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The Celtics schedule and promptly postpone a press conference


At about 9:30 this morning, various Celtics media members announced the team had scheduled a noon press conference with Danny Ainge and Doc Rivers.


We were finally going to get some answers. Is Doc staying? Is he quitting and turning his back on the Boston fan base?


An hour later we were informed that the presser had been postponed until Monday.


Did the mere announcement of a press conference get the Clippers back at the bargaining table?

Possibly. But this isn’t only about extracting additional assets from Donald Sterling’s hands, it involves satisfying Lord Stern’s legal minions.

Clippers reporter Mark Heisler speculates that both sides might negotiate a future (2014-16) #1 pick for Doc Rivers and leave KG for DAJ for another day.

I remain baffled at the process. Somewhere over the past 6 weeks, the Celtics morphed into a chaotic, disjointed basketball operation.

In other words, we became the Knicks.

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  • eddysamson

    nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo not the Knicks!!!!! We’ll never be like the Knicks damnit!

  • Frank Aziza

    Or the clippers

  • Matt Thompson

    I am so sick of this game they are playing..damn it’s getting old

  • KGino

    I wish the ghost of Auerbach would slap some sense into our front office & doc right now

  • Nathan Hodge

    If Doc Rivers is so good at recruiting players, the Celtics should fire Ainge and promote Doc to GM. Doc gets to be the one to rebuild the Celtics HIS way. Ownership has to be displeased with the way Ainge has handled this situation

    • Grigoris Ignatiou

      i dont think that doc wants to rebuild ….i suggest trying for LARRY BIRD ….he did a great ( building) job at indiana

      • Frank Aziza

        I agree although we treated Larry like crap when he worked here

  • Frank Aziza

    Woj just tweeted Doc no longer seeking clipper job.

    I hope they fire his ass along with Danny.