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Your Morning Dump..Where C’s Ball Is In Rivers’ Court

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.I really didn’t want to write about Doc today, but it’s unavoidable. The Celtics’ immediate future basically hinges on his decision to stay or go. Doc and Danny will be meeting today to discuss Rivers’ future with the team. From Chris Forsberg:

Are you in or are you out?

When Boston Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge sits down with coach Doc Rivers to discuss where the team heads from here, the conversation could be as simple as that.

For six weeks, the Celtics have given Rivers his typical after-the-season space to detox and ponder his future. Rivers’ uneasiness about spearheading Boston’s roster overhaul that almost certainly lies ahead ultimately forced Ainge to explore a potential swap with the Los Angeles Clippers that would have shipped the coach and Kevin Garnett out west in exchange for a rebuilding acceleration package headlined by DeAndre Jordan and at least one first-round draft pick.

The deal to send Kevin Garnett and Doc Rivers to the Clippers supposedly hit a snag yesterday when LA refused to add another first-round pick to it’s package. Most fans, Celtics fans anyway, felt that the Clips were easily getting the better part of the deal. The Celtics are now basically back at square one as far as offseason plans. So just how awkward will today’s meeting be?

The meeting between Ainge and Rivers won’t be as awkward as some might think. The two have a tremendous working relationship and have been laboring together since Boston’s playoff exit by watching pre-draft workouts and strategizing for the offseason.

Ainge, so adamant last month that Rivers would return, has to be somewhat surprised by his coach’s desire to explore the Clippers’ coaching vacancy. Rivers inked a five-year, $35 million extension two summers ago and pledged to aid the roster overhaul when it came along, but something about that impending process is giving him more pause than seasons past.

So if Doc does come back, just how comfortable will he be after this mess. But more importantly, will he have the complete respect and trust of his players?

Publicly, Rivers will have no problem winning back a fan base left squeamish by the idea of losing its longstanding helmsman (only Red Auerbach has coached more games and for a longer duration than Rivers, who is a mere 11 regular-season wins behind Tommy Heinsohn for second-most in franchise history). Most will forgive and forget.

The question is whether the same can be said for some of the players in the Celtics’ locker room. Will some feel alienated by a coach who appeared ready to take his buddy Garnett and ditch the rest of the Ubuntu gang to chase a title out west? How can Rivers preach loyalty and team — two of the hallmarks he cited when he inked his long-term extension in 2011 — when he didn’t quite exhibit that himself by showing interest in the championship-chasing Clippers gig? Yet again, Rivers is so beloved by his players and such a powerful speaker that it will all likely blow over in time.

So the question ultimately lies with Rivers. After all this deliberation and a near change of coaching address, can he give 100 percent of himself to the task at hand? Can he get past whatever has left him on the fence for the 45 days since Boston’s playoff exit? If he simply can’t, his talk with Ainge will devolve to an exit strategy.

I have to agree with Forsberg that Doc is as beloved a guy as any sports hero here in Boston. I do think most fans can let this slide. But if he does come back, things will never be the same after this..

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  • KGino

    In other news… I am FLABBERGASTED at how poorly Pop coached last night after basically having the trophy in his hands…

    How on earth you don’t foul up by 3 with the other team in the bonus (with no timeouts) with under 15 seconds left is beyond me!!! As I’m sitting here telling my friend they should foul and whatever they do, don’t ket ray get a 3… Guess what happens. Pop may have blown their only chance. If only I were coaching in those final 20 seconds, the Heat would already be home fishing…

    You can mention the no calls in OT, the lack of Duncan being in to rebound, but nothing else matters if you just foul in that situation. I am STILL shocked at how stupid Pop was last night.

    • eddysamson

      I don’t get why Manu just charged at the end of the clock (I think in OT, now I forget) instead of taking a timeout to set up a play. I could have sworn they had a timeout left with 10 secs on the clock. Instead he barreled down the lane and turned it over with an offensive and 1 sec left on the clock, wtf! Actually I don’t even understand why he was in, he was bad last night.

      Seeing Ray Allen’s god damn smirk after that 3 pissed me right off =/

    • ChazzyJoe

      I also cannot understand why Duncan and Parker were off the floor for so long in the fourth, or why Manu was ON the floor for so long. That loss is on Pop for sure.

    • zippittyay

      Bosh and the Heat had no qualms about fouling while up 3 on the last possession of of OT.

  • Raoul

    It will be as simple as that. These are grown men that have been doing this for a long time.

    Ainge: Are you ready now?

    Doc: Always was.

    • ShawnCVD

      +1000 Cs entering a new era and KG/PP winding down. Of course things will never be the same. Not to any significance should Doc stay though…

    • RedsLoveChild

      The trade will eventually happen.

      Both sides want it to happen…the Celtics seeking one additional late first round pick won`t be enough to kill this deal.

  • Arthur

    So… the silver lining is that it doesn’t sound like KG is going to retire, right?

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