s D – they’d use it for sure. It seems like everything is falling apart right now cuz they don’t even have a coach now. New coach will show up and he’ll have to deal with bunch of guys that are new and maybe that he’d never take them to that team if he had something to say. I have a feeling that this is all about taxes and cap room (that they won’t have anyway next year) I know tax is huge especially if you’re not a contender but taking taking a group of guys you don’t know how to use to have 7 mil less in salary that ain’t resonable. Hopefully Ainge ain’t mad enough to get rid of Rondo.

  • Jester00

    not happy hulk smash

  • RedsLoveChild

    –9 first round picks in the next 5 years
    –Kelly-O is a first team All American, WCC Player of Year, and is 7`0″

    Wake up, people…it`s not DA`s fault that KG was born while Elvis was still alive!

    • pierce Hart

      The 76ers are worse than us and will have 2 high lottery picks in 2014 but 🙁 need to trade rondo for the bobcats 2014.

      • RedsLoveChild

        76`ers traded Holiday for Noel, who most thought would go #1.

        Maybe Danny should have offered Rondo for Nerlens Noel?
        Just asking!

        • pierce Hart

          I’m at odds with the decision on one hand Noel could be an all star and a lottery pick would probably be another Allstar which would make you a contender but by the time we compete again rondo will be hitting 30 an hopefully will have matured and have the experience to stop a young team full of Allstar talent failing like the cave with all their potential sucked and to an extent OKC has missed a guy who’s been there so there’s positives and negatives to it

        • ShawnCVD

          Na. Just have Rondo skip the year. Then win big in 14 Draft then get Rondo back (which would be like drafting an All Star btw)…

  • Lee in Oregon

    no love for Colton Iverson?

    • chuckmckenney

      He gets a link.

  • forever_green

    I’m very emotional right now and sad to see KG & PP compete for another fanchise, if there was every a guy that should have been untouchable in todays game it’s Paul Pierce, he has been a great inspiration to me through out my life and I am forever greatful & will always have Paul’s back…a piece of me died as a Celtics fan today, while something grew as a Nets fan…today we are all Nets fans.

    • Buddy_Hinton

      Speak for yourself, the Nets suck.

      • LA Flake

        Not anymore.

        And I, too, am renting them for a year as my favorite team outside of the C’s. Hell, the Nets are the C’s since they’re getting our heart and soul!

        • Buddy_Hinton

          Nope, still suck

  • Reggie35RIP

    We all knew this was coming sooner or later – doesn’t make it any easier, but at least Danny got a bunch of chips to play with. I’m looking for one more trade before the season starts.

    Man the first game of the season is going to look weird as hell.

    Wish PP and KG all the best. End of an era. 🙁

  • piecz

    1998 we drafted small forward from Kansas who became Celtics legend. Hope we do it again in 2014.

    • LA Flake

      or in 2015…or 2016..or 2017..or in 2018.

    • Romeo

      We should suck like we never suck before for the 2014 draft, wiggins or Parker needs to becomes celtics

  • johng

    I can’t even imagine what the Garden will be like the night these two come back..going to be intense, emotional night.

    • LA Flake

      Nothing but standing O’s and cheers for those two GREAT Celtics. They won’t get booed like Ray allen, that’s for sure.

      And what about Doc, man? When he went after Bill Simmons and called him an idiot, I felt like he was calling all of us who think he quit on the C’s idiots. F-YOU Doc!

      • forever_green

        Is there any chance Doc knew Danny was trading KG & PP, thats why he wanted out?

        • LA Flake

          doc DID say ainge told him he was going to trade them for 3-4 weeks.

          • forever_green

            He did, do you have a link I could see?..Look Doc did quit on us, but maybe he was also sticking up for KG and PP by quiting.

          • Astarot

            That’d change a lot. I mean I blame Doc for it but Ainge is much more to blame here and that’d be a confirmation. He wanted a full rebuild and Doc had a different idea that makes sense. If that’s true I’m with Doc but who knows maybe just another bs from the media.

  • frickenWaaaltah

    The deal isn’t a good financial move. All they had to do to save more money next season was take Pierce’s buyout. And over the full length of the deal, they are actually taking on salary. Depending on how the final numbers work out, it amounts to paying almost 7 million per draft pick.

    It’s really just a gift to Brooklyn and the bird for Miami.

  • Jester00

    like who they picked up with 53

  • Jo

    I thought i was ready for this…. It hurts more than i thought it would. At least they got a realistic shot at another title, but damn.

  • LA Flake

    Not ready & too horified to embrace the Olynyk era but I’m happy for PP and KG because they have a shot to win another ring together. And I’m glad Danny got so many picks from Billy King’s Nets. He is Billy King after all. Still, it’s hard to accept that our dynamic duo won’t be around anymore. Especially Pierce who has replaced Larry Bird as my favorite Celtic of all time. Man…I still can’t believe it all went down. I’ll be rooting for the Nets hard to win it all next year. And I hope we get lucky and get Andre Wiggins next year.

    • forever_green

      Now all the people that wanted this can get used to losing…its not going to be fun..I had a feeling DA had no heart, now I’m sure of it..I wish Red was still around to put him in his place.

