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Celtics-Nets talks reach owners, Garnett

pierce and bogans

This has certainly escalated quite quickly

The Brooklyn Nets are in advanced talks with the Boston Celtics to acquire future Hall of Famers Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

The Nets have discussed a possible deal to land Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. (USA Today Sports)

The talks have reached the ownership level of both teams, a league source told Y! Sports.

The talks are centering around a package that would include Gerald Wallace, Tornike Shengelia, the expiring deal of Kris Humphries and three future first-round picks (2014, ’16 and ’18), sources told Y! Sports.

Jason Terry also will be in the package going to the Nets, sources said. The Nets would send back Reggie Evans and do a sign-and-trade involving Keith Bogans and one more minimum-level player as part of package, a source said.

Let’s work on some quick math:

Pierce, KG, and Terry would be the outgoing players at a combined $33 million dollars.

Humphries, Wallace, Shengelia, and Evans would return $24.6 million.

The Nets, as a taxpaying team, would be able to take back 125% of the outgoing salary, plus $100,000.

So the Bogans sign-and-trade and minimum salary would have to equal about $2 million.

That means by making this deal, the Celtics would save about $6.4 million dollars in payroll (not factoring in the savings for being under the tax line).   Depending on the length of the Bogans deal, the Celtics could see Humphries, Bogans, Shengalia, and whatever other minimum guy come off the books next season.  Wallace’s deal runs through 2015/16.  Evans’ runs through ’14/15.

In addition to that, the Celtics would then have two #1 picks in the next three NBA drafts (they get the Clippers’ #1 in ’15 thanks to the Doc deal), which is quite valuable, even if they’re in the mid-to-low first round area.   Honestly, I don’t know what other team is going to give up 3 #1 picks for a guy who might retire after this year, Jason Terry, and maybe a couple years of Paul Pierce.

There is, of course, the little matter of the Kevin Garnett no-trade clause.  But….

So… I guess we wait and see

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  • eddysamson

    Wow this just got sooooooo much better. This season we may go from worst rebounding to top 5 if this goes down. Rondo, Humph, Sully, Wallace, Evans, Shav (lol) will be CRUSHING the boards!

    • wil

      lol the next coach will have alot of stuff to do. still cant imagine how this will all work out. this makes green our only outside threat lmao.

      • eddysamson

        Well we have to remember Lee was an excellent 3pt shooter before he joined us. With a new coach, new roster, new system, and determined Rondo, I bet he gets that back. Season still hasn’t started, I am sure Danny will address that.

        • wil

          Lee has just been too hesitant and has ate up minutes with out having an impact on the game, i dont think ab and Lee can be on the same team lol to many similarities on their play style thats makes our offense rigid.

  • Curt Hays

    Yeah let’s get Rondo and Humphries on the same team. Brilliant.

    • wil

      lol always happened with kobe, most players kobe faught with became his team mate

      • Curt Hays

        Did Kobe punch enormous doods? No. He just hates everyone. Rondo has principles. Kobe just has haters.

        • wil

          well it did happen with matt barnes and ron artest, they fight and the next year they are team mates lol

          we still dont knoe what danny ainges end game is, half of the roster still needs to get traded after this deal

  • zippittyay

    I’d do it in a hearbeat.

  • wil

    this is really confusing lol if c’s do get reggie evans and keith bogans, can we waive bass and wallace/humphries to be able to sign a player that we do need?

    • ShawnCVD

      No not unless they have team options in the contract … Ainge will flip 1 or both by trade deadline for more picks …

  • zippittyay

    I’ve lost track of how many draft picks (including our own) we could end up with…..

  • WardenOfTheNorth

    This is no-brainer city. If the C’s can pull this off, it would be huge. As long as Rondo’s leading the offense, this team will be able to score. They’ll struggle on defense but that’s expected, especially after losing their coach and his system. However, to get three 1st round picks for two 37 year olds is mind boggling. Even if Doc came back, Rondo comes back 110% and they bring the band back together for one more run, the C’s still wouldn’t make it to the ECF. Moving KG and PP is a must and if this rumor is the real deal, it needs to happen.

  • Joanne Tran

    Is Danny using Humphries, wallace, and a draft pick to get JSmoove?

  • wil

    These rumors really get ridiculous, but when push comes to shove, i trust danny to make a decision. He sees more than we do apparently.

    i wish we can trade wallace for gordon hayward or iguodala

  • Lee in Oregon

    I think I liked this better before Bogans & Evans got thrown in, but 3 first rounders is hard to pass up. And there’s no executive in the NBA who’s better with mid-late first round picks than DA.

