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Report: Doc “unsure” about return to Boston

doc and kg

So that’s it.   After all the madness of the past couple of days, a deal with the Clippers to send Doc and KG out west is dead.

But the Celtics interest in Doc is not.

This might simply be a case of Danny saying “hey, I’ve got a great coach here and no matter what, I know that if he’s coaching here, he’ll do his best job.”  It could also be Danny telling the league “Hey, I’ve got a great coach here, and I’m not letting him go without something in return.”

Doc, however, may not be so into the return.

This Clippers play was a gamble for Rivers, who has jeopardized his immense popularity in Boston with the bid to be part of a bold deal to go to Los Angeles with Garnett.

Rivers pushed for the Clippers partnership because of his desire to bypass a rebuilding process with Boston. As one source tied to Boston ownership and Rivers said, “You don’t just move on from this and act like nothing happened.”

Rivers has TV broadcast options available to him if he steps away from coaching, but he won’t be able to work in the NBA again without the Celtics releasing him from his contract. Boston will demand compensation out of any team trying to hire Rivers in management or coaching.

I asked the question of whether Doc could return at this point in yesterday’s dump.  There are definitely fences to mend, but if he wants to come back, I’ve laid out a path to make that happen.  But it won’t be easy.  That’s a lot of toothpaste that needs to get back into the tube.  There’s no way to get it back in there just like it used to be, but you can salvage a bunch if it if you’re patient and willing to get your hands dirty.

Who know if Doc wants back in at this point.  Who knows how the players will react.  And honestly, who knows if this deal truly is dead.  Hopefully in the next few days, we can figure out what the future will bring, and who’ll be leading the Celtics there.

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  • eddysamson

    I doubt the deal is really dead. Any chance on a 3rd team coming in maybe to facilitate us losing JET + CLee’s contracts?

    • Chulinho

      I was thinking of that yesterday, but I just can’t think of a team that would want to get involved with this mess. I wouldn’t have been against it though.

    • wil

      getting rid of JET and Clee’s contracts are not great when youre taking in another trash contract in deandre jordan,

      Shav is a better offensive player than DJ, in the few games shav has played for c’s you’ll find more highlights of his postmoves than DJ had his whole career.

      Shav is a pretty good rotation defender, and i think he is a better rebounder too. So why chase a guy with a bad contract. Then lets just keep KG.

      • eddysamson

        Well if the deal doesn’t go down here’s what will most likely happen:

        Doc retires as a coach

        KG retires as a player

        PP gets traded or waived

        We keep Clee + JET’s bad contracts

        We get nothing for losing KG + Doc and no chance at PP staying

        So…what do you want to happen? We either pull off this trade and get some future picks, a real (at least compared to what we’ve had since Perk/Shaq left), young, athletic, center who could grow with the Celtics (compared to the Clippers who baby stars).

        Or we just get NOTHING.

        • wil

          Its not that we get nothing, but we get future cap space,

          But are you willing to trade Doc and KG for Deandre (who hasnt improved one bit and an untradeable bad contract for 3 years) and a single 20s+ draft pick?

          If we were taking bledsoe in instead of dj, go ahead.

          But we are not rebuilding for the future if deandre jordan is the main piece that we are acquiring.

          We are losing flexibility in the future. And we can still get rid of Clee and Terry through other trades, this aint the only trade we are gonna make this offseason.

          Clips wont trade DJ if they saw him improving.

  • forever_green

    Im not sure I want Doc back…feels like Ray 2.0…very disappointing, why sign a contract if your not gonna honor it..

  • wil

    this is all on doc, He wanted this trade and now that it didnt fell through he wants out? lol and i cant believe he would go as far as telling clips not to trade bledsoe coz he wants to coach bledsoe

    p.s. Clips were pretty stupid not to trade, Deandre Jordan who is practically useless when compare to tyson chandler who probably get paid about the same buck.

    • wil

      completely unrelated though, i want C’s to chase Andre Iguodala, him at shooting guard paired with rondo and green is gonna be gooooood

      • Chulinho

        I would love seeing Iggy in green, but, unfortunately, he probably wants more money than the Celtics can give.

        • wil

          well maybe the nuggets will go for a sign and trade, if they dont want iggy to walk away with nothing in return.

          Rondo can probably boost up Iggy’s stats by 6 or 8 more points a game, plus they work well together too. (in the allstar game though) lol

      • KGino

        that oughtta help our jump shooting woes

        • wil

          yup! and our small guard problems too.

