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Your Morning Dump… Where Lord Stern could block the Celtics-Clippers trade


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One source close to the process expressed optimism the sides would reach an agreement in principle by Thursday on the two deals involving Garnett and Rivers, which the Clippers believe will all but cement the signature of star guard Chris Paul when Paul becomes an unrestricted free agent on July 1.

Although sources stressed that final details were still being worked out, one trade would be a straight player swap sending Clippers center DeAndre Jordan for Garnett, with the second move calling for Boston to receive two first-round draft picks as compensation for freeing Rivers from his Celtics contract.

However, has learned the teams will have at least one more hurdle to clear even if they finally agree to a trade framework after days of talks and multiple breakdowns in discussions.

Sources say the Clippers and Celtics, to push the trade through, will have to convince the league office that the deals were not contingent upon each other. According to NBA rules, side agreements or contingencies are prohibited in any trade or free-agent signing. Rules also prohibit coaches from being traded; teams can convey cash or draft picks as compensation to get a coach under contract released from those obligations.

ESPN Los Angeles

I know we’ve heard this before, but it appears this underwhelming deal is just about finished.

The remaining obstacle – the ego of David Stern.

Negating this trade could be Lord Stern’s his last power move before riding off into the sunset of retirement. It was Stern who blocked the New Orleans-Lakers-Houston mega-deal that would have netted the Lakers Chris Paul back in 2011.

If Stern claims 2 1st round picks are excessive compensation for Doc Rivers then a logical solution would be moving the additional draft pick into the Garnett-for-Jordan deal. Right?

I still think the Celtics could get a better deal from LA. Demand they take Jason Terry or Courtney Lee.

If this deal passes league muster, the next big decision lies with Paul Pierce:

Rival executives expect Boston to try to trade Pierce by month’s end if Garnett and Rivers leave in hopes of getting something for their longest-tenured player, with the team that acquires Pierce potentially setting him free before June 30 to get the $10 million in salary-cap savings.

There’s speculation if Pierce becomes a free-agent, he’ll sign a cheap deal with the Clippers.

I’d love to cheer on Pierce and Garnett (against all teams not from Boston), but I’ve lost a lot of respect for Doc Rivers.

A self-proclaimed Celtic-for-life has suddenly morphed into Phil Jackson – a ring chasing opportunist.

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  • Chuck Moran

    Need George Carl as ouch imagine rondo green jordan twill Bradley doing run and gun offense I think we could be good.

  • Frank Aziza

    I’m clueless when it comes to cap space and the legal crap of trades. So at last seasons trade deadline Ainge wanted Jordan for KG. he also was getting Josh Smith for PP. is that still possible?

    • Mike

      yes, very possible.

    • Raoul

      Exactly my thoughts. Why are we giving up so much for that has-never-been Deandre? We used to talk about real talent in KG/PP talks. Now we’re not even talking about PP, and the organization is HOPING we can get Deandre for KG and DOC? Come on. If this is about Doc, then force him to stay. He’s disciplined enough to do what he’s supposed to as a coach. There are plenty of players that wish they were on other teams or had different contracts, but can’t.

      Sorry Doc, you can’t leave because it really doesn’t benefit us. 2 picks? Unless Andrew Wiggins is in our future, picks are as good as trash. That’s exactly the type of rebuild we don’t want… give up our era for picks and an 8-7 guy. Pfft Rondo will surely jump ship.

  • Eddie Allen Powe

    George karl groomed Ty Lawson into the player he is. He got on him for not taking the open shot.
    “Rook, the game of basketball is telling you to shoot it!”
    I want this guy to reflash Rondo’s ecu.

    • Mike

      George Karl would be perfect! I agree!

  • Antmat0385

    Lets not start bashing Doc Rivers please. He, like PP, had to endure some really horrible seasons hear in Boston. He is very likely to do the same starting next season if he stays. He’s going to a team which isn’t an arch nemesis of the celtics like Ray did. I say let him go and wish him the best. No can possibly think the celts are going to be better off keeping Doc, KG and PP here. It’s time to turn the page and move on to the next celts chapter. I know the trade isn’t everything we want, but it’s a start to turning this team into a run & gun offense behind the league’s best passer. And with Karl, Shaw and Hollins all looking for work, there is still a great chance to end up with a great coach and a revamped roster.

  • forever_green

    I have lost respect for Doc also and didn’t see this coming but Noooo…please KG don’t leave..ugh this is ending ugly & I don’t know who to blame? DA?..

