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Report: Doc Rivers tried to fight Rajon Rondo


Chris Sheridan is reporting this bombshell (courtesy NESN):

One piece of information that has not come out during the alive/dead/alive/dead Celtics-Clippers trade talks is Rivers’ motivation in wanting to leave the Celtics.

It isn’t just that he doesn’t want to be a part of a rebuilding situation; it is because he has an intense dislike for point guard Rajon Rondo.

A source close to the Celtics tells Chris Sheridan of that Rondo dropped an F-bomb on Rivers in the locker room during a team meeting, and Rivers went after Rondo and tried to fight him before the fracas was broken up.

It’s not shocking to hear that a player and coach nearly came to blows. Egos, pressure and familiarity are a combustible mix.

It is a bit surprising that a report of this magnitude remained buried for months.

We know Rajon Rondo has a difficult personality. Plenty of great players do. But telling your coach to F-off in a team meeting is unacceptable behavior.

If Chris Sheridan is right and Doc Rivers has an intense dislike for Rondo, did Doc ever go to Danny Ainge and say “it’s me or him?”

You can listen to Sheridan and Bill Lekas of SiriusMadDog Radio discuss the incident. Scroll ahead to the 18 minute mark.

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  • Dustin Chapman

    Is it surprising that this doesn’t come out until after the Clippers rumors? I think it’s the other way around and the title of this probably makes it seem worse than the scuffle actually was. That kind of thing happens so much more often than people want to believe, on a lot of teams throughout the years.

  • KGino

    the good news just keeps rollin in… Is it summer league yet?

  • Alex Sillerman

    1) Who knows if this is true? 2) If it’s Doc Rivers or Rajon Rondo, I’m sorry— but who has more clearly demonstrated allegiance to the Celtics? It’s Rondo, who would have played on one leg in a wheelchair until the bitter end if it was at all a physical possibility.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Ray leaves, Doc wants out, KG and Pierce to follow, Rondo a diva? I think it’s time to panic. Celtics tradition is taking a huge hit. Wrap this ISH up Ainge!

  • Andrew Bolarinho

    Screw him he ran ray and doc out? Once he’s healthy trade him at the deadline for some picks

  • Raoul

    I call bull on “he has an intense dislike for point guard Rajon Rondo.” Doc Rivers was a Point Guard and could only appreciate Rondo not just settling for the coach’s point all the time. These two have never strayed from talking about each other as if they were feuding, and instead continuously praise each other. I have never heard either one even attempt to take jabs at each other, nor have I heard one talk about the other WITHOUT giving praise at some point. Rondo always says he wouldn’t want to play for any other coach, and Doc always says how great of a coach Rondo can be in the future.

    Could this situation have happened? Sure. Multiple times even. But how recent could this have even been to where it is impacting talks now? What strong stance could/would Rondo possibly have had while being an injured spectator? Rondo is arrogant but not enough to argue with a coach among guys that actually have to go out there and play with that emotion after. Doc and Rondo have been vocal about the fact that they simply do not agree on somethings at sometimes. That has been the relationship from Day 1… not ever since Rondo became the best Celtics player or anything of that sort.

    As I said, I call bull on this as just a way to keep news rolling. Doc’s only reported worry thru this whole thing has been rebuilding. Rondo is not part of that, as Rondo would be the last player on the team Doc would have to get up to speed. Rondo is Doc’s extension on the court. It has always been that way.

    If there IS truth to this and one needs to go, Bye Bye Doc. I’d rather take our $11-12mil per year SUPERSTAR!

  • eddysamson

    This is straight up BS. Who was it that Rondo buried his head in when he found out his season was done? DOC RIVERS! You don’t do that to someone you hate.

    • Raoul


  • Frank Aziza

    The way Doc put his arm around Rondo after the Heat game on the day we found out about the ACL doesn’t show a guy that hates Rondo. Looks like a dad comforting his child. To me anyway.

    • Raoul

      It wouldn’t bother me as much if Red’s Army released this stuff in complete disbelief as opposed to the “mmmm, maybe it’s true” crap.

      “It is a bit surprising that a report of this magnitude remained buried for months.”

      Really? Just a bit? And of all things, “surprising” it would be hidden for months as opposed to a bit skeptical that this has never been mentioned before.

    • Ryan

      exactly and on top of that you see Rondo laying his head on Doc’s shoulder. When your around people all the time like your family and friends, you get in some intense arguments…..if it was a weekly occurrence that would be a diff story, but reporting about a 1 time incident. I also hear reports about how he has a father/son relationship with Rondo and I’ve heard Doc publicly say great things about Rondo, going above and beyond what he needed to say to keep the rumors at bay. KG and Doc are close and supposedly KG and Rondo are really close on the team, so it’s hard to think Doc hates Rondo. 5 6 years and your gonna go through stuff, and on top of that Rondo was still maturing…..side not, I think this injury might help with Rondo’s perspective on things. CP3 almost fought Rondo too haha,

  • ian

    What a BS story. Something to fill the news feed now that the trade isnt happening. Even if its true its a lazy and tired reiteration of a dozen stories we have heard before that diddnt carry much weight.

  • ian

    Doc and Rondo have clearly demonstrated a close relationship and fights happen on teams all the time. This story is another crap “Rondo ruins everything” rumor that belongs on TMZ, now any legitimate blogs/ websites.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Does Doc Rivers want the Clippers job or not?

    He`s acting like a graduate from the Dwight Howard School of Decisiveness.

    • Borna Anthony Hlousek

      Are they accepting transfers?

  • Chuck Moran

    Ya doc hates rondo that must be the reason he wanted him on the bench during the playoffs to get his point of view. He invites the man he hates to be an assistant coach with him that don’t make sense to me another bs blame rondo report.

  • vitamin d

    Yawwwwwn.. Next.

  • jason benn

    roflmao i love a good chuckle now and again you think for one second that had happened they would just let doc walk and commit to rondo or danny would just trade rondo to somewhere he has a nice contract for a all star player if he was that hot headed. laughing and smiling burns more calories so thanks for making me be in great shape now i cant stop laughing at this.

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