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Your Morning Dump… Where the Big Ticket will remain a Celtic… “probably”


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

In the wake of a collapse in talks between the Celtics and Clippers about the release of coach Doc Rivers from his contract, a source told the Herald yesterday discussions between the teams for Kevin Garnett are “probably” dead as well.

A long-proposed swap of Garnett for Clippers center DeAndre Jordan had been given second priority during the Rivers discussions. But Garnett, who has veto power over any trade, may not have many other locations he will approve. The Clippers made sense to the 37-year-old center because of his home in Malibu, and the chance to continue playing for Rivers.

Asked if this could mean a Garnett return to the Celtics for next season, the source said, “KG in Boston is a very good option.”

Boston Herald – Celts slam brakes on any Kevin Garnett deal

Are we having fun yet?  Has the roller coaster ride been exciting for everyone so far this summer?  While we’ve all had tunnel vision on the Docalypse, it’s been assumed that Kevin Garnett would be jettisoned with him, but according to the report above, that apparently won’t happen.  Well, maybe.  Probably. I mean really, should anyone be surprised by this?  At this point in time, accepting any of the real time updates from “The Days of Our Green Lives” is just a waste of time.  Once any of these deals are officially declared dead and buried, put the anxiety pills back on the shelf.

At this point it’s likely Danny and Doc’s press conference gets cancelled again (PLEASE no).  But would you be surprised?  While the Clippers have apparently “intensified” talks with Byron Scott and haven’t budged from Ainge’s offer, it doesn’t matter until it’s official either way.  So sit back, take a deep breath and be prepared for a very busy week for the Celtics.  The press conference SHOULD be tomorrow, the draft is Thursday and oh yeah, Pierce’s contract option is due soon.  My guess is they would have liked to figure out Pierce’s situation before the draft but the way things are going we’ll all be staring at out laptops/phones/tablets all the way up through midnight on June 30th.  Buckle up C’s fans, the fun is just getting started!

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  • Caterpillar from Italy

    Wasn’t Garnett the same guy who recently said “I’ll die green”?
    This is a joke, I’m really disappointed with Doc, KG and the Celtics organization.
    All this story has been a complete embarrassment for the fans and in the end for KG, Doc and Danny. We didn’t deserve this.
    I hope they’ll go wherever they wanna go, I hope Danny trade Rondo and then backs off from his duty, see ya all and no hard feelings. I’m pretty much done with these people.

    New guys, new faces, same jersey: go Celtics.

    • Joey Burns

      I’m sick of this victim card fans like you are pulling. “We didn’t deserve this”? Lol, deserve what? It’s the friggin’ offseason & this is the NBA. Gimme a break, what have you lost over these discussions other than by your own accord, wasted time looking at twitter & blogs for updates from unnamed sources.

      With or without kg, our championship window is closed. Doc, KG, & pierce are the greatest thing that’s ever happened to the Celtics since Red & Bird. It’s obvious how loyal doc & kg have been over there tenure exemplified by their professionalism & warrior conviction.

      The glory days are over & kg & doc are in no position in their careers to take part in our rebuild from the bottom. It’s best for all parties involved to move on. These guys are world class competitors, why not let them spend their waning moments as professionals competing in meaningful games if possible.

      KG has spent more time than arguably any superstar in nba history “rebuilding” in Minnesota. Doc coached some horrific teams with the likes of Marcus banks, mark Blount, jiri welsch, lafrentz, Wally, McCarty, telfair, Gomes, etc. They’ve both done their time.

      I’m a physician & have spent a number of years at a teaching hospital training residents & med students. I love to teach, but I’ve moved on in life & working at a private hospital 10 minutes from my house is more suitable to my life right now. I didn’t sell out; time keeps moving forward & things change. It’s life. If Doc & KG come back next year, great. I cherish every opportunity to watch A dying breed in KG play. If they leave, I will always hold them in the same regard that I hold other hometown greats like bird, mcchale, parish, yaz, nomar, Pedro, Stanley Morgan, tedy bruschi, & Tom Brady.

      • forever_green

        The difference is Red & Bird walked the talk.

      • KGino

        The organization as a whole has definitely lost some respect from the fan base & around the league for this fiasco… It’s fine that Doc & KG want to compete elsewhere, it’s just how they are handling it with the media that’s most upsetting and an embarrassment to us as a fan base.

        I think our boy caterpillar was saying we don’t deserve this in reference to the media circus we’ve become the last couple weeks… it’s like we are the Lakers watching some Dwight Howard drama unfold. Make your moves, but keep it behind closed doors as best as possible (which I understand is a lot harder in this current day and age).

    • Rocky Balboa

      In reality, KG hasn’t said or done anything, so in all fairness, he should get a pass until he is actually on the record as saying he wants out of Boston. As far as Doc and Danny, I’m with you, time to say goodbye and start the next chapter. Larry Bird for GM.

  • KGino

    Am I the only rational fan in here that thinks the Celtics could still make a championship run as currently constructed with the addition of a rebounding big?

    Did they not just take the Heat to 7 games a year ago with an even worse bench than we have now? Were we not knocked out in the first round this year only due to injuries to two of our starters (one all star)?

    I don’t understand how anyone can say our window is “closed”. Sure, it’s not as open as it was in 2008, but you guys who are calling it closed are those type of knee-jerk reaction fans that called for Doc’s head back in 07 (not even Red himself could have coached that team to 30 wins).

    • Raoul

      I’m right there with you.

      “Are we having fun yet? Has the roller coaster ride been exciting for everyone so far this summer?”

      As a rational fan, I have not even for a single second considered the idea of our roster being drastically different when this season starts. Simply don’t see it, and thus no roller coaster at all.

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