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Watch the Bill Simmons and Doc Rivers catfight on ESPN

I don’t say this often, but I’m with Bill Simmons.

Doc Rivers has been disingenuous during this entire process and he deserves to be called out for it.

While Doc unloaded the one jab, his son Jeremiah unloaded on Simmons via Twitter. 

It’s a marvelous rant and worthy of your time.

UPDATE: Doc Rivers elaborated on his departure from Boston, the feud with Simmons and his relationship with Rajon Rondo during an appearance on the Dan Patrick Show.

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  • I actually really like Bill Simmons. I know a lot of people hate him and I don’t always agree with him, but I think he’s a good writer who has a pretty good grasp of hoops history. He’s right about this, Doc is leaving because he doesn’t want to help rebuild and his story has been inconsistent. I don’t hate Doc for that, but that’s clearly the case. His son’s rant is hilarious.

    • Ryan

      I think Doc messed up too by saying “i am a celtic” and all that other stuff. I’m sure he wasn’t even thinking of the fact that it would be turned into a promotional commercial, but he has a way of saying things that really make you passionate and want to stand behind him…..thats part of the reason why he was such a good coach. If its not the celtics(which it won’t be, but they will still make the playoffs IMO w Rondo) than I kind of hope its clips vs Nets and with the rosters constituted as is, I actually think the Nets have a better chance. Williams under Kidd and with KG/Pierce will be back to the top PG or top 2 next year. I know for a while it was CP3 and then Williams for most people, but not in the past couple years, where I would rank Williams just barley top 5. Now that the nets REALLY believe they can win, and Williams knows its not just him having to play out of his mind, they will all be locked in mentally and therefore play better IMO.

  • Jesse Dampolo

    It’s funny because people keep saying he “doesn’t want to help rebuild”, being traded for a first round pick is WAY more helpful than anything he could have done standing in front of the bench. Doc is a guy who can take a group of great players and make them a team… he’s not necesarily the greatest guy to have during a rebuild.

    Let Doc go coach the Clippers and enjoy himself. I’ll be routing for him.

    • KGino

      Boo doc for the way he handled it. It’s one thing to just say he doesn’t want to rebuild anymore and would rather move on because he doesn’t know how much longer he’ll be coaching… It’s another thing to say you’re coming back to the team and then being wishy-washy about it all summer and driving it to this point. Bill Simmons is right Doc… Just MAN UP

    • LA Flake

      i’m going to enjoy watching the clippers turn into one of the WORST rebounding teams in the league. oh, and it’ll be a joy to watch the clips play midget ball. ha ha ha ha ha. btw…who the hell is jeremiah rivers? is he a d-leaguer? and austin rivers is a BUST!

  • eddysamson

    Wow gotta hate on Doc for that “I’d call him an idiot if I wasnt classy” line. How is that NOT calling him an idiot? And even if you can argue that its not calling him an idiot….it WASNT CLASSY!!!

  • KGino

    For Doc to call him an idiot, he knows it was true. You laugh it off if it’s not true. You seek revenge if it is.

  • MrCuret

    Simmons is right, Doc did quit on the Celtics, even tho he wants to make it seen like that wasn’t the case.

  • Brad

    I buy Doc’s story on the Dan Patrick Show…kind of. I believe that ownership approached him with the idea…but I believe they only did it because he was being wishy washy about coming back, so they decided to get rid of him.

  • RedsLoveChild

    I`ll take the draft pick any day over Rivers! Given Griffin`s and Paul`s health history, it will likely be a lottery pick.

    As for Doc`s BS, no one should be surprised. In every uncomfortable situation in Boston, he either lied {KG`s playoff return from 2009 injury} or pretended he was “outside-the-loop” and knew nothing of it.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Simmons is a tool but he’s right about this.

    Doc, you’re not too “classy” these days……so stop trying to be cute. If your rep is so important to you, just shut up and this might blow over. Then trade for your kid so you can attempt to salvage that mess, and get your nose as far up Chris Paul’s behind as you can. Peace.

    Go C’s!

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    I don’t know who’s right, but one thing I know for sure is that the way Doc left after 9 years in Boston was not classy at all.

  • Raoul

    F*** Doc. I’ve defended him, but I guess It’s not as fun when the people he’s feeding bullshit to now includes the Celtics for a change. The last few days I’ve seen a Doc that is combative and snappy. I always respected him for choosing his words wisely, but I think sub-conciously he’s defensive and now blurts out stuff like “I’d call him an idiot if I wasn’t classy.” Umm What? Sounds like Paula Deen “I’d call Doc a ******* if it wasn’t 2013.”

  • JB

    There are too many contradictory facts happening between Doc & Danny. Danny did say a letter was sent to Doc saying the organization expected him to honour his contract. So Just say it Doc you wanted to leave Boston and you thought you could negotiate to bring KG, PP, & some of you’re coaching staff to the Clippers too. You already knew Danny was setting up KG /PP to be traded out of Boston. Tried to rebuild a Big 3 of CP3, KG & PP in LA. But no one counted on Stern intervening.
    Doc sounds like he is trying to do damage control for his rep.

  • JB

    So Doc said he was traded??? I thought it was compensation for leaving his contract unfulfilled .

  • jrleftfoot

    doc rivers is full of crap,and I for one, am extremely disappointed