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Report: Bucks, Wolves and Cavs expressed interest in Pierce


According to Fox Sports anchor John Telich:

Hearing Bucks, TWovles and Cavs have offered deals to Boston for Paul Pierce. #nba Cavs off 2 second rd picks.

Before you scream, “But Paul Pierce is worth way more than 2nd round picks!” know that any such deal that doesn’t include additional players would have to involve a traded player exception (TPE) equal to Pierce’s contract.

The Celtics could then use that exception in a deal with another team.


According to Hoopsworld – my go-to website for player salaries – neither the Cavs nor the Wolves have trade exceptions. The Bucks have about $3 million in TPE.

So there has to be more to the alleged rumors.

My bad. A trade exception is created when an under-the-cap team makes an uneven deal with an over-the-cap team. (This 2011 article from ESPN explains TPE)

Sam Amico of Fox Sports Ohio has more info on Cleveland’s alleged interest:

As for the rumors involving the Cavs, the Boston Celtics and forward Paul Pierce, sources confirmed the Cavs have indeed expressed an interest — but the talks have yet to reach the level of seriousness conveyed by some reports.

Following the departure of coach Doc Rivers to the Los Angeles Clippers, the Celtics are looking to gut the roster and shed salary, making Pierce and forward Kevin Garnett (and possibly even point guard Rajon Rondo) available. Word is, however, that Pierce wants to play for a contender, making the Cavs hesitant to be overly aggressive in his pursuit.

Still, some sources indicated the Celtics have until the 13th pick to decide whether to accept the Cavs’ offer for Pierce. If not, those sources said, the Cavs will pull the trigger on the potential deal with the Mavericks.

Another source added the Cavs’ reported offer of both second-rounders for Pierce “isn’t the entire truth.”

Amico adds that one team has inquired about Anderson Varejao but the Cavs have not been too receptive.

Could the Celtics be that team?

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  • eddysamson

    Not that it would happen but does a Monta Ellis sign and trade for Pierce work if we dump Lee or JET’s salary?

    • Nathan Hodge

      Can’t include Lee or JET in a sign and trade. Sign and trades can only be 1 player for another + picks/cash. New CBA prohibits teams from doing mega deal sign and trades.

      • eddysamson

        wow what a strange rule. so many nuances to the CBA I will never fully understand

  • Jo

    Trading KG and PP to any team other than a contender is disrespectful and a spit in the face to 2 “true Celtics”. We always expect loyalty from players, management needs to be held to the same standard. Come on man, ugliest possible way to end an era. It’s already ugly enough as it is.

    • wil

      it would make sense to keep them if it theyre contracts wasnt killing the c’s.

      not trading them would delay rebuilding for 2-3 years. which means we will suck longer than we need to be

      • LA Flake

        there are no guarantees in life. we could suck for a year or two without pp & kg or we could suck for ten years. or we could get lucky and become a contender again sooner or later. keep the roster intact and give it another year. it won’t set us back.

        • wil

          lol whatever you choose to believe man, but if we get a 10-15m trade exception for pierce, lol they are practically giving us an all star.

    • Buddy_Hinton

      Oh stop it with the loyalty bullshit already. How about we do whatever it takes to maks the celtics a better team. A spit in the face? Are you kidding me?

      • Jo

        If you want to see the two most integral parts of the Celtics’ resurgence toiling away with lottery teams, that’s cool. Im not that cold hearted, they deserve better. “Make the Celtics better” lol we’re not going to be contenders for a long time, at least do right by the staples of the team past 4-5 years. Have you forgotten how much these guys did with so little surrounding them in recent years? WOW, the fact that we’re even discussing this is wow. Stay classy.

  • piecz

    Don’t trade PAUL PIERCE PLEASE. Talk to him, convince him to resing after buyout. Make him be Celtic for life or kill him.

    • eddysamson

      He cant resign after a buyout

      • piecz

        Even if they buyout him till end of the month?

