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Doc Rivers’ most memorable moments in Boston

Whether you respect his decision to leave Boston or not, Doc Rivers gave us plenty of memories during his 9 year stint as head coach of the Celtics.

Let’s put aside any bad feelings and reflect on some of Doc’s most memorable moments during his tenure.

Honorable mention 2: Doc celebrates after Austin Rivers hits buzzer-beater 

Austin’s three pointer propelled Duke past UNC in February 2012. While it had nothing to do with the Celtics, watching Doc celebrate his son’s epic moment is priceless. Hell, I’m proud when my kid makes a bucket in CYO.

Honorable mention 1: The hustle time-out call in Game 2 of the 2010 NBA Finals

Great instincts and hustle by Doc to save a possession for the Celtics during a critical juncture of the game. The Celtics went on to win the game, 103-94 and even the series.

5. His hard ass approach with Glen Davis 

Doc had nothing but tough love for Glen Davis during Big Baby’s tenure in Boston. In the video above, Doc makes no secret of his disdain for Davis’ three point attempt during a close game. Davis seemed to be receptive to the “father/step-son” relationship even though he was quoted as saying Doc needs to “pipe it down sometimes.”

4. The end of the 2012 ECF vs Miami

Watching KG and Doc embrace in the final moments of the 2012 ECF had us speculating if this was the last time we’d see Garnett in a Celtics uniform. It did mark the end of the new Big 3 era as Ray Allen bolted for the Heat.

3. His ability to draw up effective plays during time-outs

There are countless highlights to choose from, but we settle on Game 1 of the 2011 playoff series with the Knicks. Scroll ahead to the 3:55 mark for the Rajon Rondo alley-oop to KG inbounds play. And then watch Ray Allen flare out after setting a screen to nail the eventual game winning shot. ESPN Boston’s Chris Forsberg did a great job summarizing Doc’s winning combo.

2. Hiding $2600 in the Staples center ceiling

Following a Celtics victory over the Lakers in February of 2010, Doc demanded every player, coach and staff member hand over $100 that was placed in an envelope and stashed above a ceiling tile in the Staples Center locker room. The message – We’re only getting this money back if we return to LA, in the Finals. The 2010 Celtics team made an improbable run to the Finals after infamously underachieving in the regular season.

1. The Gatorade shower


Doc may have been the first coach in the NBA to receive an on the court Gatorade shower. While the clean-up delayed the celebration of Banner 17, no one seemed to mind. The stained shirt and Gatorade bucket netted $55,000 at auction for the Shamrock Foundation.

I’m sure I forgot something. Drop us a comment with your favorite Doc Rivers moment.

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  • Curt Hays

    I have to say, I played against Austin Rivers at the Y in Winter Park in 2010. He hit that same damn shot on me about 3 times in a row. Same spot. The kid practices right.

  • Joanne Tran

    Doc will be missed

  • vitamin d

    Doc really brought some great stuff to Boston. And he stuck with us in our early bad years. If he really wanted out to avoid going through the same tough seasons all over again, I can respect that. Miss you Doc