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Popovich is the man

KWAPT (@KWAPT) June 20, 2013 Around the NBA 10 Comments on Popovich is the man


As we get ready for Game 7 of the NBA Finals, Gregg Popovich is at his cynical best. Check out some quotes from quite possibly one of his funniest pressers ever (via ASAP Sports):

Q.  Coach, Game 7s in an NBA Finals don’t come around terribly often.  Are you able to appreciate the opportunity in the moment or is that for another time? 
COACH GREGG POPOVICH:  It’s torture.  It’s hard to appreciate or enjoy torture.

Q.  Then what is the best part of doing this, if it is such torture for you? 
COACH GREGG POPOVICH:  That’s why I always say coaches are sick puppies.

Q.  What is the worst torture, to talk with journalists or to be one hour away from the final?
COACH GREGG POPOVICH:  This is one of the joys of my life right here.  This is great fun.  There’s nothing I would rather be doing.  (Laughter).  The questions are so incisive and well thought out, how can one not enjoy the challenge of trying to find the answer?
I do have a good time doing it in a way.  It’s all fun.
THE MODERATOR:  Thanks, Coach.
COACH GREGG POPOVICH:  I have more time.  The busier I am before the game, the less I’ll worry.  Just keep rolling.  Rolling.

Q.  Coach, you’ve been caught on camera several times telling your players to enjoy these moments.  Is it fun for you‑‑
COACH GREGG POPOVICH:  I never said that.

Q.  You said that. 
COACH GREGG POPOVICH:  I would not say something like that.  I want them to have no fun whatsoever.  (Laughter).  This is all business.  There’s no eighth game, is there?  This is the last game.  That’s the best news I’ve heard all day.

Q.  Gregg, why will your team win tonight? 
COACH GREGG POPOVICH:  Am I in one of those morning shows?  (Laughter).  Why will my team win tonight?  I hesitate to tell you why I think we’ll win or won’t win or what’s going to happen.  I have no clue what’s going to happen tonight.  All I do is hope, and you hope that your team executes and competes for 48 minutes.
But I have no idea what the outcome of the game will be.

Check out the entire transcript over at ASAP Sports

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  • Frank Aziza

    Classic!!! As a Celtic fan I always ask why I get emotionally involved , I never enjoy watching a game. I only enjoy winning a title then watching the games on replay. I have fun watching finals games that Boston won on DVD.

    • KWAPT

      Same here Frank. I bought a copy of G6 (2008) on DVD..

      • Frank Aziza

        Hey bro I just bought a DVD called 2007-2008 NBA World Champions. Celtic pride returns. It’s not the normal championship DVD that shows a few of the 4th quarters, this has all 4 finals game in the entirety and game 7 against the cavs. Only thing is its not in HDTV widescreen. 3 questions for u? Have u ever heard of this DVD ? Where did u buy game 6 and do u know where to buy complete games of any seasons? Oh one more question , was yours in widescreen ?

        • Frank Aziza

          I hate the heat

        • KWAPT

          Hey Frank- I bought my dvd in 2008 right after Finals. Guy on Craigslist burned the game from dvr to dvd. I’m not familiar with the dvd you bought. I’ll see what I can find out about buying games, but you can find craploads of full games right on YouTube. I usually search like “Celtics Lakers game 6 2008 full game” or something..

  • kobe

    Oh Oh, Ray Allen got another shiny ring! stab to the hear for Boston fans. lol

    • Frank Aziza

      Hey Kobe what’s the lakers record against the celtics in the finals? It’s a joke. You know what else is a joke? The lakers lie and hang up 16 championship banners. They only have 11. Five of them were before the shot clock. Bahahaha. They’ll do anything to be like the celtics?
      If your name is really Kobe please stay away from my niece , she works at a hotel.

      • Mike C

        Frank, you have to remember that dipshit here is exactly the kind of lowlife scumbag that looks up to ‘SCAB’ Allen. Neither one of them knows the first thing about “LOYALTY.” I’m just wondering where ‘Scabby’ Allen is going to go next year for a ring, cause there’s no way in hell it will be the chumps in Miami. I’m guessing OKC or Indiana. Hey jackass, (kobe) why dont you go out next week and buy one of each teams jerseys (OKC/PACERS) and start wearing them now, so that when one of them wins the championship next season and you jump on the winners bandwagon, like I know you will, you wont look like such a loser for once in your life!

  • wil

    theres a peek of what rondo will be like when he becomes a coach. lmao

  • art

    As far as I’m concerned, Popovich is the reason the Spurs are not 2013 champions. Duncan on the bench during the critical end-of-regulation time 3 point prayers going up and not being in there for the rebound? Unacceptable. Tony Parker sitting on the bench at other times during critical situations. Unacceptable. Maybe some of these strategies were acceptable during the regular season, but in these situations – a road game with the title at stake. No way. Popovich is a f-ing idiot, even kissing Heat players after it all ended. If I were a Spurs fan, I would truly be upset and be demanding an apology from Mr. Popovich. Or maybe it’s time for a new coach. Now the rest of us have to put up with the continued arrogance of the Miami Heat (LeBron James and his goons), at least for another whole year.