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Is Jason Terry selling his house in Weston?

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) June 13, 2013 Celtics News, Jason Terry 11 Comments on Is Jason Terry selling his house in Weston?

Eagle-eyed Twitter follower @tommyvon hit me up with a great catch.

What REALLY appears to be Jason Terry’s home in Weston is now on the market.

Let’s compare:

Here’s the video we posted of him moving into his new house in Weston.

And here’s the listing. 

Here are a few photos to compare.

Here his walking up to his new home last year.

jet front of house

Here’s the front of the home:

jet house front


You can see the columns in the front are set up so there’s a little triangle…. 1 behind another, and one off to the side.

jet inside hardwood floor

jet house 2


Two front windows with the same grids, darker ring around the floor.  Looks the same to me.

jet staircase

jet house 3

Coming out of that room to a staircase with the same rounded end to the bannister?  Yup.

jet fireplace

jet house 1


Chandelier, fire place, 2 sets of shelves on either side with rounded tops?  Check.

jet kitchen

jet house 4


Kitchen sure looks the same too.

No one has told me “yes, this is Jason Terry’s house.”  And we did experience a period of time not THAT long ago where McMansions sprung up all around New England, so the possibility of the same developer using the same plans and same materials to create essentially the same house somewhere does exist.

But this is all way too coincidental.  It sure as hell seems like Jason Terry’s house… the one he just bought last year… is on the market  (For a cool $2.6 million, by the way).  The question now is……… why?

If this is indeed JET’s house, why is he selling?  Has he been told something?  Is he just preparing for something?  Is he retiring?

We’ll have to see.

Thanks again Tommy for the great catch!



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  • Pete

    I’ll take it! …Anyone have 2.6 mil I can borrow? I’m good for it.

  • Pete

    I’ll take it! …Anyone have 2.6 mil I can borrow? I’m good for it…

  • Buddy_Hinton

    You had a good run Jason, please hang em up.

  • eddysamson

    While he could just be downsizing his house, doesn’t mean he’d be retiring if its related to basketball? Do players get enough heads up on a trade/waive to start selling their house before its even announced where he’s going?

  • zippittyay

    NBA players should always rent month to month….

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  • Aye Run

    has he removed the tatoo yet?

  • Aye Run

    or maybe that was just one of those “bathtub” rub offs. . .

  • Aye Run

    I see where he is now walking with a crutch. Well, I guess you can insert your own punchline here. : )

  • Aye Run

    damn, I’m a mean sob. But I now care about jason terry less than I do ray allen