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CP3 “exerts muscle”, Doc & Danny to address media tomorrow

CSSNE’s “Sports Tonight” just had a live phone interview with Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski. I tweeted out the significant statements to my Twitter followers:




Sorry for the lack of spell check-obviously “rebuilding” was what was said.
Shortly after this, the Herald’s Mark Murphy said that Doc & Danny will be addressing the media tomorrow. Will it be an exit interview, or to announce that Doc is staying on as coach? Judging from what I’ve read this afternoon, I’m guessing the first of the two. But at this point, nothing would surprise me.

*UPDATE* CSNNE just posted the entire short interview. You can watch it here.

And ESPN’s Marc Stein tweeted this:

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  • Lucky Okojie

    come on. get this done!!

  • Sarah

    I haven’t accepted this yet. I guess I will have to when it becomes final, but my heart is broken losing Doc, especially to a contender.

    I feel like the child left behind in a divorce.

  • Time to get this done. Is Donald Sterling the dumbest person on the planet? Is he willing to lose CP3 over one draft pick? Oh yeah, I forgot – he is the dumbest person on the planet, and a bigot at that.

  • frickenWaaaltah

    Still not seeing anywhere reporting it to be done.

    GFDI. Die zombie deal, die.

  • Romeo

    Man…I’m can’t believe PP and KG is not gonna be a Celtic anymore :(((((

  • ShawnCVD

    Sk to be a Laker fan. They are in shambles pining to keep fools gold Dwight Howard . Soon KG will be able to tell that clown to “paint your face” 6 plus times a year …

  • Joey Burns

    Never underestimate the heart of a champion. Spurs come out tough as nails in game 7. Miami is not fully prepared for an equally focused & determined Spurs team as in game 6. When they realize they are in another unforeseen bar fight, miami will be slightly deflated. No chance Spurs let them off the hook again. To think SA is done after game 6 is laughable. This is a championship organization with professionalism through the roof. They’re not intimidated by Miami; all they care about is execution from possession to possession. Spurs will have to be knocked out. Is Miami prepared for a slugfest? I expect wade to be ready, but not lebron. Spurs 94 Heat 89.


    WHAT AM I MISSING HERE?? DEANDRE JORDAN FOR KG!?!?? Why would we do this???!!???

    • Buddy_Hinton

      Here here

  • Lee in Oregon

    I knew it…..CP3 runs the Clips and he wants what he wants. I wonder if Chris Paul’s family all have high-paying jobs within the organization. All that’s left for Danny is to extract the extra pick or whatever it is he wants out of them. I’d rather it was Bledsoe though- it’s not like the Clips will be picking in the lottery anytime soon.

    On a personal note- I think Doc is blowing it. He could have stayed in Boston and become like Pop or a Belichek, almost untouchable, and a huge part of a storied organization. Now he’ll be the coach who only won one ring, a slightly more revered version of Bill Fitch. Yes, he would have had to rebuild, but Clipperland isnt a great landing spot. He’ll be working for a notoriously cheap owner who wouldn’t have rented him an apartment 20 years ago.

  • Frank Aziza

    Why is Danny so obsessed with Jordan? He’s a second round pick that’s never averaged 9 points in a season or 9 rebounds. He would have been a good pick for Danny 5 years ago, it could have helped us. Who did Danny pick that year? JR Giddens?? Lol. Danny did one good thing, that was get KG and that would have never been possible if not for Kevin McHale.

  • Frank Aziza

    It could worse, I could be a Laker fan hoping to keep Dwight Howard as the savior. CLOWN!!!!!!

    • LarryBirdsJ

      continuing the tradition of relevant and succinct posts by Laker fans

  • frickenWaaaltah

    Once again, talks are supposedly done for the day but resuming tomorrow…

    Danny is like the Dread Pirate Roberts these days: ‘Good night, Celtics fans. Good work. Sleep well. I’ll likely kill you in the morning.’

    • Kahnstantine

      Yeah, and Sterling is Fezzik: “Anybody want a peanut (for Doc and KG?)”

  • Kahnstantine

    Curious and don’t want to bother looking it up: how many of the 16 championships came in Minneapolis?

    • mike michigan

      Seven. The L.A. Lakers only won 9 titles.

  • Chris Wilson

    CP3 may have done us a favor if it means getting the extra draft pick or the Clips taking one of our high priced duds.

    This has got to happen or we are going to lose all these guys for nothing. Nobody else is banging on the door to give us a better option at this point. We are basically getting a young center and two 1st rounders for a 37 year old who is thinking about retiring and a coach who will walk away if this doesn’t happen.

    Pierce is another story…

  • ShawnCVD

    Danny is in full control of this situation. One of 3 results happen , all favorable. 1 Jumpstart a rebuild by getting DJ and picks. The year could be lost if Rondo can’t go. Thatmeans Boston could post a dreadful record next year and be in the lottery. 2 Doc doesn’t go to LA, quits and KG retires. That makes owners happy due to saving so much $. Also starts up the one-year tank during a great draft class next year . 3 Doc and crew come back. This is the sentimental choice and would make many fans happy and would generate crazy busines. Win win win for Danny. As fans we might feel a little hosed but all good things must come to an end…

  • Joey Burns

    Danny’s been holding out for the minimum threshold to purge. But with talks comming & going, it’s tough to remain firm on his position. As soon as clippers agreed to 2 picks, DA was always going to be ready to blow his load.

  • kobe

    I heard the number 1 candidate to coach the Celtics is Rick Pitino

  • mike michigan

    We all knew CP3 was going to force the Clippers hand on this. We have all the leverage. 2 picks and Jordan isn’t a good deal. Forget Doc and KG this deal is netting them CP3 for a few more years. That’s worth more than a few picks and Jordan. I’d want Bledsoe back in the deal, or dumping more contracts on them. This isn’t the NFL 1st rd picks besides top 15 don’t usually net anything, and have low value. The Clippers feigned like it wasn’t a big deal, held a coaching interview, but they came crawling back. If i’m Ainge I tell them they need to raise their offer significantly. After all the deal isn’t about KG or Doc it’s about CP3

  • Dave Timmons

    Whatever happens, happens. Time marches on, I understand that. But the heart does what the heart wants. And today, the heart hurts. Doc was the perfect coach for this team, brought us a banner, was 5 minutes from bringing us another, and very well could have brought another if Ainge hadn’t traded away Perk. And KG restored and redefined what “Celtic Pride” is all about. As much as PP is the Captain, KG was the heart and soul of this team. No matter who comes in and puts on Celtic green in the future, it’s going to be a long time before this team has that again.

  • LarryBirdsJ

    Hey KG, you sill not talking to Ray for heading across the country to chase a ring? Turncoat mothe****ers.