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Your Morning Dump..Where The C’s Would Not Welcome Ray With Open Arms

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Matt Moore reports this morning that Kristine Leahy, a former Celtics sideline reporter, before she bolted for a job with a Lakers affiliate, (ironic isn’t it?), is claiming the Celtics are not exactly psyched at the thought of bringing back Sugar Ray:

This story first broke yesterday, as word spread that Ray wouldn’t mind coming back to Boston with a chance to retire his number as a Celtic.  But how much sense would this really make for Boston? I’m not surprised that they’re not salivating at a chance to bring Ray back.

Not exactly a shocker. Allen’s departure last summer in free agency, taking less money to play with Miami left a bad taste in the Celtics‘ mouths and sparked some comments that left you thinking Allen was basically dead to them. And considering that the team had tried repeatedly to trade Allen, and Allen was just moving on from what he considered to be an uncomfortable situation with the team and Rajon Rondo, he didn’t take very well to that.

So no, this is unlikely to happen, especially given that Allen is four wins away from his second title. Why would he give up what he has in Miami for Boston’s slowly sinking ship?

I’m sure this is far from over, and obviously the topic of Ray Allen and his departure from Boston is a heated topic with Celtics fans. But you have to admit, a possible return to the green for Allen is quite intriguing, but it’s probably not going to happen.

Also, be sure to check out a great interview this morning from our friends over at CelticsTown. It’s with Chris Hyppa-the man in charge of getting Ray’s “successor”, Avery Bradley into tip-top shape this summer.

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  • LA Flake

    Can we not talk about anything or anyone related to that team in Cuba? I blame Redsarmy’s frontrunning post yesterday for jinxing the Pacers. Let’s just move on and focus on the C’s.

    • Roy


  • KGino

    Too bad Indy just didn’t force Lebron to take a buzzer beating jumper in Game 1. You can’t give the Heat any breaks, they already catch enough as it is.


    Allen will be 38 years OLD next month….yet, no mention is made that that could possibly be a factor in Boston being unenthused about bringing him back.

    Scary thought…let`s make the Celtics older & smaller!

  • Roy

    I find this story hard to believe. Internet rumors especially Twitter rumors are more hard to believe. Even if it was true I serious doubt the Celtics would want Ray Allen back. The C’s need to get younger not older. Allen made his feelings clear when u left for Miami last summer. Ray didn’t leave, because of his diminished role, he left to spite the organization as well as his teammates. He would rather back up Wade than Bradley. I can somewhat understand Ray not wanting to lose his starting role to an unproven Bradley, but Ray could of handled the situation differently.

    Ray’s reputation is tarnished with the Celtics and their fans. Don’t think Ray realized he along with Kevin and Paul had something special. They started the trend of 3 superstars playing on the same team contending for a ring. If it wasn’t for Kevin,Ray and Paul the three stooges in Miami wouldn’t exists.

  • forever_green

    Even if he came back, the C’s shouldn’t retire his number…give me a break.

  • Chris Laterza

    As a UConn fan I still love Ray but no way does he get his number retired- I don’t even think KG gets that.