  • Andrew Bolarinho

    Docs gone he must be pissed the deal is off. There’s no reason to bring back a coach who can’t coach with as much passion as the first season he was here. Smh I hope hes at least considerate and makes his decision quick. Once he leaves it will be a chain reaction with KG and pierce we are now entering the dreaded rebuild.

  • forever_green

    How do we know if KG was even willing to waive no trade clause? Thats surprising in its self.

    • wil

      Danny, KG and Doc for sure has talked about this. They wouldnt be talking to the clips if they didnt ask KG on what he wants.

      • forever_green

        Its surprising KG would leave the C’s and Paul like that.

        • wil

          I just want to clear one thing, KG aint abandoning anyone.

          All these moves are centered on the team not sucking for the next decade. The Boston Celtics is moving on.

          KG is putting his fate on Danny’s hands, and if he aint gonna play for the C’s, he wants to play for doc rivers, thats why they are a package deal.

  • Raoul

    Wow! Big surprise. Nothing happened.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Not that the Celtics or Clippers will win a title anytime soon—

    Both teams have worked hard to make the trade happen…they both want it to happen….it will happen.

  • Buddy_Hinton

    Do the hawks have any interest in Doc? I know they want Chris Paul and Dwight. Does Doc have any interest in the Hawks if Cp3 and dwight are there. Sign and trade Pierce and throw in Doc as incentive if he would go and whatever drafts pics or salaries it takes to get Smith. We still have KG to play, trade or retire.

    • Buddy_Hinton

      Then fire DA and hire Larry and Mchale.

      • wil

        you think larry will sympathize with Paul Pierce and KG, and wait for them to retire on their own free will?

        lol Bird will do the same thing danny is doing right now.

        • Buddy_Hinton

          What are you talking about? In that scenario Pierce is gone and KG has a no trade clause.

          • wil

            then why would you fire DA? lol rockets have no intention of letting mchale go btw

    • wil

      its a pretty good idea, but i dont think they can afford cp3 and dwight if they take in pierce, not sure though. but i like it.

      Celtic Fans(years ago): bring back the group together!
      then ainge does.

      Now that C’s need to move on, Danny’s job is to keep the celtics alive with out going through years like the bobcats are doing right now.

      If paul and kg wants to retire as a celtic, do it now. or get traded and sign back as 1 day contract later. Either way, they shouldnt gut the Celtics because they want to play in boston for a couple more years.

      Celtic fans need to move on. coz the Celtic organization already is.

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  • WardenOfTheNorth

    I just hope Rondo has matured enough, not to let these things become a distraction for him. Doc is as good as gone. No way he comes back. If Rondo requests a trade, the C’s will get $0.50 on the dollar for him, which is the absolute worst case scenario. Coming off major knee surgery, and a clear frustration of losing his coach, every GM will know Ainge has no play or upper hand, and they will force Ainge to trade him away for garbage draft picks and/or unproven, young players, or expiring contracts.

  • romeo0119

    So does that means all 3 of them will retired now?

  • art

    What is quite bothersome is that Doc Rivers was the guy who went around recruiting Jason Terry and Courtney Lee. Instead of size which was desparately needed, they went after short guys that don’t help their rebounding problems. And guys who can drive to the basket and create their own shot. Watch San Antonio do it with many of their players shooting near the rim. Boston has become a jump shooting team that will get them nowhere except a first round exit. Deficiencies galore that were not addressed during last off-season and instead new players that were sold to us as the answers to getting past Miami. And now Doc wants to run away? Danny has work to do and he should not listen to Doc if that’s how they ended up with the Terry and Lee contracts.

    • Jake Gruber

      Terry was supposed to be one of those guys that you are talking about that can get to the rim and create a shot, but he couldn’t. I think many people over rated his and Courtney Lees abilities to be both spot up shooters and get to the rim.

      The spurs have just a phenomenal mix of shooting to go along with a decent paint presence, which, strangely enough is due to their point guard and Duncan. If rondo could ever become as good as Parker, it wouldn’t be as much of a problem that the celtics didn’t have terrific scoring bigs.

      • art

        Doc and especially Danny are supposed to be the experts when changing the roster. Danny came through big time in 2007. It’s time for him to do it again. Last summer’s changes were not shining moments for the C’s front office other than maybe Sullinger if he becomes really good.