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Report: Doc doesn’t want any part of full-blown rebuild

CSNNE’s Sherrod Blakely is the latest to report on the thoughts in Doc Rivers’ head:

A league source told on Monday that Rivers’ decision on whether he will return will not be based solely on whether Paul Pierce and/or Kevin Garnett are back in next season. Rivers’ hesitation to verbally commit to next season has more to do with his uncertainty as to what type of team Danny Ainge, Boston’s president of basketball operations, will give him to coach.

“No coach wants to go through a full-blown rebuilding process,” said the source. “Doc’s already done that, so he knows how tough that is for all involved. But to be asked to go through it twice? Any coach would pause for a minute before signing on to that.”

Let’s start by defining “full-blown rebuild.” Moving out Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett still leaves a young nucleus of Rajon Rondo, Avery Bradley, Jeff Green and Jared Sullinger.

If Doc is scared of that team then he had no business signing the 5-year extension a few years ago. Let’s jump into the way-back machine and find out exactly what Doc Rivers thought about rebuilding back in May 2011:

“Well, I don’t think anyone’s looking forward to that, but I’m willing to do that,” said Rivers. “I’ve had a group that has been very loyal to me, and I think it would have been very easy for me to just run, and go somewhere else and chase something else. Who says that we still can’t do that, with free agency and adding the right pieces while our Big Three are getting older? We have to add the right supporting cast to them, and in that transition, hopefully we can still chase what we want. But it would have been easier to do it the other way. I just don’t think it’s the right thing to do. Coaches talk about loyalty and team all the time and I just thought it was time to show it, and that’s what I did.”

I’m starting to get a bit frustrated with Doc. Stop acting like Phil Jackson and coach.

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  • eddysamson

    You know what? I’m sick of Doc. I’m not the best judge of coaching talent, but what I can say is that his rotations have pissed me off many many more times than I’ve said to myself “Good move Doc” in fact, I don’t think I’ve ever said that in the last 3 years. His rotations are questionable, and his crunch-time playing calling became sub-par with Pierce’s age, he hasn’t tried much new (and the two times he has Green has got the game winners, but how many times did we see Pierce fail in iso?)

    I mean what really stood out to me as an idiotic move was not using Shav against the Knicks. I dont give any kind of a shit at all about the fact that they were worried about his size and getting worked by Chandler. What I saw was some of the worst shooting I’ve ever seen by a team in the post season. It wasn’t just one game either. If that is going to happen USE YOUR GOD DAMN REBOUNDERS! All it takes is 1 or 2 Shav put-backs and all of the sudden everyone is fired back up.

    This not wanting to be around for a rebuild stuff is hypocritical and kind of pissing me off so sorry for this rant.

    • vitamin d

      I feel like Doc has relied on the Celtics vets like everyone always has, but they did not deliver the same way as previous years, and I’m not saying that’s Pierce and KG’s fault.

      And I think losing Rondo this season really screwed up the whole team & got everyone’s roles mixed up. Not only did Doc have to deal with working out rotations with a largely new team to begin the season, we also lost Rondo, Sully, Barbosa, AND THEN acquired new players & losing old players via trade. Doc has gone through just as much as the players have & as fans we should be more patient. But at the same time, I realize it’s his job to bring the desired results to the table.

      Also, I see exactly what you’re saying. Sometimes I think, is it really that hard just to give Shav a try against the Knicks?! Really?! But then again, I am no coach myself, and I’m sure Doc believed that the bad would outweigh the good of having Shav there against Chandler. Anyways, it’s been a frustrating season for sure. I still trust Doc though.

      • eddysamson

        Chandler was pretty awful in the post season, my Knicks fan friend wouldnt stop talking about how bad he was even through the Pacers series. I’m not at all convinced Shav would have been a negative out there against him.

  • vitamin d

    Doc is everywhere on the homepage of this website lol

  • pierce Hart

    Good coach, nothing special he’s hardly Poppovich. Plus we have a top PG who turns it on for the playoffs and a budding star in Green with youngsters with a lot of potential who could also be stars (Bradley Sullinger) really we are a top centre away from being a championship team after pierce and KG retire. Hardly a full rebuild I hate this rumour season the media blow everything out of proprtion why hate on the celtics ESPN?

  • jrleftfoot

    This Shav worship is kinda ridiculous.Unless you attended practices and saw how he played with the vets in terms of defensive rotations etc., your opinions are based on insufficient info.He committed fouls at an alarming rate and there`s probably a reason he hasn`t stuck on an NBA roster since college.Sorry guys, but Shavlik Randolph doesn`t get us past the Knicks. Ainge`s inablity to find and sign halfway decent big mae to fill bench roles is a more glaring deficiency, by far, than Doc`s rotations.

    • eddysamson

      So it was a better plan to use a rotation of KG, Bass, and Green (freaking Jeff Green) as your only bigs? Yeah, pretty sure thats why KG’s offense dipped, we leaned heavily on him.

      • ShawnCVD

        Doc won in NY b/c he chose 7 guys he could trust (only Jet and Williams from the bench). If Randolph showed him something he would have had him in the fold…I like the kid doesn’t mean he should sniff significant minutes in this past post season. A lack of a ball handler killed Cs way more than rebounding woes. Don’t you remember all those turnovers?

  • LA Flake

    A young nucleus of Rondo, AB, Green and Sully. I don’t see a go-to guy in that group…But if we trade KG and PP for DeAndre Jordan and Eric Bledsoe? WOW! /sarc

  • Raoul

    “I’m starting to get a bit frustrated with Doc. Stop acting like Phil Jackson and coach.”

    Umm can someone quote Doc? I’m amazed at the Doc Rivers hatred right now. I’ve been on this site for years. 19/20 rumors and claims made by sources have led nowhere. Calm the f*** down and let the off season freaking at least start.

    Doc is our head coach next year. Period! “Don’t believe me, just watch!” – Trinidad James

    • Raoul

      “I’m a bit disappointed that Rece Davis didn’t ask Stephen if there were any new developments on the absurd KG, Pierce and Doc Rivers to the Clippers for Blake Griffin, Eric Bledsoe and Caron Butler trade scenario Smith’s blowhole secreted last month.”

      From another article released today on here. It’s just press people. This team is not “blowing up” and Doc is coaching whatever team that’s on the roster next season. FYI, blowing up is not losing Pierce and KG. If the Lakers waived Kobe next season, it is not them blowing their team up.

  • Double P

    Only real thought is what I believed from the beginning. Doc is using the only leverage he has to make sure the team is a team he wants to coach. If KG is gone, Doc will bow out.

    The gripe the organization and fans have, and it’s legit, is if Doc walks away in a month we will be left sifting through what’s left of coaches out there after all the good ones are signed this month. Pretty lame for Doc to do that to the Cs. If he’s gonna leave, the sooner the better.

    • Raoul

      Isn’t Doc in the same boat? You almost say it like Doc is Dwight and he’s holding the organization hostage. KG is in the same position Doc is right now, and they are both hoping the organization doesn’t make any drastic changes with no time for them to make a reasonable decision for themselves. The organization is in no way waiting for Doc’s or KG’s decision. Completely the other way around.

  • KGino

    yada yada yada doc will be our coach next season. The season after this one is the question

  • Frank Aziza

    It’s getting weird that I’m starting to believe the clipper deal is true.