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This seems like a good time for some Schadenfreude

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) June 26, 2013 Around the NBA 8 Comments on This seems like a good time for some Schadenfreude

I’m not going to lie… the situation around Boston is kind of shitty (especially if you watched that Doc Rivers introductory news conference.  Ugh).

And sometimes when things get shitty, you need something else to either distract you, or make you feel better seeing someone else is in a shitty place too.  That’s what Schadenfreude is.

So with that, let’s all bask in the Lakers begging Dwight Howard to stay in Los Angeles.  I assume the phone calls from Mitch Kupchak to Dwight’s agent are going something like this:

What’s funnier is this:

So as bad as things are in Boston, as the Celtics face a tough rebuilding process, they are not the Lakers, who are basically begging to retain the services of an immature, petulant star, whose arrested development threatens to bring down whichever franchise he’s on.  And if there is ANY positive to this Doc Rivers mess, it’s that he’s now leading the OTHER team in Los Angeles… further sticking it to the Lakers. 

It doesn’t make things any better around here… but it sure make me feel better for a little while.

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  • celts9

    STAY? really?! What is he a (poorly trained) dog?

    • zippittyay


    • johng

      Sit Ubu sit.

  • art

    John, have some faith in Danny. He’s done it once and he’ll do it again. Reminds me of Red thank goodness. Danny does make mistakes, but Red did also. But they both keep (kept) mistakes to a minimum and they both scout(ed) basketball players very hard.

    • jrleftfoot

      I like Danny Ainge and felt his pain at the news conference , but comparing him to Red is farcical.

      • art

        Danny is the first personnel decision maker for the Celtics since Red that recognizes talent and is capable of acquiring great players. I think your opinion is more farcical than the comparison.

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