      • eddysamson

        I dont know about you, but I got used to losing last season. Before Rondo went out.

        • forever_green

          It can get much worse…2007 bad.

          • ShawnCVD

            I kinda think that’s the point . If ever there was a draft class worth -ahem- tanking over this is the one. Epic fail last two times (Duncan and Durant) but maybe three times a charm.

  • adam

    what would they get in return for humphries?

  • kaiserny

    Maybe Rondo will sit out the year and we draft Wiggins. 2014-2015 We get Rondo back and we start re-tooling with all of the draft picks.

    • ShawnCVD

      I think Rondo will take longer and Ainge knows this so decided to jump start this rebuild rather than compete one last time . Remember no Rondo no deep play off run so DA decided to get pieces .

  • Mannie

    Looks like Evans and Shengelia are out. Marshon brooks and kris Joseph are part of the trade according to Broussard.

  • Nico Siabb

    Sorry guys,but today is a day full of shame,anger and pain.
    treatment of our captain.A guy that gave us moments of glory and
    pride.He offered us a memorable title alongside with huge KG.
    just unfair for PP not to end his playing career in Boston as he was
    supposed to.And DA,didn’t give him the opportunity.He let us down….

    Hope we won’t see a clown of Humphries’ type in green…It’s ridiculous!

    Wake up!Celt’s were,are and will be ALWAYS contenders for the title!

    Not underdogs.Not ”bobcats”…

    True fan of Celtics

    • Romeo

      PP will sign a one year deal for vet min w the C after this 13-14 season so he can retired a Celtics, just watch.

      • Nico Siabb

        unaccaptable to wear a jersey not green.
        there are no excuses.
        In a similar case,here in europe,that type of treatment would cause mass explotion from the fans.
        Of course this is not expected to happen in Boston.
        NBA’s culture is way different.Fans reacting politely.

        But some figures like PP are haunting teams.
        So dedicated athlete….It’s a shame!
        I don’t care about 14/15 season.
        If our captain goes to Nets, connection with organization will never be the same again.
        Let’s be honest…
        DA must call a quit.Has nothing more to offer.

        ps.And you know what?He spent a whole month here in Greece to watch Adetokounmpo,how is a brilliant talent.All the nation here was aware of his presence.Why didn’t he sign him at last????Left him to bucks,for Olynyk..I ‘m trying hard to understand his thoughts,but seriously I’m failing over and over again..

    • forever_green

      I agree Nico.

  • CoachAJ

    Yeah I can get with this, Yall know I got mad love for PP, but he wants one shot at a ring, and we have been decimated by injuries every year after 08. PP kept on playing even though he was hurt too. So with one more year on his contract, PP should have a realistic chance at getting back there. And it wasn’t going to be with us. No matter what we still didn’t have enough to dethrone the new NBA champs. But we got back three 1st round picks(9 over the next 6 years), a young SF(we drafted Joseph), a young scoring SG(we could’ve drafted Brooks), and two young centers in the draft. And last year’s drafting Sullinger and Melo(getting better, albeit slowly), with return of Rondo, emergence of Bradley and Green. We gotta be happy about this rebuild. The contracts of Wallace, Humphries, and Bogans will get taken care of, but that will take some time. I won’t waste time trashing Danny for a move he said he would do, he said he thinks long term, while trying to supply a championship team. It won’t reach the level of 164-293, the record we had between the Bird and Pierce eras, which should have been bridged by Bias and Lewis, so I’m cool. LACelticsFan28yrs

    • pierce Hart

      Round of applause not a truer word spoken on the topic.

  • Frank Aziza

    Doesn’t anyone think any of these drafts will produce a guy that can give u around 20 and 10 each night? Josh Smith is out there and he can and only 27 yrs old. I know people aren’t crazy about him but but Rondo Green and Smith is nice

  • rodger renault

    I think all the net players will be trader but joseph.
    We have 5 centers 10 fowards and 5 gaurds get rid of wilcox and brass that makes rondo the oldest guy on team in his 7th year that makes us a good young team.
    Then sign a free agent probaly a foward should be in good shape with rondo bradley green maybe kelly olynyk at center and free agent foward.
    I can see no other reason we would sign these guys humphries going on 10th year evans going on 11 bogens 10 wallace 12 years.
    Except to trade them.
    Overall I think this a good move for the team GO CELTICS.

    • Astarot

      You mean Kris Jospeh (I think they waived him during the season) or other Jospeh I don’t know about?

  • rodger renault

    I’m looking foward to who danny gets to coach.

  • Romeo

    If we are rebuilding, we better suck ass next year, we have two first round pick, need to get Andrew wiggin or jibari Parker

  • adam

    is this to clear cap space so the Celtics can pursue Lebron James next summer?

    • ShawnCVD


  • Frank Aziza

    I have a strange feeling we stepped in crap with this draft pick. I’m not an optimistic guy by nature but I think this kid becomes an all star down the road and close to rookie of the year. Just a feeling, I think he’ll figure it out at the pro level.

  • CoachAJ

    The 1999 season roster PP’s rookie year. Next season’s roster looks much better than that one. We will be in good shape. Lockout year/shortened season 19-31 record.