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Report: Pierce has better-than-average trade value


According to the Boston Globe (via Hoops Hype):

The team also is focusing on the future of Paul Pierce. Come June 30, the Celtics have to buy him out for $5 million or his $15.3 million contract becomes guaranteed.

League sources said that while Pierce is 35 and had a poor showing in the Celtics’ final two playoff games, there is better-than-average interest in him on the trade market. Specifically, those sources said, playoff teams that are looking to make a deeper postseason push consider Pierce’s scoring and veteran presence valuable.

Forget the horrible turnovers and 36% shooting vs the Knicks. Paul Pierce can be a significant contributor to a championship contending team.

There hasn’t been a lot of chatter about Pierce since the rumored Eric Gordon for Pierce/Avery Bradley swap.

One rumor that doesn’t make any sense to me comes via Cleveland:

The Cavs have likely spoken to the Celtics about small forward Paul Pierce’s availability. The latest rumor is the Cavs offering their two second-round picks for the 35-year-old Pierce. Pierce’s $15.3 million contract for next year would become guaranteed if he’s dealt.

Two 2nd round picks aren’t exactly better-than-average trade value. Plus, I can’t imagine Pierce will be happy playing in Cleveland.

It’s so hard to predict the future of Paul Pierce with Doc Rivers holding the franchise hostage.

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    I can’t even imagine Pierce coming into the Garden in another uniform. The ovation would never end. I know we need to clear $ and rebuild, but..*sigh*

  • forever_green

    Paul Pierce is Priceless and deserves to retire a Celtic.

    • KChristainsen

      He’ll sign a 1 day contract to retire a Celtic. Its time to move on.

  • eddysamson

    WHAT IS WITH THESE TERRIBLE ORGANIZATIONS LOW-BALLING OUR HALL-OF-FAMERS?!? Two 2nd round picks is the biggest joke I’ve ever heard and would go down as a WORST trade than the freakin Bynum to Philly catastrophe.

  • Nathan Hodge

    The conversation has to start with the 19th pick if the Cavs are truly serious. Even then, it’s still a matter of Pierce meaning WAY more to the celtics than any other team

  • Celtic bro

    I’d do it if we get the 19 th pick as well. That would give us 3 great propects and financial flexibility. Draft giannas antetekounpo, myck kabongo, and Jackie Carmichael.

  • ShawnCVD

    I think PP to Cavs would be to secure some or all of that LBJ trade exemption. To have that in Cs war chest for a future sign and trade would be useful.

    Picks too though , first rounfers.

    Rather he not go though …

  • RedsLoveChild

    How does one define “better-than-average trade value”? PP`s true trade value will equal the “very best offer” that will eventually be submitted to DA.

    Two second round picks is a slap-in-the-face…although it is comical that the last place Cavs {24-58} view themselves as a contending team, that could use a Paul Pierce.

  • Joanne Tran

    Two second rounder isn’t a good offer for Pierce.

  • WardenOfTheNorth

    At the start of next season, Pierce will be 36. Although, the Cavs and Mr. Gilbert have had some head scratching moves in the past, no one he is going to trade the 19th overall pick for a 36 year old. The Cavs are in more of a rebuilding phase than the Celtics. Furthermore, I don’t think you trade Pierce for picks. There’s no value there and no team will depart with their 1st round pick, unless it’s OKC, SA or Miami; and I don’t think any of those teams can take on Pierce’s contract without added more players into the mix. The state of this team right now, just based on chemistry alone, it’ll be immensely difficult for them to make a serious run at the title next season. So, it’s pay Pierce $15 million, based on loyalty? And watch this team suffer another early round exit? Basically, delay this “rebuilding phase” another year and start over. That just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. There needs to be big changes. Doc has showed that he wouldn’t mind coaching elsewhere. KG would follow and I’m sure Pierce would be right behind them. Danny put this whole thing together, won a title and came within minutes of winning a second. Give him a chance to fix this.

  • green147

    The Cavs trade is primarily for a trade exemption that we could use to get Josh Smith/Millsap/Gordon or another big name player that wants to rid itself of cap space. The draft picks are just throw ins. It actually is a decent offer that only below cap teams can make.

  • Suarez

    The Celtics could get a sizable trade exception from Cleveland, which would allow them to conduct either one or multiple sign-and-trades without matching contracts. That’s the more valuable part of the trade than the draft picks.

    That said, I can’t imagine the Celtics trading Pierce someplace as miserable as Cleveland. He’s going to have at least some say in where he lands, and it is going to hurt his value.