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Your Morning Dump… Where Doc Rivers is the Clippers head coach

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BOSTON — There are those who will be left slightly bitter by the way Doc Rivers’ tenure as coach of the Boston Celtics is coming to a close, the team finally reaching a deal Sunday with the Los Angeles Clippers that will see Boston release Rivers from the final three years of his contract in exchange for a future first-round draft pick.

By maintaining a public silence during these on-again/off-again, zombie-like negotiations, Rivers opened himself up to some criticism, from which he certainly is not immune. But those left disenchanted, believing that Rivers is grabbing a Hollywood life vest and jumping from this sinking Ubuntu ship, shouldn’t let a messy eight-day finish take away from what Rivers accomplished here over the previous nine years.

ESPN Boston:  Doc Rivers had sweet success

That’s it.  The deal is done.  Doc Rivers is the coach of the Clippers.


But the source said that as of last night, Rivers had yet to finalize a contract with Donald Sterling, though the Clippers owner reportedly is willing to offer Rivers a five-year deal worth $35 million — the same contract he signed with the Celtics two years ago.

“My understanding is that contract is not completely signed yet,” said the source.

Only after Rivers reaches an agreement on a new contract, and the league approves the transaction, can the Celtics departing coach and president of basketball operations Danny Ainge finally meet with the media today. Rivers said via text he plans to be in Boston today

There are multiple reports out there that say the Kevin Garnett to Los Angeles deal for DeAndre Jordan would not be allowed by the league at this point.  They view the deals as one, which is not allowed, and breaking them up and waiting for a few weeks won’t convince anyone at the league office any differently.

As for what happens now?  David Aldridge has an idea.

The deal allows Ainge to bring in a coach who is more comfortable with the franchise rebuild that will now certainly start in earnest. Paul Pierce is likely to be bought out by next Sunday’s deadline for $5 million, making him a free agent. Kevin Garnett is almost certain to be dealt somewhere sometime soon. Boston isn’t going to go to the bottom of the Eastern Conference; with Rajon Rondo and Avery Bradley and Jeff Green and Jared Sullinger, the Celts still have a lot of talent to build around. But their days as a title contender are now certainly over.

Let’s try to put some real numbers on what this all means.

The luxury tax line for the upcoming season has been projected to be $71.6 million.  The Celtics payroll at the moment of $76 million. That would carry a tax bill of $6.6 million.  Waiving Pierce cut the payroll down to $66 million.  So the Celtics, by waiving Pierce, would essentially be saving $16.6 million dollars.  Toss in Doc Rivers’ $7 million and we’re up to $23.6 million in savings minus whatever they pay the incoming head coach.

That is… IF… they pay any extra for an incoming head coach.

I don’t like that idea very much.  I believe the GM should be free to do the very difficult job of being a GM and the coach should be free to do the very difficult job of being a coach.  GM’s have to make hard decisions that involve little to no emotional influence.  Coaches are supposed to fight for their players and have some strong emotional ties.  Mixing the two is not something that works very well.

But back to the numbers… Saving the team somewhere north of $20 million is a big deal.  Not only is that money that isn’t spent on a non-contender, it helps the Celtics avoid a repeater tax, at least for a season.  That’s important.  Because that $6.6 million tax bill for being just $4.6 million over the line would be $11 million at the repeater rate.

So the Celtics definitely had a financial incentive to get this deal done.  Pierce is likely gone.  I wouldn’t be surprised if KG gives Ainge a list of teams he’d play for next season in an effort to win one more before he quits.

As the Celtics-Clippers discussions dragged on, Garnett – who had to waive his no-trade clause – had become increasingly less interested in making the move to the Clippers, sources said.

Garnett has two years, $24.4 million left on his Celtics deal, but there’s a growing belief that he’ll play one more season before retiring and joining his old coach, Flip Saunders, with a ceremonial role in Minnesota Timberwolves ownership, league sources told Y! Sports.

“The opportunity will be there for him,” one source said, “but there’s nothing decided yet.”

Hell, why don’t we send him back this year?  Play one more season in Minnesota before quitting?  Sign-and-trade Nikola Pekovic (restricted free agent) at a decent price, throw in Barea or Ridnour to back up Rondo, and let KG do a farewell tour with his folks in ‘Sota?