        • eddysamson

          why would that change anything? the rule is that a team can’t sign a bought out player until a season after the buyout. If Pierce wanted to take a year off we could do that for the 14-15 season. If he worked out/practiced that whole year without much injury concern I’d be interested to see what he could do as a bench player at 37/38 but its not a likely scenario.

          • piecz

            I thought that NBA ‘year’ starts on 1st July so if we buy out PP before we can resign him after.

  • wil

    Maybe we can send KG and Paul to twolves? that would make them an instant conter with love and rubio?

    well, we need that player exceptio to make a move on DMC or some center.

    to those who are saying dont trade paul, its over guys, we need to accept that this is good for the team. we cant hold on forever

    • LA Flake

      p has ONE year left on his contract. kg has TWO. i’d hardly call that “forever.”

      but you will know what forever feels like once we start to “rebuild.”

  • LA Flake

    why not keep the captain and kg, add some solid pieces around them and compete like hell next year with a healthy roster as a big F-U to doc?

  • JasonM124

    You beat me to the punch with your correction. I was about to post on the trade exception rules.

    With that in mind, I love the Cleveland trade proposal. I should clarify and say my first preference is to keep Paul Pierce. But if it’s decided by Ainge that he’s gone, then I think this is an incredible opportunity.

    Unless I am reading the rules incorrectly, with this trade, the Celtics would gain a $15 million dollar trade exception to use in a sign & trade (or any other salary dump).

    That means the deal for Pierce isn’t for 2 high second rounders (and don’t forget the value of high second rounders), but for 2 high second rounders AND potentially Josh Smith or Al Jefferson or Paul Milsap or etc.

    I understand all of those players have their flaws, but they are much younger and each give the Celtics a very solid rebuilding piece. For example, a lineup of Jefferson, Sullinger, Green, Bradley and Rondo is not a bad start.

  • jason benn

    anywher but the heat or la lakers if he is going to go id rather trade him then just get money savings pierce will never be anything except a celtic no matter if he played for another team longer then he did with us (not posibble) but still he is a celtic true and true cant wait to be at the game when doc kg and pierce all make their first visits to the garden that applause better shatter ear drums. good luck to them all tryin to get more rings as we do the same

  • Suarez

    The Cleveland trade makes some sense, as the could use the trade exception (and possibly the two second round picks, with other assets) in a sign and trade.

    Some possible targets (these guys are unrestricted free agents, other than Josh Smith, I don’t know who receptive their current teams would be to a S n’ T): Josh Smith, OJ Mayo, Andre Iguodala, Monta Ellis, Kevin Martin, Andrew Bynum, Al Jefferson, Paul Millsap.

    I’d be surprised if they did it though. I don’t think they’ll send Paul to Cleveland, or any other lottery team, to toil away in possibly his last NBA season.

  • Nathan Hodge

    Ilyasova!! Bucks want to dump him and give his minutes to Henson. Great fit next to Rondo and Green. Shoots lights out from three and is an excellent rebounder. Also the same age range as Rondo, Green, Bass, Bradley. Bucks might be a tough situation for Pierce though

  • Raoul

    With the NOTHING we got for Doc, it really sounds like Ainge is dumping salaries on a franchise-level. Not even just worrying about the Cap. It seems like he’s just cutting cost in general. Dump salaries for Picks. At this rate, we will start the season very far below cap, lots of picks for the future, and no effective veteran presence.

  • KGino

    If we trade pierce for 2 second rounders (no TPE) I’m no longer a celtics fan lol.. that’s absurd!!

  • frickenWaaaltah

    The problem with trading Pierce for a trade exception and second round picks is that there is a strong possibility that it’s trading Pierce for nothing other than the second round picks. It will be difficult to get a sign and trade done for a trade exception. Lots of times teams get trade exceptions, they expire unused. It’s one of those ‘a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush’ sort of things.

    On the other hand, any team above the ‘apron,’ which is ~4 mil above the tax line, can’t take back a player from a sign and trade at all. So at the moment the C’s have to reduce salary to be able to do any sign and trade deal.

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