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Doc and Danny to meet tomorrow in Boston

Adrian Wojnarowksi has the latest on the Doc Rivers drama:

Woj stated a few minutes later that Doc and Ainge “aren’t at odds”…

The saga continues…

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  • Raoul

    Duh. Just what I thought. Another “done deal” goes no where. Doc and Ainge meet as always. Are we still going to hang on the the sliver of “Doc will be a broadcaster or retired?”

    HE IS THE HIGHEST PAID COACH IN THE LEAGUE. I hate to say this but he’s going to give up $7mil per year to watch his kids play sports, all because of a deal that never ever made sense? Please.

  • forever_green

    This is dysfunctional…if Doc has to question if he wants to be here every summer he shouldn’t come back..that’s not being a true Celtic..

  • Frank Aziza

    So Doc thinks a KG , CP3 , Blake G, and Possible PP is better then Rondo, KG, PP, Jeff Green even if the C’S could try and add Milsap, Jefferson or Josh Smith? I think Doc would love Boston trying one more run with someone new added. It’s gotta be Ainge that doesn’t believe in KG and PP. Ainge is an idiot. Wish we had the spurs GM, he wouldn’t never shop Pierce or KG.

    • Raoul

      I agree with you but I think the “better” situation he was seeking is not the talent as much as it is the age and the fact that they have played together already as opposed to an older team that is currently (re)building and trying to find their identity.

    • WardenOfTheNorth

      If i were Doc, I’d be willing to leave and coach the Clippers, based on that lineup. Celtics have no backup point guard, they have no idea if Rondo will pull a D Rose, they have no reliable big men (outside of KG and Bass, Sullinger still has much to prove), Avery Bradley is coming off a less than anticipated postseason, Courtney Lee was a major disappointment along with JET. There’s far too many question marks with the C’s right now. Jeff Green is the only ‘ray of light’ on this team and by no means is he ready to fill Pierce’s shoes as the next go-to guy. They have the 16th pick and Pierce’s contract to figure out, the next 2 weeks. Other than the Clippers losing Jordan, with their same lineup intact, they were a Top 5 team this season, and they had some stretches where they were arguable the best team in the NBA. Of course, Doc would be entertained by the idea of coaching this team. Ainge is no fool. KG and PP are done after this year. Both players will need to go to teams that can balance their minutes much better than their current situation. Can’t blame Danny for the state of this team right now. KG’s first contract extension with the team was monstrous. Not to mention Ray’s contract and PP’s contract. Throw in Rondo and there’s no way this team can add quality free agents. Couple that with the fact that they were a contending team for 5 years, gives them number 25 and up in the draft order. It’s extremely hard to (re)build a team and win/contend at the same time. Sure, the Spurs (the only team in the league) have been somewhat successful at it, but their core guy were in their twenties when they started winning titles. They never had a ‘5 year window’. And they never had two max guys on their roster.

  • Andrew Bolarinho

    Suddenly feel like doc will be back cause he has to. Leaving 7mill on the table to hear Shaq and Barkley yell at each other is the stupidest thing ever. I do believe KG will stay and pp34 will be gone

  • forever_green

    Why is this all about Doc? I was more down about losing KG..the guy that brought back the culture of winning & should retire a Celtic.

    • KGino

      100% agree… Doc should thank KG and Thibs for bringing such a culture to the team. He is definitely over-credited for his coaching abilities.