    Still a sad day if the Captain is really gone.

  • Astarot

    I wouldn’t be so fast with that guys. Losing both KG & PP won’t be any good. You want clear up cap space good do it after the next season (KG & PP contracts come off the books)That would allow them to fight in free agency for right players like Big Al.. This trade is good considering the age of the players involved on Cs side and Wallece is a nice player but other than that nothing special really. Picks might be interesting but nobody knows where they would end up with them. I’m sentimental here that’s true but I’d keep them see how they doin during the season maybe make some moves at the trade deadline (but maybe) The players they need will be in the free agency not in that trade. For me, right now the new coach is the priority.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Just for the draft picks alone…this is well worth doing!

    • ShawnCVD

      I actually agree with you for once … The hell?

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    ESPN predicts Shabazz Mohammed to get to pick #17, shouldn’t we get him at 16 then. He’s a player for sure.

  • forever_green

    So picks and a bunch of scubs…no thanks. the thought of Humphries in green makes me wanna puke..and the thought of routing to suck makes me wanna puke more

    Why can’t we just enjoy the last years of our rare talented basketball stars..KG & PP.

  • Adam Stark

    I hate this so much it’s unreal. Where are we going to get a center from? And what are we going to do with 4 power forwards. All of which are 6-9 or below. All 4 add up to around $22 million are they going to play a quarter each or something. Kill me now.

  • BleedGreen

    I LOVE this trade! Its been hard to cope with the idea of losing PP and KG, but its happening, and its happening now. Hopefully we get a return from the Captain to retire in green, but KG simply isnt a lifer. We have to move on, and what better way than to STOCK PILE pick – 4 x 1st rounders for a coach and 2 old players.
    1) That Clips pick may turn out huge… they are the Clippers and have a history of bad events (manning, griffin, Sterling/law suits, VDN). A number of scenarios put the Clips in the dumpster and that pick gains potential: CP doesnt sign up or begs for trade at some point (maybe increases that coach killer label if he cant get along with Doc), one of their injury prone “stars” gets hurt, they sign Dwight (lol), who knows what can happen in 2 years – its the Clippers!
    2) Same with the Nets. They will have the huge contracts of JJ and DW, so they spend poorly. They gave Hump $12M, which is obsurd. They mortgage the future by unloading picks, and its about to catch up.
    3) I like what we get in return too: Evans and Hump can get it on the boards. Forget about the “beef” with Rondo, its a game and they move on. We need rebounders, and here are 2 proven. Play them or dont, its an upgrade on our bench. Wallace is capable of being a great 6-man to give the young guys the start, replace starting line during season bumps/bruises, and after 2 years he becomes “the expiring $10M contract”. One of them probably gets traded for something else anyway… DA get at it.

  • Here’s a question. I hate New York sports teams. Having said that, I love Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. If this trade goes through, do I have the right to root for Brooklyn in the playoffs come next year? I say yes. Thoughts of everyone else?

  • Astarot

    Kelly Olynyk to Cs with two 2nd rounders from Mavs

  • jason benn

    so we have rondo bradley green sully olynk for a starting lineup with bogans lee wallace bass n evans off the bench plus mr kardashian i like our team alot better then last year honestly. dont think kris will stay here for a min he is just an expiring contract the reason why we wont do good next year is there wont be ne chemistry everyone is gonna play wondering if they will go at the deadline humphries will prolly play for two teams next year regardless if its a game rondo wont play well with him gonna be very interesting what danny does next so far id give him an a+ we robbed the nets of picks n got ride of one crappy salary. hate to see kg n pierce go especially to brooklyn but dw jj pierce kg n lopez thats one scary starting lineup id go as far to say championship contenders easy. *gulp* dont wanna see what pierce n kg do when they play us haha gonna be some vintage pierce n kg guarantee they will destroy us badddd

  • Double P

    This is full blown self destruct… Gonna be a few lean years coming. Hard to argue with 3 first round picks though. I don’t like any player coming back to us in this trade though, not one. Only the picks.. This is a dice roll by Danny

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  • Jahd Jeniel Cruz Cabuhat

    I think the picks are not for kg and pierce. it is for boston to accept wallace’ bad contract.
    and yeah, I don’t know if we’ll have enough spacing next season. lol, rondo, evans, and wallace. trolled. with avery’s inconsistency in the perimeter, green is our only chance.