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Your Morning Dump..Where Vet Terry Is Forced To Reassess

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jet1Jason Terry signed with the Celtics in the summer of 2012, hoping to join KG, Pierce & Doc for one more run at a title. So now that Doc is gone and KG & Paul could be next, what does the future hold for Jet?

Mark Murphy-Vet Terry Forced To Reassess

“I’m very surprised,” the 35-year-old guard said yesterday. “The reason I came to Boston was the opportunity to win another championship and to play for Doc Rivers. Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Rajon Rondo were there. I wanted to be part of Celtics lore and tradition.”

And now? Good question, says Terry.

“Does that change things? I have to find out,” he said.

Terry has a lot to wait for, including a decision from president of basketball operations Danny Ainge on whether to keep Garnett or Pierce — or both — for another season.

“There’s a lot of summer left for us to adjust this roster to things,” said Terry. “Obviously you have the draft this week. Rajon Rondo is hurt, and he’s coming back from that. There’s just so much uncertainty that everyone is facing.

Could Terry, in the second year of a three-year deal, try and jump ship while the C’s look to possibly dismantle their roster? Probably not. Terry is focused on getting healthy and trying to continue to learn what he can in what will be his 15th NBA season. C’s fans had mixed reviews on Terry’s 2012-13 campaign. Despite struggling through much of it, his big shots in the latter part of the reg. season and postseason were key to what success Boston had. Originally, at the beginning of the Docpacalypse, it was rumored he could be moved in part of a deal with the Clippers.

But Terry said he’s not going to ask for a way out. If rebuilding becomes the theme, and he isn’t traded, there’s a secondary purpose to his being here that started with last season’s chance to play for Rivers.

“From my perspective, I have to get healthy,” said Terry, who had minor knee surgery earlier this month. “I’m thinking about my future, too, and I want to be a coach. I learned a lot from Doc last year. Next season I’m still going to be under Danny (Ainge), and it will be an opportunity for me to learn his side of the business. This is still a great organization to be part of.”

If Truth and Ticket both leave Boston, as many are speculating, Terry could be a valuable veteran presence in the locker room next season. It’s clear that coaching it in Jet’s future also-he’ll get some practice next month in Orlando.

Terry has been asked to help coach the C’s’ entry in the Orlando Summer League next month. Jay Larranaga, the only assistant who will still be under contract on July 1, will run the team.

“I’ll be helping a lot of things,” Terry said.

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  • forever_green

    I really like jet…it was a good sign that he started to play better towards the end of the season..I think Lee is the player to try and trade.

  • Sarah

    I am filled with respect for Terry at these comments. It’d be really easy for him to follow the example of most and try everything he could to escape a rebuild. There is a maturity and a loyalty factor there, and if we could groom Terry in our franchise, maybe HE could be our young coach in a few years.

    I think his presence in our locker room next year will be vital and calming.

  • wil

    jet is a very good player, sadly, he just didnt knock his shots down this season, but he has a high basketball iq, knows where to go, how to break down the enemy defense. spaces the floor. characteristics that our you players didnt have. Lee, AB and jeff green.

    those three are very rigid in offense. i really think lee should be traded, we already have a defensive specialist in AB.

    i hope twill gets more green light in offense, he can penetrate, pass, pull up jumpshot, shoot threes, high basket ball iq, just havent had the proper break.

    twill and jet had the most chemistry in our bench.

    • ShawnCVD

      Remember that Boston’s last victory against NY, in NY, had TWill and Jet as only guys off the bench that game .

      • wil

        i really believe doc rivers screwed up last season. he is not good at managing substitutions, he wanted every one to be happy with their minutes which was obviously not gonna happen. he doesnt have an eye for chemistry too

  • winbos

    Don’t want to be overly negative the jet is a good person…but if he wanted to be a champion he should have played like one instead of playing lousy defense and missing wide open shots. Said all the right things…didn’t follow it up with action.

  • Jhoan P. Lapaix

    i think if we repalce bass we will be fine!!!

  • Jhoan P. Lapaix

    and mas josh