  • Joey Burns

    Why is my comment blocked, messed up smh

  • Dexter Winehouse

    Danny Ainge and Doc Rivers are acting like children. Make amends guys. I hate to tell you but even if you add KG and our coach to the clippers, could they beat the spurs in 7 ? Probably NOT. If you add a couple guys like #1 JOSH SMITH and #2 Al Jefferson to THE CELTICS CORE OF , RAJON RONDO and PAUL PIERCE *people seem to forget that we have BOTH of these all stars on our team* with KG and maybe a guy like Kyle Korver in a sign and trade for Josh Smith , or bring back Ray Allen or a Ray Allen type but a better type of player, look at Danny Green if your watching the finals. Not that we will get Danny Green but I don’t think we need to completely rebuild. KG was an all star last year as was Rondo, starting all stars. Peirce SHOULD HAVE BEEN. I mean you would rather give up your COACH AND HOF CENTER for some could be somebody type players, than ADD GUYS LIKE JOSH SMITH AND AL JEFFERSON TO WHAT WE ALREADY HAVE WITH PAUL PIERCE ? I may not be an NBA GM but if you have the top Center in the east, the best coach, the best SF Pierce, outside of Carmelo Anthony *considering Lebron A PF* The Best PG in RONDO outside of a HEALTHY D ROSE, I SAY ADD TO THE GROUP, TRADE TWO FIRST ROUNDERS AND SOME ROLE PLAYERS FOR JOSH SMITH AND AL JEFERSON. NOW THATS HOW YOU REBUILD !! I wonder with out PP and KG how much a first row seat to a celtics game will be next year ? $40 ? Thats about how much it would cost to see Rajon Rondo play with a bunch of D leagers. This TRADE IS CRAZY, D Jordan, clippers center is crap, reminds me of mark blount, keep the team you have and ADD TO IT ! Starting with JOSH SMITH, AL JEFFERSON, and players like that ! and all this Eric Bledsowe talk. WHO NEEDS HIM WHEN RONDO PLAYS 40+ min per game ? BRING BACK THE BIG THREE, RR, PP, KG plus coach Rivers, and add two stars, all our young talent, Bass, Lee, Sully, Bradley, ect can bring in TWO STARS , Josh Smith and Al Jefferson would be on the top of my list and all the players and future pics we have I GARENTEE that could happen, That is not Rebuilding on the fly, that is contending on the fly !!!

  • Dexter Winehouse

    IF I WAS THE OWNER GET ME JOSH SMITH AND AL JEFFERSON, then you got KG – Center Big AL – PF J SMITH – SF PAUL Pierce – 2G Rajon Ronda – PG then comes in the bench, starting with The Jet, Shav Randolf and whatever is left over after trades 😉 And A COACH dose not make a team, look at the cav’s before lebron went to the heat, was that mike brown or lebron ? come on ! Keep your 3 stars, add 2 more and give Ray Allen a shot at coming off the bench after you trade everyone else. Give his wife a cooking show or something as incentive 😉

    • Frank Aziza

      How u getting these guys?????

  • jason benn

    lets not forget who really is gonna be affected by this………..JEREMIAH RIVERS!!!!! lol why would our d league draft him then have doc walk out on us and in a way his oldest son, who he went to go watch play. forget doc and how awkward it be if he left lol think about his son left to play on the celtics d league team. probably drafted just because he was free still and docs son……slight incentive for doc to stay? i emphasize slight lol one way or the other this man helped bring us a championship he deserves to do what he feels is best, as do the entire organization. All this nonsense of whos to blame and all that needs to stop how can you be celtics fans and abandon ship like this?!?! No one wants a repeat of another 20 plus years of mediocrity if we can speed a rebuild up with a trade like that so be it. id take DJ and two first round picks for doc n kg over no doc and a retired kg getting nothing in return besides a championship and a great last few years. Also yes the tattoo says rondo lol long story but i can proudly say I AM A CELTIC. Doc is a great coach cant blame him for not wanting to stick with it and go through another exhausting five years of circling the bottom, waiting for ainge to pull of another kg trade. Everything fit into place nicely that year cant deny that, until we have that magic again then well we just need to sit back and support our team with true celtic pride. bandwagon fans be gone jump off no one needs you. One last thing id like to say at least hes not leaving to coach the lakers or the heat lol then yes boo him otherwise no one better do anything except cheer next year if doc comes back

    • uRaDic

      You have another man’s name tatted across your chest… wow.

  • Arthur

    Wow, this situation sure has brought out the caps lock in people. This deal would have benefited Doc, KG, the Clippers, and the Celtics. Not quite sure why the Clips wouldn’t pull the trigger, but we’re talking about the ultimate professionals in KG, Doc, and Danny. If Doc’s willing to be with this team during another rebuild, I welcome him with open arms.

    The thought of Vinny Del Negro as coach… shudder… I’m willing to forgive a lot. (Although we’d get a lottery pick for sure.)

  • Nicedog

    Good luck Doc. Let’s move on. KG retire, then come back and coach the team. The players already respect you. You are the best candidate out there. It’s time to let PP go and get younger, Josh Smith and Greg Odem. Make it happen Danny.