  • Grigoris Ignatiou

    doc is taling his coaching staff with him …great job ainge ………………..plz wyc hire bird for GM ……

  • Mike

    I think a lot of C’s fans are taking this whole KG, Doc Rivers Trade too personal. I see it as Ainge getting something for nothing. KG would retire if not given this opportunity to play for the clippers close to his home and with a chance to win a Championship. Doc would leave coaching if not given this opportunity to coach KG, Pierce and Chris Paul and have an opportunity to win a championship again with them. Pierce will be close to home again too on the clippers and the C’s get a young center perfect for a fast paced celtics/rondo/green/AB future, 2 1st Rd picks, and we still don;t know what gem they might get for pierce in a trade( Eric Gordon? J smooth?, etc?).

    When it comes down to it, this is Rivers,KG and Pierce wanting to help the C’s, while helping themselves. I see it as a true sign of friendship and loyalty between Ainge and that group(KG,Pierce and Rivers). They know they can help each other out by doing this now.

    Otherwise the C’s end up with nothing.

    • MrCuret

      If the C’s kept the team together they’d have plenty of cap space next summer since Pierce’s contract would come of the books, KG’s wouldn’t be fully guaranteed, so I’m sure he’d call it quits, Bass & Terry will be on expiring deals, which they could trade them or waive them using the stretch provision. Also, Bradley & Crawford are FA next summer, so the C’s would pretty much have Rondo, Green, Lee, Sullinger, Melo & this yr’s draft pick as the only players on the roster.

      • Mike

        see above

        • MrCuret

          I completely understand what you’re saying. I just don’t agree with Ainge’s insistence on rebuilding when he can just ride with the team the way it is this season plus a few tweaks & next season they’ll have enough cap space to reload instead of having $10 + millions tied to a mediocre center. 2014 FA features a lot of good players like D. Cousins,Gortat (I’d take any of those 2 over D. Jordan any day), Paul George,Rudy Gay (if I’m not mistaken), etc. I just think he should have some class & let Pierce & KG retire as Celtics.

    • John Smith

      The C’s end up with cap space and a decent coach. After this trade they end up with a mediocre centre, with an all-star contract, and no cap space.

      • Mike

        I think what everyone does not understand is that Doc, KG and Pierce have a Desire to win another championship together and that is definitely not happening in Boston. We are in rebuilding mode and a shot at a championship for Boston is a few years down the road. We need to let our ego’s go and realize this is whats best for both teams.

        Getting a 24 yr old athletic Mediocore Center for a 37 year old who may not make it through another season is actually a GREAT deal for the Celtics. And getting 2 1st Rd picks for a Coach who does not want to coach a rebuilding team is a GREAT deal once again. Add the deal we will make for Pierce( Josh SMith or Eric Gordon, etc.) and we have a young, athletic team that can grow together and be exciting to watch.

        Besides, who would we be saving cap space for anyways?

    • BamaCeltic

      I 10000000% agree with this logic ….totally think the same thing. It helps all parties involved. A deal among friends helping each other. Makes sense to me.

      • Mike

        glad someone agrees!

  • forever_green

    I wish I knew what Paul or Rondo thinks of all this..

  • RedsLoveChild

    -Clippers must win a title {they won`t} for all of this to have been worth it…now they`re the ones who get to hold their breath that KG does not suffer a career ending injury at any moment.

    -Karl {serious health issues}
    -Shaw {reasons exist why he`s still looking for his first head coaching gig at 47}
    -Hollins {Grizz have fired him twice despite relative success}

    -Ty Lue? Why not? Celts won`t be contenders in 2014…give him a 2 year deal…plus he could develop Dennis Schroeder, as RR goes on the trading block.

    • johng

  • MrCuret

    The one player that Ainge should be worried about is Rondo. Rondo wants to win another championship, he likes to compete & if the team sucks I think chances are that he’ll want out, which I don’t blame him since he’s 27 & usually a rebuilding takes 3 to 4 yrs which would be a waste of Rondo’s prime.

    • Chulinho

      I completely agree. If I were Rondo, I would ask out. He’s too good of a player to stick around for all of this.

  • Romeo

    Ready for this to be over, DA should ask for Bledsoe, draft pick and Jordan, and get all this over with.

  • John Smith

    I really hope this trade is blocked. Terrible for the Celtics and I don’t want Doc to get his way.

  • forever_green

    I just heard Stern on ESPN radio 12:10pm…sounds like he doesn’t like these trades.

  • KGino

    I would LOVE for Stern to block this trade… a big F YOU to Doc.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Not a fan of George Karl, at all…..seems like his main focus is getting his kid on the payroll. I like Shaw but the Triangle and Rondo might not mesh. Lawrence Frank would be my top choice. I’d go with Pat Ewing before George Karl- not kidding.

    I agree with Chuck, Doc ain’t walking his talk.

  • Chris

    If the heat lose and this deal falls apart does doc & KG to heat become a possibility? I’d take Bosh in a heartbeat.