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Doc, KG to Clips talks may have fallen apart

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) June 15, 2013 Celtics News, Doc Rivers 18 Comments on Doc, KG to Clips talks may have fallen apart


That was fast.  A few hours ago, a KG-to-LA in a “trade” that involved Doc Rivers was allegedly going hot and heavy.   All the local guys were chiming in with their sources too, making it seem like this thing was heading towards an inevitable departure for Doc, KG, and maybe even Pierce.

Now it looks like the talks are dead… which could be a negotiating tactic.  Or it could be that talks really are dead.

This story has turned into a Hopper commercial

“That sure was a crazy 15 seconds of rumors!”

I have no freakin’ idea what’s going to happen next.  Not a single clue.  If it’s time to break up the band and it happens…. then it happens.  It’ll suck and I’ll hate it, but I understand.  We moved on from Larry Bird, we’ll move on from this.

If they come back, then they come back.  Great.  We’ll figure it out later (it’s going to be a f’ing insane trade deadline next February).

Stay tuned, I guess.  Because this could change in a few minutes.

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  • Timati

    Makes me sick watching Pierce, Garnett, and Doc wanting to go to the LaLa Land to play for the Clippers. I guess it is for the best…we’ll see what happens in the next 24 hours. God Bless!

    • Frank Aziza

      Are you kidding me? After what Danny Ainge has been doing since the middle of 2010 season? Think about this and try to remember in feb of 2010. Celtics were in starting to look terrible(finished the season 27-27) right away Ainge started to shop Ray Allen. I believe it was for Kevin Martin. Trade falls through we end 5 minutes away from winning the championship. Ainge re-signs Allen and Pierce that year. Gets Shaq and JO and we start off good, Shaq gets hurt we struggle and Ainge trades perk and we hear of blowing it up again. KG, PP and Allen trade rumors. Last season, we looked bad at all star break and Ainge trades Allen but last second deal falls through. Playoffs come we look great, 5 minutes from the finals. This summer Ainge now wants Allen but Ray says kiss my ass you un loyal idiot. Ainge loves PP and KG again because we were great in the playoffs. This season, Rondo, Sully and Barbosa go down and we lose in the first round and its blow it up again time.
      And you want Doc PP and KG to wanna come back ? Why should they? Especially when they see the Spurs loyal as hell to their aging stars. The Spurs got those guys help and oh my God they’re in the Finals. The Spurs didn’t blow it up after a first round exit a few years back nor did they blow it up last season after they blew a 2-0 series lead in the conference Finals. Ainge is worse than a dopey fan. Looks like Ainge spent the last 4 seasons not believing in his roster while Doc did and boy they got close. Maybe a big that could have spelled KG would have been nice. Maybe Keynon Martin or Chris Anderson instead of ….. Are you ready for it???? Here it comes….DJ White and Shavik Randolph. Ba hahaha.

  • Timati

    Can’t see Rivers coming back after this…

  • Andrew Bolarinho

    Espn just said
    Lac= lee,KG,doc
    Bos= deandre, 2 first rounders
    Maybe we save money in this deal and cut pierce we could go after josh smith
    Much more athletic plus a good start to a rebuild

    • KWAPT

      I’d pass on Smith. He’s going to want crap loads of money and has turned into a guy who stands at the top of the key & fires-up jumpers.

      • I bleed green in L.A.

        I wouldn’t pass on Smith. With Rondo running the break, look at those finishers: JSmoove, DeAndre, Green, with Bradley trailing and get back D. Josh Smith and Jeff Green and forwards allows great flexibility, both can go into the post and play the wing. Smith is an underrated defender and DeAndre is a shot blocker. But we lose a goto guy. Green would have to turn into that guy, and Bradley and Rondo need a better shot. Then grab Karl.

        • KWAPT

          Yeah…no real shooters in that group at all-not consistent anyway. Would be a fun squad to watch, but just never been a fan of Smith’s persona/decision-making. We’ll see.

    • Mike Kahn

      Good start to rebuild, but isn’t a contender now or in the future.

    • frickenWaaaltah

      Facepalm for ESPN because the salary numbers in that version don’t match at all, it’s not even close to being a valid trade.

      Deadre for KG straight up is cutting it close, as Jordan makes just about the maximum 15% less. If the C’s send out more, the Clips HAVE to send out more too. Unsigned/future draft picks count as $0 in trades for salary

      So sending out Lee + KG (17.5mil total) would mean the Clippers have to send back more than just Deandre Jordan…it’d be more like Jordan, Bledsoe, and another ~3mil in salary…17.5mil – 15% is ~14.9 mil.

      Also, even if that deal could go through and the C’s then waived Paul, it wouldn’t create cap space. It’d get the C’s close to the cap, maybe just a little under, but that’s about it. Being under the tax would mean they could use the better exceptions, the non-taxpayer mid-level and the biannual, but that is it.

      For the C’s to get cap space this summer, basically KG has to retire or be
      traded to a team under the cap that can absorb his contract. Or the C’s
      could find teams under the cap willing to absorb Lee, Bass, and Terry.
      Or you know, other stuff that’s not going to happen.

      A Clippers deal would probably mean the C’s wouldn’t be under the cap next summer either (i.e. not unless they then made some other moves to somehow accomplish that).

  • kobe

    this rumor is back on… check the new updates….crazy

    • tvor03

      this tactic of yours to make Celtic fans look like gullible idiots at every trade rumor never works. Why do you continue to do it? In fact, why do you continue to troll this site?

      • kobe



    Looks like things have “stalled” according to the only source that really matters in my book:–celtics-in-trade-talks-to-send-doc-rivers–kevin-garnett-to-clippers-201709995.html

    • Lee in Oregon

      Wojo reports “Doc wants to coach Bledsoe”…….makes it seem like Doc is working both sides of the fence and killed the deal. Makes no sense……especially with DA not granting the Clips the right to talk with him.

  • Mike Kahn

    Danny Ainge is probably asking for the kitchen skin as usual. I think too often Ainge over values certain players. He overvalued Jeff Green by giving away that huge contract just like he overvalued Ray Allen by trying to trade for Tyler Hansborough and Larry Bird shot it down. I just don’t understand Danny Ainge’s thinking? I honestly believe Ainge is not this great GM some in the media make him out to be. Trying to aqcuire young pieces in Jordan and Bledsoe for a 37, Garnett is not realistic. I think he’s overvaluing KG at this stage of his career. If I’m Danny I take Jordan and the 1st rd picks offered by the Clippers. Stop being greedy Danny!

    Danny is always yapping through back-door media channels about rebuilding and selling off the Big 3 like pieces of meat well here’s the chance to do so.

  • Arthur

    “Adrian Wojnarowski ‏@WojYahooNBA4m
    Within Celtics, this process has never grown acrimonious between management and Doc Rivers. At $7M per season, he remains the coach.”

    I admire the professionalism. That’s why Doc is worth every penny.

  • Manu

    wonder what Pierce feels/is thinking right now? According to Woj, “Rivers has three years and $21 million left on his Celtics contract, but doesn’t want to stay in Boston unless the Celtics are willing to bring back Garnett and Paul Pierce to avoid rebuilding for another year”. Does it mean the C’s were going to cut Pierce?

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    It’s obvious that something broke down in terms of relationships, and that’s the most dangerous part (especially if Doc will stay). They probably wanted to stay another year in Boston, Ainge probably wanted only Doc and KG back.
    If this is a rebuilding year/team, it started in the worst way.