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Your Morning Dump… Where flopping penalties might get tougher

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“It isn’t enough. It isn’t enough.,” Stern said. “You’re not going to cause somebody to stop it for $5,000 when the average player’s salary is 5.5 million. And anyone who thought that was going to happen was allowing hope to prevail over reason. But you take a step and you begin to see it.”

So will the NBA take the next step?

“Yes, I think we do,” Stern said. “I think we have the data. I don’t know if we have the stomach. And we’ll have to see what happens with the Competition Committee and the Board.”

[…] “We knew that flopping was going to be far from perfect,” Stern said. “And we gather more attention because we were giving it more attention. But the point was to do it gently, look at all the flops, and there have been plenty, penalize the most egregious very gently. We could end that immediately if we decided to suspend players, but that might be a little bit draconian at the moment. And so it’s going to be up to the Board and the Competition Committee to decide how much they want to do.”

Pro Basketball Talk: David Stern admits small flopping fines didn’t work, penalties may increase

Some of the flopping this post season has been egregious.  As great as that Heat-Pacers series was, there was a point there where the acting was starting to overshadow the playing.

Let’s get this out of the way now:  every team has floppers on it.  Every team has guys that will exaggerate contact to draw fouls.  Some flops, though, are more egregious.

It’s almost as if a new class of flops needs to be created.  Or the word has to be redefined.  It’s one thing to get hit and sell the call.  It’s quite another to pull the flail-and-fall just trying to trick the ref into a call.

By the way… watch Reggie Evans actually leave his feet in that .gif.

Higher fines and suspension could certainly help fix the problem.  But we’ve actually seen something start to happen already in the playoffs.

Refs aren’t calling the flops.

Ever since that little double pirouette by David West and LeBron James, refs are letting the play continue when they see dramatic flopping.  It’s like they’ve finally figured out that the big, over the top flails we see today aren’t actually how people react to getting hit.  And, quite honestly, I’m surprised it’s taken this long.

Go watch a fight somewhere.  I don’t care if it’s MMA, boxing, muy thai… whatever it is…. and watch a guy legitimately get hit in the face or body.  Then go ahead and tweet me when you see one of those guys flail like an NBA player does.

They don’t. Because that’s not the natural reaction to getting hit.  And if refs are starting to figure that out and letting plays go, then that’ll be the biggest deterrent to flopping.

Players only flop because it works.  Refs have a tendency to blow the whistle any time a player hits the floor and guys know that.  But if a ref doesn’t call the flops… if flops just stop working… then that’ll end it quicker than any system of fines.

It’s only been a couple of games, but I can already remember at least 3 instances in Game 7 of the ECF and last night’s Game 1 where players flopped, the refs didn’t call it, and the flop actually cost the flopper on the court.  If the NBA can figure out how to make that happen consistently, then guys will stop doing it and putting their own team in 5-on-4 situations.


If you care, this sort of non-update about Doc Rivers is floating around:

Miami Heat or San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Finals?

What’s Up Doc?

I asked that question to Boston Celtics Coach Doc Rivers Thursday morning over breakfast in Winter Park. While Doc is still mulling over his options for next season, he has some very decisive things to say about the Heat and Spurs in the NBA Finals.

Doc could have said he doesn’t know yet… or they might not have even talked about it.  I don’t like the constant guessing about a guy who Danny has already said is coming back, and is acting like a head coach in every way…. but it’s out there.  So here it is.  (h/t Mass Live)

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  • chuckmckenney

    I continue to be annoyed with 1) Doc’s silence about his future and 2) the media coverage of it. How can a reporter interview Rivers and not be specific?


    When it comes to reacting to a hit, NBA players are worse actors than WWF wrestlers! John`s 100% right…”non calls” would fix this epidemic within a week.

    Doc`s not exactly a “savior”…if he`s not sure he wants the Celtics to overpay him at $7M per, show him the damn door.

    What we need are young, athletic guys who can do damage in the paint.
    Doc Rivers? Not so necessary.

  • KGino

    I was told that in the Europe league, they assess a technical for flopping. I think this is a good idea.

    If flopping started affecting the outcome of the game, I don’t think the players would do it. And you can only have so many techs before youre suspended. Two flops in a game would mean ejection.

    The only problem I see is that the refs would have to be DAMN sure if they made a flopping call. But at least this would eliminate the overly dramatic “I just got sniped from the balcony” type flops.

  • eddysamson

    On the Doc thing…if he doesn’t come back, at least there’s some good coaches available at the moment. Karl anyone?

  • LA Flake

    The league will suck for as long as Stern, Silver, Jackson and their ilk are running things.

    Suspension is the best solution. And oh yeah. F**k you, Stern!

  • frickenWaaaltah

    The ‘sniper bullet’ flop has never been realistic.

    Go to youtube and check out Rick Mahorn hammering Larry Bird from behind on a fast break. That’s about as much legit movement as you can ever expect to see because Bird is sprinting and Mahorn drops the hammer from behind right as Bird starts to go up, so he falls and his momentum carries him into the post.

    In fact Mahorn’s career highlights are good for a one stop refresher course in what somebody knocking somebody down on purpose really looks like.

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    Suspensions are very serious penalties…the player and team suffer plenty.

    Suppose Sully takes a legitimate charge, goes down…but, the ref sees it as a flop. Sully now gets suspended? The Celts have to go on without him?

    It`s an imperfect world…but, suspensions seem too heavy a price to pay for a judgment call.

    Better to simply not reward the flopper, let play continue with the flopper out of position…than potentially damage a team`s season with suspensions.

  • PolygamistMafia .

    Suspensions after the fact. 1 game suspension for flopping after games have been reviewed and the flops concerned?