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Report: Celtics will consider young (and cheap) head coaches


Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski has an update on the Celtics search for a head coach:

The Boston Celtics will consider several younger and lower-profile candidates for the franchise’s coaching vacancy, including assistant coach Jay Larranaga, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

After two seasons as a head coach in the NBA Development League, Larranaga, 38, made a strong impression on coach Doc Rivers and the Celtics’ front office during the 2012-13 season.

Larranaga will coach the Celtics’ summer league entry in Orlando, allowing general manager Danny Ainge a better look at him.

With Rivers and his $7 million salary headed to the Clippers, the Celtics are moving into a rebuilding phase. They expect to have a young roster and no longer want to pay an elite coach’s salary.

 Rivers also has a strong interest in bringing Larranaga to the Clippers as part of his coaching staff, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

Before you cross George Karl (a long shot) and Lionel Hollins off the list, consider the possibility that this story was floated to help drive down the price of the next head coach.

However, this is the 2nd report that suggests Ainge wants a younger coach. Peter Vecsey tweeted this nugget last night:

Here’s my sling shot pick 2 coach Celtics, something I can see Danny Ainge doing: Tyronn Lue. Everyone in the know raves about 2d row aide

I assumed Tyronn Lue would follow Doc Rivers to Los Angeles, but Chris Broussard says Brian Shaw may have interest in bringing Lue to Denver. My guess is that he’ll follow the coach that offers a front row seat.

Who knows, maybe Jay Larranaga is the next Frank Vogel.

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  • Brad


    • forever_green

      I just picture him wanting to chuck up threes from the sideline.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Steve Kerr…

    An instructional coach is needed with young players…he has credibility due to his visability on TNT and his 5 rings…he`s been a GM but never a coach, so the challenge might appeal to him…seems like one who would work well with Ainge…sign him to a 2 year deal

    • JJ

      I truly hope not. Kerr has no coaching experience and is a failed GM. He’s decent on TV, but I just see no credibility as a coach. I agree with an above comment that we need someone Rondo can work with. I wish KG and PP could retire Celtics, but it doesn’t appear like that’s a possibility with DA. And if DA is going to all our eggs in Rondo’s basket, we should hire a coach that motivates and can really work with Rondo. Add to that if we somehow grab Josh Smith due to his Rondo ties. If Rondo is motivated, I would thing Smith would follow. I like the idea of Lue, but I don’t know enough about Larranaga yet. I like the idea of someone within, or has been with, the organization. Keyon Dooling was a great influence on the team, and Rondo in particular. He was a part of the staff at the beginning this past season, while he was “retired.” Lawrence Frank or Sam Cassell are other alternatives, both with decent credentials. I also think any of those guys could work pretty well with DA. He’s got his defined role and isn’t really looking for a personnel-type coach, he just needs someone who can go out and motivate and coach. My two cents…

      • RedsLoveChild

        I wouldn`t count on Rondo being a Celtic much longer.

        There is no way Ainge sees RR as the guy to build around. He`s a moody, passive aggressive loner….not a team leader. Plus, he`s not exactly a guy with Derrick Rose-type talent!

        Once the KG/PP situations are dealt with, look for Boston to deal RR out of town.

        • JJ

          I didn’t say that, either. My point had nothing to do with my personal opinion on Rondo, just the reality of the situation. We weren’t building around 35+ year old’s, so Ainge has been building (or trying to) around Rondo. I, for one, would have traded Rondo earlier, but I’m not GM. My point was only that if Ainge is going to stuff Rondo down our throats, it might as well be the best situation possible. Personally, I doubt Ainge is trading Rondo, and he sure isn’t if he deals KG and PP out of town. Our return on Rondo right now, especially with bad press in the Doc fallout and the fact he isn’t even fully recovered from major knee surgery, would be peanuts. If Ainge did that, he deserves to be fired on the spot. He would literally be setting us back another 10 years. I’m not Rondo’s biggest fan in the least, but unless he can get a decent return, there’s just no way. It makes no sense right now. Maybe All-Star break next year if he comes back strong, but Rondo will be our starting PG this coming season, whether any of us like it or not.

          • RedsLoveChild

            I`m not saying Ainge will just give Rondo away for free. He`ll certainly demand good talent in return.

            Rondo is talented, not as talented as many Celtic fans want to believe, but he is talented. There`s no reason to think he won`t recover from his ACL.

            I`m just saying that Ainge knows that Rondo does not have the kind of talent {or personality} that you want as the “centerpiece” of your rebuilding efforts. Top FA`s have no desire to come here and put up with the drama he`s capable of.

  • MatthewWilding

    Bring back Lawrence Frank.

  • Lee in Oregon

    I like Lue & Larranaga because they have some history with the team, as does my first choice, Lawrence Frank. I doubt Rondo has the influence CP3 has, but if he’s staying put, the new coach has to be someone Rondo can respect/work with.

    ‘Toine cracks me up……at least Pat Ewing puts in the work. If I see “Toine on somebody’s bench this year, with a clipboard in his hand, I’ll be able to take him more seriously. When was the last time a guy said he wanted to get into coaching, then had to go into a whole “No-seriously- I want to coach” thing?……..(coach what? how to jack up 3’s and shimmy?)