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Jason Terry rehabbing after knee scope

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) June 4, 2013 Celtics News, Injuries 3 Comments on Jason Terry rehabbing after knee scope

Jason Terry caught us by surprise by tweeting out a photo of himself in rehab.

The natural reaction to that was…. rehabbing what?

Then someone sent me this Instagram photo:

And THEN… Mark Murphy of the Herald cleared it all up:

The Celtics guard, who tweeted a picture of himself  running on a treadmill in the Celtics’ Waltham practice facility today, had an arthoscopic procedure to remove the plica from his left knee. The plica is described as an extension of the protective synovial capsule of the knee, and can become irritated, enlarged, or inflamed if caught between the patella and the femur.

“I saw him today, and he looked great,” said Celtics president Danny Ainge. “He’s doing really well.”

There you go.  Now Terry has no plica.   That’ll be great news for whatever team Danny offers him to this summer.  Ainge said the plica was probably bothering Terry at the end of the season… to which I ask “why didn’t you just leave it in since he played so much better with it?”

Anyway, here’s hoping the knee gets better.

Man, with all this stuff posting today, there’s going to be nothing left to post in tomorrow’s Morning Dump.  I feel bad for the poor sap that will have to put that together.


I have it?



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