I’m not sure what to make of the team that’s left over.  It depends on who the Celtics throw around them, and how bad the rest of the East is.  I can see them fighting for an 8th seed, and I can see them in the lottery.  Rondo will have a major chip on his shoulder, especially since he’s going to get a ton of the blame for what’s going down right now.  If that gets him fired up every night, then who knows what can happen.

Then again, Danny could just continue to the implosion of the Celtics and move Rondo too.  At this point, everything is in play.  The Celtics are blowing it up.  And they have not done it very gracefully so far.  I’ll end with more from Aldridge.

Anyone in my business who has ever held a microphone or digital recorder loves Doc Rivers. He is personable, quotable and (mostly) available, and he is a hell of a basketball coach.

But it is impossible to feel good about his leaving the Boston Celtics for the Los Angeles Clippers.

The problem is that no one is wrong for pursuing this. There’s no one to “blame.” But the result isn’t easy to swallow.

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  • 84_and_7

    Dont care how it gets done. Its time to move on. This is far better than trying to hold on to the past. We have a great core of young guys. Just need to fill it in with some free agents and we are back in the mix. Going to be a growing pains season thats for sure.

  • Dmitry

    “I wouldn’t be surprised if KG gives Ainge a list of teams he’d play for next season in an effort to win one more before he quits.” … To Miami instead of Bosh? I can imagine even something like that now!

  • Andy

    Does this mean that Ray Allen’s not coming back?

    • KGino

      Oh god I wouldn’t take ray back if they payed us to

  • Jester00

    if we are counting on Jeff Green to rebuild it is going to be a long next couple of years. Not mad to see Doc go (he was overrated) team was never the same with out Tibs. Danny needs to take some heat for to I mean he signed Von Wafer and S.Williams those 2 were awful signings that really hurt the the team. plus letting Powe, West and Pollard just leave and the Perk trade don’t even get me started. not much has worked since 08

  • MatthewWilding

    I don’t know why anyone is mad at Doc for leaving. This party is over. No sense in languishing here when there’s no possible way you can effectively contend.

  • Raoul

    A single 2015 First-rounder is only slightly more crappy than two of them. Unless there is a draft lockout next year or something.

    Bye Doc. Bring on Karl. I’m surprised at the high votes on Shaw. I view him as a decent coach to be, whereas Doc, Pop, and Karl are in an elite class. I cannot fathom the level of downgrading and robbery that is representative with the Doc deal, but hopefully not symbolic of the rebuild to come.

    • KGino

      Name another team that’s let their coach go and got compensation for it… I wouldn’t call it robbery at all

      • Raoul

        Teams have fired coaches. That’s what you are referring to. That’s a release without compensation based on it being beneficial to the team to not have them there.

        Very rarely has a Head Coach left on their own accord, which is what this is. In order for that to be allowed, the team has to release him. This is a release; one that doesn’t benefit the Celtics as it would if they were looking to fire Doc.

        SO in THIS scenario the team does get compensated whatever they feel like asking for and have 100% say over allowing another team to get our coach or not. The only thing the coach can do without being released is retire (quit) and go broadcast. There is no situation where a team HAS TO let another team acquire their coach with zero compensation.

  • Jo

    Wow, just nonchalantly talking about trading KG to a terrible basketball team? after all he’s done for us? ok. Now, good luck Doc, thanks for all the memories, sticking with us through the lean years & handling the extended losing streaks, immature pierce, & Mark Blount years with class. Too bad you didn’t want to help us rebuild, but i understand. R.I.P KG era, it wasn’t quite what it could’ve been but boy it’s been fun.

    • I bleed green in L.A.

      I don’t think KG would remove his no trade clause for the Timberwolves. He wants to play in L.A., he wants to play for Doc.

