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Report: “Doc has had it,” is done with Clippers

As always, there’s a note of caution: nothing’s dead until the Clippers have a coach.  Of course, that could happen soon too.

Were the Clippers ever serious about this deal?

I’ll save further analysis until this deal is officially dead.  Right now, it seems like it’d take Miracle Max to bring it back, though.

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  • eddysamson

    Hahahaha if after all of this we keep Doc + KG and the Clips lose CP3 wow they will fall right back into obscurity. Way to fail it up calling us the ones asking to much LOL!

  • Frank Aziza

    Byron Scott will be the guy who coached the Cavs the year after Lebron left and also the guy after CP3 left.

  • vitamin d

    Sure, I can believe this. It could very be true that the clippers were being the more indecisive side and Doc was just stuck.. I don’t really blame Doc for how long this rumor lasted.

  • Joanne Tran

    Lol what a waste of time… Clippers’ franchise are going down hill from here.

  • Rhyso

    Clippers are a complete waste of time, won’t negotiate a reasonable deal and are cheap. Hope CP3 see’s these flaws in this bad franchise before it’s too late and he is stuck there.

  • Joey Burns

    Man, I hate that racist pos sterling! Not sure how clippers fans tolerate this guy. I mean I rmr when he was heckling his OWN players court side. I for one wanted this trade to go through bc I would love for doc, kg, & pierce to win another title while dethroning the Heat. Kg & pierce are being severely underrated in what they can bring next year. Big men in the nba are at an alltime low, which makes kg still elite. Do ppl rmr how we were the best D in the league with him on the floor & worst with him out. If he got to play with griffin or Dwight, omg that would be a devastating front court. And the pick & pop with cp3 who is a deadly shooter & kg, who also is still a deadly shooter, would be like Stockton & Malone. I mean for F sakes, kg has been playing with trash in bass, big baby, & hollins for awhile. None of whom knows how or likes to post on the low block (where btw blake & Dwight live). And pierce as a 3rd/4th option, wow. He can’t be a number 1 anymore, but he would be the best 4th option in the league & perhaps history of the game. As a celtics fan, from our perspective a few late firsts are nice, especially since mid to late picks is DA’s forte. But as kg, doc, pierce, (& cp3) fan, as well as an anti-heat fan, clippers are F’ing idiots (mostly sterling). They don’t deserve cp3, doc, kg, or pp. I hope now cp3 leaves & the clippers have to live with what they squandered as they go bk to a pre-cp3 30-52 record. Clippers fans should be boycotting sterling, especially when u see how the lakers FO operates in the same building. rant

  • forever_green

    Doc has had it? What about us?..

  • Joey Burns

    I have a ? If we are in fact back to square one, it is not inconceivable that doc, who for all intents & purposes, had committed to another year of coaching, is ready to do that in Boston for $7 mil rather than broadcast for much less. So, if forced to run it back one more year, can we make a run. We don’t have to favs or anything, but can we build a team that can be considered a real dark horse sleeper.

    Now obviously we don’t want to give up any significant assets to make us better for next year, but are there options. If everything works (ie. sully & rondo not only coming bk 100% but adding to their game, hey look at Adrian Peterson lol), what could we do to this team?

    C: KG
    PF: Sully
    SF: Green
    SG: Bradley
    PG: Rondo

    Bench: Pierce, Bass, Lee, Melo, Terry, Draft pick

    What do we need with this squad & how can we get it?
    Could any of gortat, big al, milsap, josh smith, cousins, granger, iggy, Gordon, or asik be attainable & work out?