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Your Morning Dump… where the coaching search depends on Pierce & KG

Pierce and Garnett

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

After allowing Rivers out of the final three years of his contract to pursue the Clippers coaching vacancy, the assumption has been that Boston might be as tempted as ever to turn over its roster. It’s likely that decision ultimately hinges on what the Celtics can fetch for their aging stars this summer.

“I love Paul and KG and we haven’t made that decision yet,” Ainge said when asked if he wanted to bring both players back. “KG’s under contract, and Paul we have an option on in five days from now, and those are very big decisions for us. But those decisions, I’m not certain about either one of those.”

 ESPN Boston: No decisions on KG, Pierce

I don’t know if I’m just being emotional here, because I’m trying to be rational when I say this:  You might as well just do the rebuild now.   As much as I love KG and Pierce, sometimes you have to turn the page.  I know I’ve said this before, but if this can happen, the Pierce playing elsewhere shouldn’t be so shocking.

The 2014 draft is supposed to be a good one.  So if you’re going to pick a time to potentially suck, the year before a good draft is a great time to do it.  Please don’t mistake that for advocating tanking.  I f’ing hate that.  The team should be as good as it’s supposed to be.  But rip away Pierce, KG, and Doc, and suddenly the team isn’t all that great.

I’m also going to push for waiving Pierce.  I’ve already talked about the real savings on Pierce’s deal (about $16 million in salary/tax money).  That gets the C’s under the tax line and away from the repeater tax.  Unless the C’s can work a deal to get a trade exception that they can swing into a big-time player that makes paying the tax worth it, the savings are worth it.

Same with KG.  I think the C’s need to sit with him and say “look, give us a list of teams you’d like to go to, and we’ll try to make that work.  If not, we’ll welcome you back for one final season.”

So the Celtics should go with whatever plan they have for rebuilding.  It’s time to suck it up and accept that this is where the team is, and move on.  Doc is gone.  It’s over.  Let’s figure out how to move into the next era, whatever that might be.

Wyc Grousbeck on WEEI said decisions would be made today or tomorrow, as well as the beginning of July.  We’ll see what decisions will be made.

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  • chuckmckenney

    Great photo of Hakeem and Ewing. I have no memory of those legends playing for the Raptors and Magic.

  • Raoul

    “I don’t know if I’m just being emotional here, because I’m trying to be rational when I say this: You might as well just do the rebuild now. As much as I love KG and Pierce, sometimes you have to turn the page. I know I’ve said this before, but if this can happen, the Pierce playing elsewhere shouldn’t be so shocking.”

    My only factor in KG/Pierce leaving or staying is this…. will we get something worthy in return? If we can’t get the J-smooth or Jefferson type acquisitions going, then I’d rather keep both until the wheels fall off. Unless we get back equal or close to equal staff in exchange for letting them go, then KG, Pierce, and Rondo are still enough to keep us relevant and contending. Further more, even if you don’t agree with us contending, then at least you must see that if we get nothing or less-than back, it’s not worth it. KG and Pierce are still in the top 15 of their positions.

    Lastly, those two are the only things that will ensure Rondo doesn’t push to jump ship.

  • Nathan

    Just curious what teams do you think would be on pierce and KG’s
    hypothetical “lists” of teams that they would play for? Off the top of
    my head and not even thinking about if the teams could afford them, all i
    can really think of is Indiana, Chicago, OKC, Memphis, maybe golden
    state?, maybe houston if they land a star? those are really the only 6
    teams i can see them wanting to go to and i cant see hardly any of them
    working out.

    • Raoul

      I’m not sure but it wouldn’t be a team on the East, most likely. Their only incentive is being home and/or winning another ring. Home wise, that would leave contenders in the West. Ring wise, that would be Heat (no way), Indiana (Pacers have no reason to), Spurs (no way), OKC (maybe both 5 and 34), Clippers (would be a red-tape nightmare at this point).

      • eddysamson

        The league will block any further trade between the Clips and Celtics this whole season, its more like a red wall, than red tape.

        • Raoul

          It’s Red’s Wall

      • chris

        Why not Spurs?

        • Raoul

          Sorry, I was only thinking KG in terms of Spurs since he could never play with Timmy. Pierce would be possible.

  • kobe_beef2424

    true colors of a bandwagon fan, driving away their franchise players because of a first round exit. Did you hear Lakers fans driving away Kobe Bryant? nah.

    • right… there hasn’t been a SINGLE Lakers fan that said “Amnesty Kobe”

    • Double P

      Talk to me when Kobe is 36

  • forever_green

    Sticking the knife deep today…

  • kobe_beef2424

    Cs true meaning of Ubuntu, when the ship is sinking save yourself, Ray Allen and Doc Rivers.

  • Brick James

    Please please Jeff Van Gundy

    • kobe_beef2424

      rick pitino

      • LA Flake

        Antoine Walker!!! jk

  • RedsLoveChild

    “Rip away PP, KG, and Doc, and the team isn`t all that great”

    John, how “great” were the Celts last year with them?
    41-40 overall…20-23 before Rondo was injured?!?

    Nobody can reverse time….If that were the case, Russell, Havlicek, and Bird would still be playing and, in the history of Celtic lore, those guys make Pierce and KG look like clubhouse attendants!

  • Ryan

    prob pisses Rondo off that Doc went to coach the one pg that both Danny and Doc prefer over Rondo….hopefully it gives him extra motivation. Not saying Piece or KG should or shouldn’t come back, but with a healthy Rondo and Sully, and assuming the Clips have the same roster or ver similar, I would bet on the Celtics in a playoff series….however with our aging stars, we all know that everybody needs to stay healthy to have a chance, and that becomes harder and harder to bank on each year(2011 for example was cut short because of injuries and no bench….we get a deep bench in 2012 and our star PG goes down). Luck is always involved.

  • christopherb609

    I feel like there is an in between though. If interested, I could see both Karl and Scott being being effective coaches with a Celts team that goes in either direction. Both have respect from players, obviously for different reasons, both have dealt with high profile talent. I’d rather see them bring Pierce and Garnett back and then act accordingly come deadline time. It seems a team would be more likely to give up a 2014 1st rounder then as opposed to now.

  • msnthrop

    I haven’t seen a hint of a good offer I’d take for PP and thus I think Wyc will pay him and hire Hollins, both of which will induce KG to stay. DA will sit them both down though and say neither of your are playing huge minutes, you may be asked to come off the bench so we can get time for the youths, and if we suck at the trade deadline your both getting traded to a contender…the key though is if Rondo and Sully are capable of playing early or not…if they do not, then we’ll likely suck, and the trade deadline will be the end…if they do play, and play well early, then next year is a more open question.

  • LA Flake

    John, you’re throwing in the towel too early. This team, when healthy, is dangerous. Very dangerous given the fact that they had a year to play together and learn each other’s tendencies and what not. If they can somehow get Rondo to play hard every night, I don’t see any team that can beat the Heat other than us. Maybe Chicago. The C’s weren’t healthy last year. Rondo, Sully and Leandro going down pretty much sealed our fate. Let’s see what this team can do when healthy. Another year, KG and PP’s farewell tour, can’t hurt us.

    I just realized I wrote all that thinking we’re the decision-makers. Well, I hope they bring the band back together, add some solid pieces, shed some trash (Bass) and give it one more shot.

  • Nicedog

    Rebuild NOW. Let PP go…. Retire KG, and bring him back as coach.

  • kobe_beef2424

    accused them for being a bandwagon and your comment get deleted, NSA