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Report: KG will waive no-trade, go to Brooklyn with Pierce

As much as I felt this was inevitable… and I’m ok with the return the Celtics will get….


I’m just sad about this.

Read more about the trade, and why it makes financial sense here.  We’ll have more in the Morning Dump.

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  • dk


  • Chad

    Horrible trade

  • Double P

    Not a fan of this trade at all. We got fleeced.. Wallace’s contract is horrible, well be paying him $10 mil/yr to backup Jeff green? We’d have been better off standing pat with KG and Paul

  • Garu Delacruz

    that’s what most of the celtics fan wish for. to trade the 2 legends. and now what??

    • I bleed green in L.A.

      We wanted to trade them, but we wanted a better deal than this, or atleast get a coveted free agent. This one stings.

  • tatlıkafa

    well,.. fcuk that


    Thank you guys. For everything. You both did so much for this city, this franchise and it’s fans. Godspeed.

  • ShawnCVD

    KG to Nets for Humphrey and 2 picks then PP at deadline would have been better. Bklyn gonna be a sick team.

  • Romeo

    Fckk noooo, why did u leave kg. Terrible trade!

  • dk

    well on the Brightside I just saved $180 in not buying the league pass next year–and can watch the Nets on the YES Network for free here in NY. So F%&ing sad–Ainge just murdered the Celtics for 30 cents on the dollar. I really cant believe he traded pierce and kg to the f’ing Nets. I’m with Simmons on this one–had a chance to do something special with Pierce and KG and just killed it. There has to be another move w/ this Wallace deal

    • EricKrasnauskas

      Maybe ticket prices will go back down to $10. 😐

  • ShawnCVD

    Silver lining would be KG/PP in position to stick it to James for one last last time

    • KWAPT


    • Christopher Jones

      That would make me happy beyond words.

  • david

    At the very least KG, PP and JT will be competing for a championship. We’re in full suck mode, so I don’t really care how the team looks like, as long as we lose.

    • John Smith

      That’s the thing though, we’re not even in full suck mode, we still have Jeff Green, Rajon Rondo and Jared Sullinger. We might still make the playoffs with that team, especially if Atlanta loses Teague and Smith. I hope there’s something more to this.

      • Celticsfanatic

        Zero chance we make the playoffs with that team. Rondo is out for half of the season, and the rest of the guys won’t get a sniff of the All-Star team. Love Sullinger, love Green, love Bradley, think we can win a championship with those three on the team; but Sullinger is not fully healthy and just a sophomore; Green, while a quasi-star, is not good enough to be an All-Star] and Bradley is a specialty player, not a Big Three caliber guy.

        Get a top five pick next pick, trade the BKN 2014 pick with the 2015 Clips pick for James McAdoo or Mitch McGary, stay patient and we’ll be contenders in a blink.

  • Frank Aziza


  • Romeo

    PP will always be a celtics, hope they both win another w the Nets. Take out Miami next season please

  • ShawnCVD

    Ainge deserves credit for moving Jet’s contract . Takes a small sting outta that Wallace contract . Those bitching about paying so much for a back up Green will spend some time at PF so each will be on floor for 36 minutes …

  • tvor03

    It is what it is. We may only win 30 games next year, but I’ll still be watching.

    Who knows? Maybe Danny isn’t done cooking and we’ll flip Wallace for someone.

  • Frank Aziza

    I THOUGHT WE WERE REBUILDING ? This isn’t rebuilding. We still have no cap space anywhere in sight. AINGE IS AN ASS.

    • there are trade rules in place that require the C’s to take salary back. They cut the most they could in this deal

      • WardenOfTheNorth

        The 3 future first rounders are huge. NJ essentially traded their future for a couple of guys who’ll retire in 1-2 years. Keep in mind, no way we win the title in ’08 and get KG, if Danny never stacked up in the draft and collected pieces from ’03-’06. KG and PP are Celtics forever. I’m sure both jerseys get retired in the rafters. They’ll always come back, like the other great Celtic players of old. No sense in getting too emotional over it. Danny took on some expensive contracts but he got first rounders in return. That’s 3 first round picks next year, in a STACKED draft.

        • frickenWaaaltah

          Those future first rounders are not huge. 70%+ are guys like Jujuan Johnson, JR Giddens, E’Twuan Moore, etc.

          Ainge will be lucky to get one rotation player from all the picks he has grabbed so far.

  • ShawnCVD

    I think Rondo shouldn’t be active until January at earliest . Really lose a crap ton of games for next year’s draft. Maybe Ainge knows Rondo unlikely to be 100 percent so be istary the rebuild a year early

    • Romeo

      Yep for real, let the rookies and the rest of the bunch run wild. Rest rondo, green, and sully whenever possible

  • Mce

    Just sad…. Needless to say I’ll be rooting for the nets in the least bandwagon-y way possible next season

  • ShawnCVD

    What do you think rebuilding looks like? Ainge may move Wallace for a trade exemption or whatever. KG has a no trade clause so moving him is limited.

