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The elephant in the Celtics’ Waltham training facility has bred a herd.

Doc Rivers shows up for predraft workouts, helps with evaluations and does what a head coach always does at this time of year. When not in town, he talks with his boss, Danny Ainge, on the phone.

Ainge has become irritated by the Doc question — whether the coach, who started this by indicating he might not come back, is returning — but the man who can end this strange, silent vigil hasn’t said a word.

Perhaps that’s because Rivers’ is anxiously split between two vigils of his own — the Ainge watch and the Kevin Garnettwatch.

Beyond whatever private considerations he might be contemplating, Rivers is waiting for Ainge to make two enormous, potentially era-changing decisions.

He has to decide whether to renew Paul Pierce’s contract by June 30, and whether to bring back Garnett. The alternative is moving one or both assets to build for the future.

Garnett, in turn, still might be debating a return, though according to a league source, he has not had surgery on his troublesome left leg. Garnett spent all of his off-court playoff time in a therapeutic boot, and dropped hints about how much the inflammation in his left ankle area cut down on mobility. But rest appears to have been the solution to his issues.

Rivers, who stays in touch with everyone, surely has talked to Garnett as well as Pierce, even if Ainge has not. But could the uncertainty involving both players be giving the Celtics coach pause?

Boston Herald – Doc Rivers stays silent

From all accounts there seems to be no doubt that Doc is very close with both Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce.  So much so that the thought of returning without one, or both of them may be giving him pause to return to the bench.  Think about it: when he first came here he had to endure a few years of rosters full of mediocre talent overall or young and frustrating players.  Even in 2005 when they had veterans, it still wasn’t the same as KG and a matured Pierce.  When you’ve experienced coaching those two for the last six years the thought of heading off a rebuild can be daunting and downright depressing.  As fans, the thought can cause apprehension and repeated aggravation so just think if you’re the head coach, involved in it everyday.

Red Auerbach went out on top and never had to deal with it.  Other coaches that have a great run also either step down like Chuck Daly did in 1992, or when Phil Jackson did in 2004 perhaps realizing that after losing in the Finals to the Pistons, they were ready to trade Shaq, leaving a young and volatile Kobe Bryant to head the locker room.  Maybe that’s Doc’s biggest concern: having Rajon Rondo being that next leader without KG and Pierce.

In the Herald column above, Mark Murphy goes on to discuss that aspect of it.  Now I’m not suggesting that Doc is going to write a tell-all book about the Celtics 6-year run and trash Rondo in the process, much like Phil did to Kobe.  But there could be some element to that.  Publicly, Doc has praised Rondo more than attacked him, but who knows?  Jackson did eventually return to coach the Lakers and a Kobe-team and while that’s always a possibility for Doc, he could also just be what Phil was back then: burned out.

Either way, I still feel very confident that Doc will be back.  He can still end all of this maddening speculation by going all Michael Jordan old-school and faxing a letter to the green world simply stating: “I’m back.”  Or he could just Tweet an Instagram of himself sending a mass email to the media of his return.  Anything works at this point and it will likely be coming very soon since both the draft as well as Pierce’s contract decision are at the end of the month.  So, what’s up Doc?

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  • 409Pen

    I think this all stems from the C’s not blowing it up last year. When Doc signed his extension he thought he would have 4 years for a rebuild and see the other side. Now if they blow it up the window is smaller so he probably wants one of two things. Either Pierce and Garnett with a tweaked roster, or an extension so he has time to rebuild and contend.

    • smotty

      an extension? I mean c’mon now, he has to take some culpability to the bad start this year. I also don’t think he is the right coach for a rebuild, obviously he doesn’t think so too, with his lack of commitment on this coaching issue.

      • 409Pen

        Didn’t say he deserved one. Just trying to guess his thoughts

  • pierce Hart

    Maybe he’s became Buddhist and taken a vow of silence.

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  • LA Flake

    most likely dreading the thought of coaching the c’s minus pp and/or kg. let’s face it. the c’s without those two are the sixers/bucks of the league. even if they get someone like milsap, they will have to fight and claw just to make the playoffs. and the c’s can’t just rebuild through trades. there are no young kg’s to be had. there is no young pierce who can go mano a mano with the lebrons of the league on the roster. doc can’t be looking forward to that.

    • pierce Hart

      That’s bull crap. The only reason we’ve done so well in the last 3 years is because rondo has evolved into a superstar that can lead a team deep into the playoffs. If KG and pierce retired (I would be gutted) we could sign big Al add a bench spark and another player through the draft then rondo could help carry this team to the promised land. Mr playoffs is the most under rated star in they league. A new roster of Rondo Bradley Green Sullinger/Bass and Jefferson are theoretocally speaking better than GSW and rondo is a better player than Curry when it comes to crunch time. If Golden state can make a playoff run with such personel in a deeper west then there is no reason a new celtics team couldn’t make it through a deep playoff run next season. And over time a few trades and draft choices could take us back to the promised land within 4 years.

      • BamaCeltic

        I like Rondo and he is a great player …but he is no Curry. I trade Rondo for Curry in a heart beat. Imagine Curry instead of Rondo during the big 3 era? I do agree that we should be playoff contenders in the future , even with the current roster , the east is pretty weak as a conference.

        • pierce Hart

          I think both players have different advantages. Curry has been overly hyped by the media and his talents they could both lead teams beyond as long as rondo keeps up his playoff heroics. If we had curry in the big three era we’d have down worse. He’d have been sidlined or traded by now :p but its a fair debate about the two although everyone has forgot about how injury prone curry is.

  • dk

    I’m becoming very irritated by this silence. The guy signed a long extension and he knew the deal–so I’m tired of hearing oh he doesn’t want to face a rebuild. It’s ridiculous already. If he’s burnt out and doesn’t want to coach anymore fine…but I don’t want to hear about not wanting to face a re-build. You knew the deal Doc, now man up and just say something.