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Spotted: KG rocking Jordan IV’s in Toronto

This qualifies as urgent, breaking news during this Sahara-like dry spell.

Yup… that’s KG.  He still exists.

Two things stand out:

1:  In the real world when he’s not surrounded by guys who are his, or almost his size, he looks like gigantic.  You forget he’s a 7-footer sometimes.  He’s a large individual.

2:  His shoes, which KWAPT points out are cement Air Jordan IV’s… these:

For a guy who is two sneaker deals removed from Nike (Adidas first, and now Anta), Ticket is sure spotted out in the wild rockin AJ’s a lot.  Not that I blame him, but still… I wonder if Anta cares.

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  • kobe

    i wouldn’t mind KG wearing purple and gold with Kobe, and both can end their careers in LA

    • KGino

      Kobe, for a Lakers fan you sure do love our players.. I always see you on here trying to take Rondo, now KG, lol… You’re a closet Cs fan aren’t you

      • kobe

        I’ve been a KG fan forever, he’s the best Power Forward in the history of sports

  • Robert Hodgman

    That last comment is a Summer’s Eve extravaganza.

  • KGino

    KG wouldn’t like you calling him a 7 footer!

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