  • Romeo

    Somebody quickly make a tribute wallpaper of pp and kg for my iPhone/fb banner please :((((

    • Prescott Adu-Poku

      i already have on fb… barely started (celtic fans rooting for the 2014 b.nets)

  • Fitzy

    does this take us out of josh smith sweepstakes for potential sign and trade?

    • frickenWaaaltah

      Yes it does. They won’t spend money trying to win now. It means they think they are going to spend the next 3-5 years at the bottom of the league trying to get a superstar. The reality is they could easily end up down there for more like 5-10 years.

  • RedsLoveChild

    And what exactly was the great alternative option DA just threw away?

    Was it that he broke up that powerhouse of a team that just went 41-40…or, are people just pissed that we will be deprived of watching PP/KG further deteriorate, and then get nothing in return?

  • kobe_beef2424

    that’s sad, Ainge ruined the Boston Celtics, owner should just fire Ainge. I’ll be rooting for the Nets next season for my favorite East team. Boston should drive Ainge out of Boston.

    • ShawnCVD

      um…ownership loves…Loves…LOVES Ainge right now! In a matter of days Ainge has saved the C’s tens of millions of $$ by shipping out Doc. This deal also saved the team some $$. Boston has got a boatload of picks as well.

      I’m bummed to see the team dismantled but Father Time deserves more blame than DA…

  • kobe_beef2424

    RedsLoveChild •is a pss

    • kobe_beef2424


      • RedsLoveChild

        Meanwhile….Dwight is leaving LA for Dallas or Houston, Kobe is 35 with a torn ACL, Nash is 40 and washed-up.

        The Celts are title contenders compared to LA…you have nothing to be LOL about!

  • kobe_beef2424

    THIS just IN – Ray Allen will opt out with the Heat, would join KG and Pierce in Brooklyn. Rondo is the cancer in Boston.

  • LA Flake

    I’m so sad…PP has meant SO MUCH. I need a drink.

    • ShawnCVD

      I’m with you. PP moving is the worst part of this. I’m convinced that he would have been moved by trade deadline regardless. Him going with KG made it easy for ticket to waive his no trade clause.

      Thanks for all the good times Truth!

  • Mannie

    only thing that made me smile in all this.

  • Romeo

    Maybe we can use some of this to get josh smith, or big al. Damn I just don’t see all these dude from bkl to be celtics

  • adam

    this f***ing blows. I feel betrayed by danny. but he will do whats best for the celtics. its a business yada yada. pierce bled green and white. and they trade them to someone in same conference?….. well i guess terry will be gone too.

  • Red’s Cigar

    Does anyone know if we can amnesty Gerald Wallace?

    • frickenWaaaltah

      They can not amnesty Wallace.

      “For a player to be eligible for the Amnesty provision he must be on his team’s roster continuously from July 1, 2011 to the date he is amnestied, without any new contract, extension, renegotiation or other amendment to his contract in the meantime.”

      Wallace signed his most recent deal in July of 2012.

      • Red’s Cigar

        Thanks. Disappointing, but informative.

        • Mce

          We can (and should) however use the stretch exception meaning we waive Wallace and pay half his salary for double the ammount of normal years

  • Sdd45

    I’ll watch the Celtics no matter what,the good,the bad,and the ugly.I am sad to see this era end,but it was bound to happen,like Bird retiring.I will always be a Boston Celtics fan forever,and hope the rise to top again is a short one.I don’t care what ex-Celtic is on the Brooklyn Nets,I still hate them.Celtics Forever!!!!

  • Raoul

    Hopefully the goal is to dump some guys and get J-Smooth and Teague. Atlanta drafted for Schroeder and Nogueira, which gives them back up for Horford and replacement for Teague. This leaves Teague available and us with a few PFs that the Hawks could use if we find a way to get Smith.

  • KGino

    Whatever night Pierce’s number is raised to the rafters… I will be there. I owe him that much. The mother FN truth go kill those ass clowns in South Beach.

    So sad… One of the last great loyal franchise players… Watching the Celtics or any sport in general may never be as enjoyable to me as it was while he was here. Thank you Paul.

  • Fatz

    Celtics r still going to be a playoff team. Everybody be easy. Rondo,Bradley,Green and Sully r still there. Also don’t sleep on Melo. They can get 8th in East with that.

  • kobe_beef2424

    Gerald Wallace is now the Highest Payed in Celtics uniform. lol good job Danny Ainge you are beyond genius

    • Fatz

      Wallace don’t make more than Rondo

  • MatthewWilding

    Come inevitable playoff elimination next year, go Nets, go Clippers. beat the Lakers. Beat the Heat.

  • Jester00

    I am too pissed off to drink this fine morning

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    Yep, “sad” is the right word.
    I’m not an insider and I don’t know if this is a good trade, but I just feel very sad.