  • Astarot

    I don’t know where to start. It shouldn’t end like this that’s for sure. Doc is to blame, true. All this talkin about being a Celtic and how he wants to rebuilt the team, Rondo situation (if that’s true – I doubt it is). But I wouldn’t put all blame on him. Ainge is the one to blame, to me there’s always someone to blame. Well he’s a GM he had coach under contract and the way he dealt with it, whole NBA laugh out Ainge right now. He said Doc is stayin without talkin to him when the season was over. Maybe he was 100 % sure about that but as we saw later he SHOULD talk to Doc first and then go to the media sayin Doc is in. And after all of that happend, he lost control it looked like he no longer knew what was going on, so what he’s done? He got quiet cuz he didn’t know what to say. He was forced to negotiate and that shouldn’t have happened too. He was the one who was suppose to control the situation. The deal for KG it’s good it didn’t happen cuz without L.A taking one of long term contracts (Terry, Lee) it’d be even more
    embarrassing for Ainge to agree to that deal. Sure Boston will get over it but let me tell you with Doc in charge of the re building process it’d be much easier. What’s more all this taling we’ve heard from Ainge about what an asset Doc is for Boston now it sounds like a bad joke. Doc was an asset but only in Boston not as a trade asset. And what about “blow out mode” I hope you all remember what Ainge said that it wasn’t about going into full re building process, well right now that’s he’s only option. KG and Paul will be gone and Boston have to move on but full re building process shouldn’t start like that, it should be planed and take two or three off seasons not one. Doc is gone but Ainge should stick with his plan and not blowing it all up, but I think that is exactly what is going to happen. I woulnd’t be so sure about Rondo he should be the player they built around but who knows how mad Ainge really is. And remember we have to convince Rondo to stay here so what moves will Ainge do to show Rondo Boston is still atractive? For me they should fire Ainge, maybe not right now cuz that would be too much but within a year Ainge should be gone. He did a good job gave them title, had couple of nice draft choices but starting from Perk trade till Doc’s departure it’s was one big disaster. I don’t treust him enough to believe that he can handle the full rebuilding process.

  • Kevin Coté

    Danny Ainge is fantastic. Who else would have found a way to orchestrate an asset like a unprotected #1 coming back for a coach? Putting that strict non-compete in this 5 yr deal shows Danny was thinking along these lines back in 2011. It may have been messy but C’s are better off tomorrow for the work Danny did yesterday, and foresight he had two years ago.

    Last thought, Danny always said he wouldn’t hold on too long like Red did, seemed like he didn’t follow that advice but now he’s done just that by dealing his coach at just the right time.

    • WardenOfTheNorth

      I agree. I think this was the best possible outcome. Anything can happen in the next 12 months. The Clippers could be one CP3 blown knee away from an under .500 finish. Which would mean the C’s just Aaron Hernandez’d the Clippers. Worst case? The Clippers win the title and the C’s have the last pick in the 1st round. However, I’d take my chances on a Clippers devastating injury over them staying healthy and winning the championship.

  • forever_green

    I just want to know exactly what Danny’s plan is and what Doc’s leaving has to do with it…is that to much to ask..

    I say Karl or Shaw for replacement unless Danny coaching means he’s closer to the front door and Bird’s sneaking through the back.

    • I bleed green in L.A.

      My thoughts exactly, Karl or Shaw, or Ainge, with Bird coming back as GM (and then Ainge gone)

  • KGino

    I’m fine with losing doc, especially since we got compensation for him. I’m going to be much more upset about losing Pierce and/or KG… I still say we should have went down with the ship and reloaded when their $ came off the books. We were still title contenders as currently constructed, just needed to stay healthy (which has been our biggest problem since 08)

    • forever_green

      I agree 100%

  • RedsLoveChild

    -No chance Ainge ever coaches again. He never liked it, his team never finished higher than 3rd, and he won`t risk another Robert Horry/towel incident.

    -The Celtics will win title #18 before LAC wins #1

    -The window has been closed for a few years, it was due to aging plus the inability to attract quality FA`s. KG coming to Boston did not start the trend we all hoped for, good FA`s had no desire to be Celts or play for Doc.

    • KGino

      How can you say the window has been closed since the perk trade when we were one no call from the finals just last year?

      • RedsLoveChild

        We can all thank the Derrick Rose injury for the Celtic season not having ended one month earlier….and let`s not even pretend the Celts could`ve beaten OKC in the Finals.

        • KGino

          That’s what an open window is, you catch a few breaks (such as rose down or westbrook down this year vs spurs) and suddenly you’re 4 wins away from another banner. Your window is not “closed” when your 1 win away from the finals and you don’t even have an entirely healthy starting lineup yourself (AB).

          • KGino

            or westbrook down this year to help spurs*… and when you’re 1 win away*

          • RedsLoveChild

            What was more likely to happen in early 2012…a young D-Rose getting seriously injured, or an aging KG/PP getting injured?

            When a big part of your championship blueprint relies on the opposition losing their franchise player{s} to injuries…it`s time to get a new plan.

          • KGino

            Back to your old tricks I see. Dodging my point by bringing up irrelevant questions. You said our windows been closed since the Perk trade… My only argument was how stupid of a thing that was to say when we were one win (and one no call) from the finals. Obviously when you are that close without your full starting lineup, your window is not closed. Anyone would agree with me on that.

