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Report: Clippers call off trade talks for Doc, KG


LA Times reporter Brad Turner was the first to report that the talks are off because the Clippers will not include two 1st round draft picks.

The Clippers claim that owner Donald Sterling will meet with Bryon Scott and Brian Shaw later this week.

Hold your ground, Danny.

Curious how Chris Paul feels about this?

UPDATE: Danny Ainge has confirmed the death of these trade talks.

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  • Andrew Bolarinho

    Doc is gonna leave for broad cast pierce will be bought out and KG will retire smh so our starting center would be fab melo this could become a rough rough season. Don’t get me wrong danny should hold out for a better deal but its not like we can afford any high market players (Jefferson,smith,etc)

    • Johnnie

      rather have a rough season and get in the lottery. sitting in the middle of the back makes you the jazz. that’s not winning a title anytime soon.

    • eddysamson

      Shav would start over Melo, but even then, expect a new big guy in the next month or 2.

      • Mannie

        They could make a draft day deal for varejao if cavs end up picking Noel no.1

  • Frank Aziza

    Basically the clippers think a draft pick is more important then CP3. Lol. Screw Danny. And the clippers are back in the basement for 20 years. How dare DA trade KG straight up for Jordan. Screw him.

  • 76th

    Great news for a change

  • Dave Timmons

    I agree, eff the Clippers! Just how much ground are the Celtics to give before Donald Sterling is happy? I’d rather see KG retire than to see him bring on an over-priced Center. And even if Doc hits the broadcast booth, getting value for him in the future still exists: Doc doesn’t want to be irrelevant. If he sits in a broadcast booth for three years, he WILL be irrelevant. Down the road, the Celtics can send him someplace for picks (someplace other than Clippers). DA IS an idiot, but at least he saves some face here and doesn’t voluntarily take a raping.

    • Guest

      Agree with a caveat. While the goal is ultimately to hang a banner, the bottom line for the owners is money: ticket sales, tv rights, etc. and in that respect while a PP/KG retirement lap might not win a championship and (warning: Debbie Downer moment ahead) probably just an early playoff exit, it could generate a lot of ticket sales & fan interest. Plus you have Rondo, a fairly young set of supporting players and I assume a coach who won’t be as reluctant to play rookies as Doc was so it could be an interesting year. And yeah, I’m already speaking of Doc in the past tense. Of course, this assumes PP & KG are still up for one more season. That’ll be the next drama.

  • CallingBatman

    Much as we love KG, there’s not a lot of teams clamoring for him that he’s also willing to be traded to. I think Doc’s pretty much poisoned the well with Boston, so he may well be in the broadcast booth next year. Me, I’m happy to go with more-or-less what we’ve got minus Doc which I’m reconciled to. Maybe not a championship team but a respectable one. Then in 2014 we really do see KG and Paul retire and things get interesting.

    • Dave Timmons

      I agree with you, you won’t see Doc back on the sidelines in Boston again. But I don’t think you’ll see KG either – he will NEVER play for another coach but Doc. Just won’t do it. I believe he retires, and that means there is no sense in keeping Pierce around, so DA opts to trade him. Though, I do believe Pierce has value – more value to the Celtics than to anyone else in the league. If you keep him for his final year, fans come out to see a mediocre-at-best team just to say “goodbye” to the Captain. They aren’t winning – or are even entertaining next year anyway.

  • forever_green

    When did DA confirm trade talk?

  • Johnnie

    glad we didn’t get completed robbed here.

  • forever_green

    Anyone that questioned being a Celtic still needs to go. Very disappointing & embarrassing.

  • KChristainsen

    I hope this messes up Clippers chances of getting CP3 to resign. They were being too greedy.

  • Double P

    A lot of conflicting reports but overall seems like the clippers blinked and backed out. This looks bad on everyone now.

  • eddysamson

    Whoever at the Clippers decided we were asking too much should be fired. What a freaking joke. What were they talking to a mirror or something? THEY asked for too much.

    • KGino

      clips fans are a joke… they all think they were giving up too much… I’m sitting over here like… REALLY?!?!

  • Buddy_Hinton

    Haha Chris Paul is gone and they’re not getting Dwight. What a sorry franchise.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Clips are posturing- they need Doc so CP3 re-signs…….DA will not be taken, especially by the Clips (where’s Elgin Baylor when you need him?).

    I dont see how Doc returns to the C’s after he basically queered the Bledsoe part of the deal. I don’t appreciate him working both sides of the fence….

  • Double P

    I’m not seeing the connection you guys are making here. Doc would help chances of signing CP3 but I think it was a forgone conclusion that he was going to resign. Clips offer by far most money and he’s in LA with a good young team. Clippers can sign hollins or shaw and be no worse for the wear. They had all the leverage. Doc/KG might put them in better contention but not a huge loss for them. Much worse on us now that we have a coach who doesn’t want to be here

    • frickenWaaaltah

      I’m thinking completely the opposite: Chris is so gone, because of the combo of getting bounced convincingly by Memphis and having what look now like obviously better options. And depending on what he signs for, he could even make more money in Texas because of their lower taxes.

      ‘Kids these days’ like Chris Paul and Dwight are going to be realistic about what’s going to make them the biggest winner in the easiest way. If Chris and Dwight both sign in Houston, it’s a better team on paper than if Chris resigns with the Clippers, and that looks true with Dallas and Atlanta too.

      The Clips are desperate. They need a way to land Howard and there isn’t one. They need a way to make a Clippers team they can convince Chris will be better than any of the possible Chris-Dwight teams, and they need it ASAP, and there’s probably no way they can do that.

  • Alex Sillerman

    But now what happens? Doc clearly doesn’t want to come back, Rondo has been further alienated because everyone was running for the exit without him… It looks like next season could be pretty messy. Only positive I see here is that it doesn’t seem like KG adamantly wanted out of town.

    • frickenWaaaltah

      I don’t think it’s a given that Doc wants out; I think Doc has always been and always will be about the players.

      We know Danny is very active this summer so nobody knows what the roster is going to look like in October; it might be very similar but it might be totally different. So I think Doc is just being honest that he can’t really know if he can commit or not until he knows what the roster is going to look like.

      We know he wants to keep his guys but I also think he’d coach a very different looking roster if Danny is careful about the players he brings in, and isn’t just going to trade them all again in a few months. One thing I think Doc wants to avoid is coaching a roster of guys who will only be here for a few months until a better deal comes along. If Danny goes for the wheeling and dealing sort of rebuild, we could be there for 2 or 3 years even and it would be frustrating and ultimately pointless for a coach who is oriented towards personal relationships.

  • Chris Laterza

    Thank you clippers from saving us from Danny

  • Mannie

    If Doc doesn’t come back, I hope we can pick up George Karl.

  • Celticsfanatic

    Hahahahahahhahahha the Clippers are so dumb.

  • frickenWaaaltah

    I bet the real reason this didn’t get done is that Chris Paul wasn’t going to stay even if it got done.

    They were ready to get Doc and KG and probably Pierce too and Chris was still going to ‘look at his options’ aka still not going to stay. That’s why they couldn’t include Bledsoe in the first place, because they know Chris is probably gone.

    Pretending it was about haggling over the pick is just saving face. CP3 is going to play with Dwight in Atlanta, Dallas, or Houston. Utah could have the space to do it as well but I guess nobody mentions them because it’s Utah.