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Speculating on Danny Ainge’s asking price for Doc Rivers

Wizards v/s Clippers 03/12/11

The LA Times Broderick Turner asked some anonymous NBA executives to speculate on what Danny Ainge might ask in return from the Clippers should he let Doc Rivers out of his contract:

Two executives said the first thing Ainge would want is young players such as Clippers centerDeAndre Jordan and Eric Bledsoe, and an expiring contract such as Caron Butler’s $8-million deal.

Then Ainge would want to trade a veteran player such as 37-year-old Kevin Garnett (he has a no-trade clause) and add guards Courtney Lee and Jason Terry in the deal to the Clippers.

Ainge also would want two first-round draft picks from the Clippers, the executives said.

That’s all?

The Clippers are lucky Ainge isn’t demanding Blake Griffin.

Not only is Doc Rivers an excellent Xs and Os coach, but he’s a master motivator that guys want to play for. He becomes a drawing card for the franchise.

Do not underestimate the stupidity of Donald Sterling. He’s a blunder waiting to happen.

He might give Ainge everything and more.

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  • Matt Thompson

    Lets do it. Doc is a good coach..but I am sick of watching the same tired offense year after year. It doesn’t work! If you could get those Bledsoe and Jordan and keep the core of rondo/green/sullinger/bradley that would be a good team….and finally a backup PG! Then bring in George Karl and we would have an exciting up tempo team to watch.

    • Frank Aziza

      My thoughts exactly

    • pierce Hart

      I reckon Angie would want to make a trade to bring in another star preferably in the frontcourt. Plus we’d still have some nice cap room to work with

  • pierce Hart

    Docs overated. I mean a deal like that would bring the franchise forward into a new era

    • Ryan

      MAYBE as an x and o coach and thats still a maybe….. but as far as a coach players want to play for, along with his ability to motivate players(gives speeches to patriot teams who rave about him afterwards), I think those factors make him one of the top coaches. He also knows how to control the locker room(finds that balance between showing them respect, while also expecting it in return) and he does a great job with the media(hard to dislike him).

      • pierce Hart

        Yeah your right but I’m sick of his offense. It’s time we got a new man at the helm in my book

  • Chris Laterza

    I am very cautious about rebuilding, I’d rather keep the band together until PP & KG’s contracts expire.

  • Celtic Bro

    4 young players plus cap relief. I’d take that any day.

  • Frank Aziza

    This off season sucks!!! Docs a great coach for a contender but I rather have George Karl if we go with a Rondo, Bradley, Sully and Green future.

    • adam

      george karl as the celtics coach? he has done some great things with those nugget teams. and some of those nugget teams were head cases.

  • Ryan

    the clippers might be willing to give whatever they have to because they know they are close to a championship with the right pieces….i.e. KG/Doc and maybe Paul. I would put them as the favorites when you add those 3 to CP3 and Griffin, plus the other quality players they have.

  • Aye Run

    It seems obvious to me that Psquared will end up in LA too. Yet this doesn’t seem to be a frontburner with those in the know. Makes me wonder. Maybe intentionally postponing to get more out of deal?

  • Aye Run

    boy will this be a bummer if we end up doing nothing

  • Ira brown

    Right now with healthy Rondo and Sullinger the Celtics can play with any team in the league for 5 great minutes. The problem is the games are 48 minutes long. Time to get young. Core of Rondo, Sullinger, Green, and Bradley. Add D. Jordan and Eric Bledsoe and the core becomes stronger. Plus Brandon Bass is a solid pro player. take two clipper draft choices in 14 and 16 assets are abundant. If Danny decides to keep both KG and PP then the C’s are only delaying the inevitable. Make the deal!

  • kobe

    oh DeAndre Jordan is not that good

  • Don Juan

    I don’t know what’s going to happen… but Doc turning his back on the C’s has me believing in Danny more than ever. Danny has and will always bleed green. We have to believe he will do whatever it takes to make sure the C’s stay atop the NBA.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    This was the original rumor: Pierce, KG and Doc for Blakeshow, Bledsoe, Caron and DeAndre. Should stay pretty close to that, can drop Caron for some draft picks instead. Maybe work a 3 team deal and send Griffin to Atlanta for Josh Smith?

  • Joe

    This sounds so crazy and unrealistic, it’s ridiculous. It’s hysterical to think that DA would ask for this haul of young, high-potential players (four essentially). I feel like this is Danny’s way of saying, you’re gonna really have to pay for Doc if you want him that bad; almost solidifying that this will not take place.

    Makes a little more sense if you take away the draft picks, but still sounds unrealistic to me.

  • Chuck Moran

    Try to give sac Bledsoe Jordan and whoever in a three team for cousins he’s the piece rondo sully and green need to be a force for a decade