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Your Morning Dump… Inside the salary cap of rumored Celtics/Clippers deals


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

There are two scenarios for the Clippers to complete this move, one is if they do it before July 1 and the other is if they do it after July 1.

Let’s start with before July 1, which matters under the new CBA. According to Coon, if a team has $0-$9.6 million outgoing, it can take back 150 percent. If it’s $9.6-$19.2 million it’s the outgoing plus $5 million. If it’s over $19.2 million, it’s 125 percent.

So if the Clippers wanted to trade for Garnett and Pierce, who make $28,356,610, in one big mega-trade before July 1, they would need to send out at least $22,605,288. Let’s start with DeAndre Jordan, who makes $10,532,977, and Caron Butler, who makes $8,000,000. Those two add up to $18,532,977. The Clippers would still need another $4,072,311 under this scenario, which would not be met even if they included Eric Bledsoe and Willie Green, who combine to make less than that. They could make it work if they included Jamal Crawford, but sources say Crawford would not be included in the deal.

That means the Clippers would go to the second option, which would be doing two separate trades. In this scenario, according to Coon, they get 150 percent or $5 million rather than just the 125 percent they get by acquiring them together. So they could trade Jordan and Bledsoe for Pierce and then Butler for Garnett. These two separate but parallel trades would work from a numbers standpoint.

If they wait until after July 1, they need to send out $22,133,656 if they wanted to trade for both together. Jordan and Butler add up to $18,986,550, so they’d need another $3,147,106. Bledsoe and Green would add up to enough.

Separately they’d need to send out $7,433,735 for Garnett, and Butler is still enough there, and they’d need to send out $10,155,556 for Pierce, and Jordan is enough but the Clippers would likely be forced to add Bledsoe as well.

ESPN Los Angeles – How the Clippers/Celtics trade could happen

Did your head explode after reading those paragraphs?

In summary, the rumored deal would net the Celtics DeAndre Jordan, Eric Bledsoe and Caron Butler in exchange for Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett.

Not enough of a haul for my tastes.

DeAndre Jordan is a 6-11 athletic freak, but the guy has yet to average a double-double in a season. And I’m warning you to look away from his free throw shooting percentage.

Where does Eric Bledsoe fit on this team? The Celtics already have two jump-shot challenged guards in Rajon Rondo and Avery Bradley. If the Celtics acquire him in a deal, I believe there’s a waiting period before they can move him again. Ainge would have to wrangle a third team. And there’s always a log jam at guard (Lee, Terry).

Aside from his expiring contract, I don’t like Caron Butler. I suppose he would provide depth behind Jeff Green at small forward.

As far as Doc Rivers, most believe 2 1st round draft picks will be needed as compensation. The Celtics cannot take a player back in exchange for Rivers (CBS’ Ken Berger expounds).

Shoot for the moon, Danny. Demand Blake Griffin and filler. Make the deal more enticing by letting Doc Rivers go for less than market value.

How do the Clippers handle Chris Paul and his desire to play with Dwight Howard? Does LA focus on Howard or the Celtics.

So many moving parts.

My head hurts. Pass the ibuprofen.

The rest of the links:

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  • Frank Aziza

    A month ago Stephen A Smith was nuts, now all we are doing is trying to figure out who we are getting from the clippers. I personally feel Doc and Danny are turning the Celtics organization into a freak show right now. The last few years Danny has shown no loyalty to great Celtics. While Chris Paul and the Clippers are dying to add guys like PP and KG, Danny has been doing nothing to give them help the last few years. He’s done nothing but shop them.

    • Ron

      Agree w/most of comments. I do not think Danny Ainge is this obsessed agressive, genius GM that reputation that precedes him. I think the reason why Ainge has his reputation is because of the Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen acquisitions. Let’s be honest here, Ainge got lucky aquiring KG, because he and Kevin McHale are friends and former teammates. After the ’08 season Danny Ainge has done a subpar to mediocre job maximizing the talent of KG, PP, RA and RR. Danny has done a poor job adding quality role players to help the Celts core players. I get that Boston is not an NBA attraction for free-agents, but Ainge should of or needs to be better at selling.