            For instance, by your logic the pacers window is closed because rose was injured this year and they probably wouldn’t have gotten by them and even had a shot at Miami. That would be completely incorrect. The NBA is constantly changing landscape and shifting power with injuries/trades.. so when you have a contender in the top 5-6 teams in the league, I’d call your window open. Even if its not open more than a crack. If everything went according to plan RLC, why even play these next few seasons? We might as well just hand the trophy to Miami, right?

          • RedsLoveChild

            Truthfully, I can fully appreciate you being a staunch Celtic fan…but, man, you have some “serious blind spots” and “major denial issues” when you choose to evaluate this team!

            For one, you seem to think that future injuries will only happen to the opposition, where the Celts will be in position to pounce and steal an NBA crown. Don`t you realize that teams led by 36 and 37 year old guys stand a far greater chance of getting injured? It`s a miracle PP & KG stayed as healthy as they did this year!

            Still, it didn`t matter, because their skills have been way too eroded by age. They led the Celts to a 41-40 record!

            Stop looking at KG/PP as though it`s still 2007, even though they still look healthy and in shape. Age has robbed them of their greatness. It`s over. Look what other GM`s are offering for them today…basically garbage! That`s their present day 2013 value, 2007 is ancient history.

          • KGino

            What are you even talking about? You said their window was closed when we traded perk, no one is talking about the present day value of KG or pierce.

            You have major blind spots when it comes to reading my argument… Our window was not closed after we traded perk, end of story.

          • RedsLoveChild

            Oh, that must be somebody other than you posting under your name, constantly reminding us how we must forever hang onto PP/KG {I guess until they`re using walkers}?

            As for Perk trade {Feb., 2011}, Celts were leading the EC at 41-14 {.745%}, and were 3-0 against Miami when he was dealt. After the trade, Celts go 15-12 {.555%} and go 1-5 against Miami.

            So yeah, I`d have to say that was when the window was officially slammed shut.

          • KGino

            Yes, that is me posting saying that I would have preferred to stay loyal to our legends and free up $ when they retire, rather than become the media circus we were in the past weeks. But that has NOTHING TO DO WITH OUR WINDOW BEING CLOSED BACK IN 2011. I understand that you are trying to deflect my original argument by bringing up my irrelevant opinion about the 2013 offseason, but your stupid debate tricks don’t deter me.

            Team A and Team B are playing in the Eastern Conference Finals. It is Game 7, each team 1 win away from the Finals. Both teams windows are clearly open, no matter who those two teams are!! You are not worth arguing with if you cannot see that.

            Not to mention Wade taking out Rondo Game 2 in 2011, hence the 5 game series. I’m done here.

          • RedsLoveChild

            Apparently, you live your life by ignoring any fact that you do not like, no matter how obvious it is :

            –Boston`s W-L record dramatically fell starting from the moment of the Perkins trade, where they lost their tough interior defense/paint presence, where they no longer could impose their will on anyone {You don`t like it, you ignore it}

            –Boston gets to the 2012 ECF only because of D-Rose`s injury {You don`t like it, you ignore it}

            –Bosh sits out the first 5 games of the ECF, he returns for the next 2 games, Boston has no answer whatsoever, Heat win title {you don`t like it, you ignore it}.

          • KGino

            I do not ignore any of those things… They were still good enough to make the ECF without Perk (you ignore it)… You can’t prove the bulls would have beaten us w/ rose (you ignore that)…You ignore we didn’t have bradley that whole heat series either, who would have done wonders in guarding wade.

            But most of all, you ignore that we were one win from the finals in 2012. You can play “what if” with all the injuries, but when you’re one win from the finals, your window is OPEN.

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  • I bleed green in L.A.

    What about a 3 team deal, will that satisfy the league, even though KG still ends up in L.A.? Josh Smith to Boston, KG to Clipps, DeAndre Jordan to Atlanta? (throw in whatever picks/scrubs to make it work)

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Also, what if we amnesty Pierce instead of buying him out, wouldn’t that save more money? (I don’t think we’re getting a first round pick for him by June 30)

    • WardenOfTheNorth

      Can’t amnesty Pierce. His extension was signed after July 01, 2011 deadline.

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  • KGino

    I heard Antoine was looking for a job… =)

  • frickenWaaaltah

    Something special is ending…

    [sad Keanu]

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