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Report: Doc might think it’s “time for a change”

Doc Rivers with Paul Pierce during Game Three of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals (Getty Images)

Doc Rivers with Paul Pierce during Game Three of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals (Getty Images)

Not once have I considered a scenario where Doc Rivers did anything besides coach the Celtics next year.  But slowly, the confidence in that happening has eroded.  From the constant media outcry that he hasn’t publicly said anything, to the constant blowhard analyst tripe proclaiming some sort of acrimony, it’s hard to not to let the “well, maybe he won’t come back” thought creep into your head.

Well, today’s not going to change any of that, because Chris Broussard reports Doc is still on the fence

Although Boston Celtics team president Danny Ainge has stated that Doc Rivers will return to coach Boston next season, Rivers believes it “may be time for a change,” according to a source close to the situation.

“Doc loves coaching,” the source told ESPN. “He loves coaching in Boston. But he feels it may be time for a change.”

I can’t shake the fact that Doc’s doing all the head coaching stuff.  He’s in on workouts and he’s been around the team.  And when I see that, I question who the “source close to the situation” might be.  That could be a family member, it could be a player, it could be someone else.

I’ll repeat what I’ve been saying (most recently on ESPN radio in Maine), there could be any number of reasons why Doc hasn’t said anything yet.  But from what I see, the reports and the actions don’t match.  The way he’s acting, the way Ainge and the owners have been talking, I’m still heavily leaning towards Doc coming  back.

For the record, the only people making noise about this story are Chris Broussard and Stephen A. Smith, both of whom are rarely taken seriously when it comes to their “sources.”  But since we’re all hanging on any word about this, we figured we’d post it.  To quote Chuck from our conversation about this story:

When Woj or a Boston reporter chimes in with some stuff like that… then i’ll get worked up

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  • Chulinho

    I was genuinely intrigued until I read “because Chris Broussard reports.”

    Maybe it’s just me, but I wasn’t and still am not expecting to hear any decisions regarding KG, Pierce, and Doc until around the draft. I’m ready for it all to be over too, but this speculation and these trite quotes from anonymous sources are becoming rather annoying.

  • Dustin Chapman

    Reality is, nobody has the slightest clue about what Doc is gonna do. But they have to write stories even when there is no news. So they have “a source tell that Rivers might not come back.” The source might even be some guy with an NBA-related job, but he doesn’t know either. These reports mean nothing coming from Chris Broussard &. A. Sherrod Blakley, who is the worst beat writer in the history of sports. “Da Celtics don’t know what to do wiff Pierce! Could be traded at some point, maybe he isn’t traded! That’s it for this week’s troof & rumors!”

    • LA Flake

      My two pennies: Doc has no idea what he’s gonna do at this point. This isn’t about Doc being wishy washy. This is about “The Meeting” Doc had with KG and Paul at the end of our season. The three men made a pact and are waiting to see what the owners and Danny are going to do before making their decisions. Doc loves Boston and the Celtics but he’s very loyal to KG and Paul.

  • forever_green

    Wow more Doc stuff, I appreciate what Doc has done here and hope he returns…I just can’t believe these things until I hear Doc say them himself.

  • KGino

    Getting sick of the Doc stories. I’m looking forward to the celtics plays of the year bracket, which I believe you guys had last year!! Can’t wait to see some of the Uncle Jeff dunks

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