      As far as the Clippers/Celtics dealing players I can’t see how those trades favor the Clippers or Celtics. I don’t see why the Clippers would trade Eric and DeAndre or two aging(KG,PP) superstars that will likely retire in a year or two. It’s going to be extremely difficult to rebuild after Garnett and Pierce.

  • Frank Aziza

    I’m not from Boston but fell in love with the celtics as kid because of Red Auerbach. I heard him speak of loyalty and Celtics family. Danny has been the complete opposite , he has turned us into any other cut throat organization. The Spurs organization is now described like the celtics used to be. I get jealous watching the finals when I hear everyone talk about what a great organization they are. Get rid of Duncan???? NEVER!!! Danny would have.
    I thought when Doc signed for five more years he said he was a Celtic and talked about loyalty . Not only is he not loyal but if he isn’t part of a big trade and is just walking away, then he’s actually hurting the celtics organization by taking so long. Just think about this, Danny Ainge would have been known as the guy who traded Larry Bird, Kevin McHale and Robert Parish. Red didn’t trade those guys , he got them help. He got Len Bias then Reggie Lewis. Pretty good future too. They both died, no one mentions that all Danny does is say they didn’t get anything for Bird. Whatever.

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    I don’t believe in Danny Ainge.
    When I heard him interviewed by Mike Gorman during one of the last Celtics home match from last RS I had the impression of a man not clear with himself and not sincere at all; always half-annoyed and half-embarrassed, half-annoying and half-embarassing the interviewer and the listener (me).
    I’m besides witnessing what’s going on here in Rome with the AS Roma soccer team, property of the same Celtics ownership: I’m lucky as a SS Lazio fan, because they’re doing a complete mess on the managers running the team and players failing to succeed..

    Let’s hope for the C’s best.

    • Duncan1

      I am a Roma fan and yes, it seems the same way. I am sure Danny Ainge would sell Totti and DeRossi if he could.

      • Caterpillar from Italy

        Ciao Duncan,

        piacere di conoscerti! 🙂

        • Duncan1

          Ciao! Forza Celtics

  • Lee in Oregon

    I’ve seen DeAndre Jordan shoot free-throws (he makes Rondo look like Rick Barry).

    I’m in favor of keeping the Captain & KG, but until either KG or Doc commits to that, we’re stuck with speculation of a package built around Jordan & Butler.. The Clips roster is not what you’d call “deep”, the guys Chuck talked about are really the only assets they have outside of CP3 & Blake Griffin. DA has all the cards, hopefully he can do better.

    Last thought- if rumors about Chris Paul & Howard teaming up somewhere (Atl, Houston) are true, doesn’t this whole thing blow over?

  • Frank Aziza

    If the celtics somehow get Jordan, could they possibly figure out a way to get either Josh Smith here or Al Jefferson? Think about big Al, Jordan Rondo and Jeff Green. Now u get some good shooters around them plus we have Sully and all of a sudden we have the size and inside scoring that Indiana has. Plus a better point guard, it’s not a bad team. It could be a huge summer.

  • Double P

    I’m tired of all the comparisons to the Spurs. If that model was so easy to do then EVERY team would do it. And yes they are in the finals, but how much success has the Spurs organization had since 2007? About the same level as the Cs. If Tony Parker tore his ACL this year do you think the spurs get out of the first round? Didn’t think so.

    What is Danny supposed to do here? We have been putting off this rebuild for too many years already. Pierce and KG are old, Ray is already gone. Doc doesn’t want to coach a rebuild. A move like this would speed up any rebuild we are going to have to go through and it would be a blessing for the Celtics, young assets and some 1st round picks. Couple that with the many young assets we already have and it gives Danny more opportunity to package those assets for superstar players.

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