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Jason Kidd passes the old man baton to Kevin Garnett

With Jason Kidd’s retirement earlier this week, Kevin Garnett becomes the active leader in minutes (47,801) and games played (1,323).

At 37, KG isn’t the league’s oldest player. Kurt Thomas (40),  Juwan Howard (40), Steve Nash (39), Derek Fisher (38) and Jerry Stackhouse (38) are all clinging to their respective careers. Nash is the only one of the group with a contract for next season.

Robert Parish leads all players with 1,611 games played. Garnett would need nearly 3 more full seasons to eclipse the Chief. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar played more minutes than any other player – 57,446. Maintaining 25 mpg for 70 games, KG would need another 6 seasons to pass Jabbar. Don’t hold your breath.

If KG returns for his 18th season (and Jackie Mac thinks he will), expect Garnett to surpass Reggie Miller (14), Alex English (13) and come close to John Havlicek on the all-time scoring list.  He’s likely to overtake Walt Bellamy (9) and possibly Nate Thurmond (8) on the all-time rebounding list.

Enjoy him, while he’s still here.


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  • Lee in Oregon

    As I remember it, the Chief didn’t play a lot of minutes in Chicago & Charlotte. I don’t expect KG to ever ride the bench somewhere just to keep the paychecks rolling. If he is indeed coming back for another year, I’m going to savor every second he’s on the court.

    Boston is one of the few places where this kind of thing matters, but I hope Pierce gets to join the other greats who played thier entire career for the C’s. Yes, it is a business, but the Celts are a little different. It’s only 15 mil from a bunch of millionaires who won’t miss it a bit.

    • ShawnCVD

      This is why Cs should keep Truth and Ticket together. If everyone is so big on next years draft the only way Boston gets into draft is Rondo not being able to go.

      While Boston may not compete they’re a middling team NOW with it’s young guys. So rebuilding through draft seams unlikely baring injuries.

      • Ryan

        yea they have some nice pieces and look what they did without Rondo last year….the year before they almost beat the heat (that team had NO BENCH/MAJOR INJURIES), with Rondo obviously running the show, as that offense is run by him/through him. He is a coach on the floor, with one of the best basketball IQs, and the way he dictates the pace makes them a force. The HOFs and the young guys(Jeff Green, but more importantly Avery Bradley) are better players when he is on the court. If Rondo comes back healthy,(and Sullinger for that matter), the league and so called experts shouldn’t overlook them. Rondo DOMINATING in the playoffs, Bradley/Sullinger improving, a strong bench(we were really deep last year until injuries) and adding a couple quality players(don’t need to be all stars) to go along with KG/Pierce*= title contenders….unless we lose key guys again
        *If its the right trade, I would be on board, but I believe that KG/Pierce can pull a Tim Duncan if they see/believe that the team can really win.

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