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Danny Ainge makes it clear that Doc Rivers wanted out

UPDATE: Here’s a transcript

Danny Ainge addressed the media tonight for the first time since the Doc drama hit the fan.

While it’s obvious that Danny and Doc share a strong friendship, Ainge made it clear that the decision to leave Boston for Los Angeles originated with Rivers.  Ainge reiterated this point by saying he wanted Doc to be the next Red Auerbach.

What else did we learn?

  • Ainge hasn’t spoken to any coaching candidates and will not coach this team
  • No decision has been reached on the future of Kevin Garnett or Paul Pierce
  • Ainge essentially confirmed the report of an altercation between Rajon Rondo and Doc by saying it happened 2 years ago. He insisted that Rondo had no impact on Doc’s departure.
  • Confirmed the league’s ruling that the Clippers and Celtics cannot make another trade in the 2013-14 season

Wyc Grousbeck was not present at this press conference. He should have been there. Team president Rich Gotham offers nothing.

Doc Rivers also issued his first public comments, courtesy Jackie MacMullen:

“I always knew when I took the job with Boston that I would love the Celtics,” said Rivers, in his first public comments since he entered negotiations with the Clippers. “I knew I would love the tradition and the players. But I had no idea how much I would fall in love with the city and the people in it. Honestly, I get emotional thinking about it. I will cherish every single moment I had in Boston.”

He knows what his sudden detractors, who feel betrayed by his actions, are thinking: If he loved it so much, then why did he leave?

“It was just time,” Rivers answered. “I really don’t think it would be fair to get into all of that right now. I made a decision to talk with all of the Boston media following my press conference with the Clippers (on Wednesday), and I will honor that.

“I’ll explain it to everyone then. But to say I was dying to get out of Boston, dying to leave the Celtics is just wrong. That’s not how it was. That’s not how I felt.”

Ainge insists that Doc didn’t quit on this team and said he’ll give him a standing ovation upon his return.

My opinion differs on both counts.

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  • dk

    Anyway we can see the video of the press conference or a transcript? I’m curious how long it was and what the mood/tone of Ainge/the team was?

    • forever_green

      Some of its on YouTube.

  • LA Flake

    Like I said, keep the band together, add some solid pieces and compete like hell as a big FU to Doc. Without KG and PP, this team will be a perennial 7-8th seed as currently constructed. With PP and KG, this team remains a threat to upset anyone. At least for one more year.

    • Raoul

      100% correct. Every off-season, it’s like a rebuild for the Celtics because no matter how well the team did, or how well of a season any players had, the summer is always filled with Celtics are OLD and should BLOW IT UP. lol

      KG for another season played out of position as our Center, and did so very well. He was outstanding in the Playoffs. I was ready for him to retire on the note of Game 4 VS. NYK.

      Rondo had begun a career season. Like Lebron, Rondo surprised everyone with not only a solid jump shot added to his arsenal, but with absolute fearlessness in taking those shots. He had a fire in his eye, and the most surprising thing of all is that even when he lost the assists streak to being ejected, he came back poised and continued on with what he does.

      Pierce admittedly did not have his best season, but it was never intended for him to take so much of the load. This season was to be the transition of him no longer being the primary scorer, but just one of many. With Bradley’s struggles at the PG position, Pierce became easily winded pulling double duty having to pass, rebound with Sully’s exit, and still be the primary scorer with Rondo out, Terry being streaky at best, and Green only coming to life later in the season.

      Sullinger pleased the masses and even replaced our starting PF. The Sullinger/KG combo was deadly on both ends of the floor. He had immediate impact and left injured as the most statistically efficient player on the team. He will continue to need KG’s guidance.

      I can go on and on about each player and why it’s stupid to think we need to make drastic changes. Even if the whole Doc thing never happened, we’d still be hearing “Blow it Up”

  • LA Flake

    Oh yeah. F*CK YOU, DOC!

  • ian

    Boston. The only city where its sports fans criticize its team’s co owners for offering nothing.

  • Mark

    If the Doc incident with Rondo happened 2 years ago that would coincide with the report that Rondo smashed a TV when Doc was pointing out only Rondo’s mistakes. So, nothing really new on that front.

  • Double P

    One name I always loved and have yet to hear as a coach: Nate McMillan. Always loved him as a coach and his stock is fairly low right now. Could get him for low money

  • Jason Whetzell

    Kevin McHale was more responsible for our championship than Doc Rivers. He proved he couldn’t do much without high level talent. He wants to go to teams who already have talent developed. The one star that developed on his watch he tried to fist fight. Good riddance, see ya black vinny del negro.

  • forever_green

    Well this is a start, I can’t wait to hear what Doc’s reasons are for leaving…He did quit on us but I guess until I hear what he says then I’m just disappointed in Doc..I don’t hate him like Ray Ray..yet.

    DA please keep KG & PP.

  • Jester00

    So tell me have you been in a turkish prison?

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    Enough fake words.
    Bye Doc, go to LA and good luck, I don’t even care what your reasons are. It was not just the right way to walk away: that was a pure and simple quit, just admit it and everybody’s fine.
    Time for all of us to watch ahead: go get Josh Smith.

  • kobe_beef2424

    the true meaning of UBUNTU, when the ship is sinking save yourself. “It was just time,” Rivers answered

  • Raoul

    “Ainge insists that Doc didn’t quit on this team and said he’ll give him a standing ovation upon his return.

    My opinion differs on both counts.”

    Hahaha I love this. Well said, Chuck!