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Your Morning Dump… Why Doc Rivers to the Clippers isn’t a sure thing


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For the Clippers to even think about hiring Rivers, they’d have to consider the many moving parts involved in making that happen.

Rivers has three years left on his contract that pays him $7 million per season.

Even though Rivers is considered one of the best coaches in the NBA, would Clippers owner Donald Sterling be willing to match that salary?

Not one NBA executive thinks so. But some of them believe Sterling might go as high as $5 million per season for someone like Rivers, several executives said.

Another issue for the Clippers to consider would be any sort of compensation the Celtics might require for Rivers if he walked away from his contract.

One NBA executive said the Celtics might ask the Clippers for two first-round draft picks over a three- or four-year period.

Los Angeles Times

While Doc Rivers continues to take his sweet time contemplating his future, let’s assume he bolts Boston for a different challenge.

The Clippers are the best team without a head coach. They have two franchise players along with a solid cast of young and veteran role players. If Doc Rivers wants to continue coaching, the Clippers are the obvious choice.

As the national pundits write headline grabbing stories about Doc’s future, most conveniently ignore the fact that Celtics management holds all the cards. If Wyc Grousbeck doesn’t want Doc to coach another team for the next three years, Doc won’t be coaching another team. Unless his team of choice offers up some compensation.

I’m a spiteful guy. I’d be tempted to refuse any compensation to let Rivers out of his contract. If Doc doesn’t want to coach my team, he’s not coaching. Period.

But two 1st round picks would get me to change my attitude. The picks might be late 1st rounders, but I trust Danny Ainge could find a decent player or package the picks in a deal.

Let’s not underestimate the Donald Sterling factor in this equation. He’s screwed up that franchise for decades.

It would be vintage Sterling to refuse to offer compensation for a head coach or let money be the barrier between the Clippers landing the final piece of a championship puzzle.

So as the ESPN blowhards continue to steer Doc Rivers from Boston to Los Angeles, let’s remember it’s far from a sure thing.

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  • zippittyay

    Doc is too smart to work for Donald.

  • pierce Hart

    2 late first rounders could get you strong role players or a risky talent. Also if they for Doc for that the first season might not go to plan and Chris Paul will alienate everyone again, try to leave and they could turn into lottery picks. Let’s be optimistic.

  • Double P

    If you can somehow turn Doc and KG into Deandre Jordan and 2 first rounders you gotta do it. I’d take a guy like George Karl or Brian shaw and we’d have a good young team with a good future. Win/win

    • eddysamson

      Yeah I’m liking the idea of this more and more but I don’t know a whole lot about Jordan.

    • ShawnCVD

      I’d love to have Karl . Love to keep Doc. Trouble is the throw in needed to match contracts. If it’s Bledsoe or an expriring then awesome. Any contract that would stymie next Summers war chest isn’t worth it IMHO

  • Double P

    Honestly what is Doc coaching this team to an 8th seed the next few years going to serve? If you can get something for him then do it

  • Celtics suck

    LMAO!!! Looks like Doc is jumping ship Boston. Wait… is your new team chant going to be… “WE ARE NOT SOTUHBEACH AND WE ARE NOT HOLLYWOOD”… Because both of those teams will be in the playoffs competing for a championship while you scrubs eat baked beans, get drunk and beat your women. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA THIS IS F-ING GREAT… AND I LOVE THE WHOLE “WHY DOC TO CLIPS ISN’T A SURE THING” WAY TO DREAM BIG SCRUBS

    • KGino

      kiss our rings bitch!!