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Rumor: Ray Allen wants back in Boston

Ahh… so the grass isn’t greener in South Beach.

Can Ray Allen really come back, after all the stories about his rifts with Rajon Rondo, Kevin Garnett and Celtics management?

Would the fans welcome him back?

(h/t FL Celts Fan)

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  • Hartz

    Albeit after a week or so of ranting and raving, C’s fans would definitely welcome Ray back (at the right price, of course).

    • kg215

      Nope, if you want him back clearly you haven’t seen him in the playoffs. And this is on a team with Lebron feeding you the ball.

  • eddysamson

    All I have to say is LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  • vitamin d

    Nice try, Ray.

    • No, seriously. Nice try Ray Ray. We know how to forgive.

  • Jim

    I would love to have Ray back for one last year/playoff run. I think he would be able to handle the media’s questions well and bury the hatchet with KG. They both want another ring and to retire as Celtics. If the money is there I say sign him

  • Brad

    What exactly does Ray Allen offer at this point in his career that we can’t get elsewhere?

    • Chulinho

      Not much. But if he does come back, at least he knows the system. I still don’t understand why new guys struggle to learn and adapt to the system.

  • adam

    I’d take traitor Ray back. I knew he wouldn’t like it in Miami. As long as he doesn’t handle the ball and just shoot and release.

  • Chulinho

    First, there wouldn’t be much room for him unless Danny unloads some of the guards that are currently on the roster. Second, many Celtics fans view how Ray left as incorrigible. I don’t think the fans would welcome Ray back with open arms.

    Personally, I don’t think he alleviates any of the C’s problems. But if he came back at a cheap price and bench role I guess I wouldn’t mind. Just thinking about how inconsistent Jason Terry’s shooting was this season makes me slightly warm to bringing Ray back.


    Exactly what Boston needs….more small players that are AARP eligible!!

  • Lee in Oregon

    The fact is: Ray had a good year and we missed his shooting.

    Having said that, EFF NO! He had his chance to retire as a Celtic and decided to go ring-chasing with the enemy. Ray is delusional if he thinks he’s beloved to Boston fans. Johnny Damon would be more welcome.

    • eddysamson

      Ray had a great year last year too…and the postseason came and despite his playing we still missed his shooting then. This year, same thing. He’s too old to last all the way to the finals. If Ray Allen is on a NBA team next year the coach’s best bet would be to rest him ALL THE WAY until February, but nobody does that.

      • kg215

        That’s the thing, he is so old now that even if we followed your plan of resting him till February, we don’t know what he will have left. We might not be rewarded with his usual great shooting like we would expect from a well rested Ray Allen.

    • kg215

      He hasn’t had a good year OVERALL if you factor in the playoffs. He had 2 great games in the playoffs (20+ points with extremely good efficiency) and 2 pretty good games (16 points good efficiency, 20 points mediocre efficiency) out of 15 games. playoff FG% for this season is 38%. I was never that pissed at him for leaving (we needed younger guards and Miami seemed like a perfect fit for Ray) but we definitely do not need him back, Ray is even older and his passing and defense have gotten even worse than last season. His shooting is still good but his age and other liabilities definitely cancel it out and more.

  • Double P

    If the Heat lose tonight, that team is gonna blow up. I for one will thoroughly enjoy the fireworks

    • eddysamson

      I think the most upvotes I’ve seen on a comment on this blog is 12…where the hell did 60 come from!?

      • kg215

        Lol people hate the Heat I guess. I don’t think the Heat will lose but if they do I too would enjoy it (would be hilarious).

        • eddysamson

          Woah its up to 136 epic….this must be why Stern loves the Heat, I mean look at what they can do to a Celtics blog wow

  • wil

    maybe for veteran minimum, but i dont think i want him back, he’s the douche to lebrons vgina.

  • wil

    Ray Allen is a band wagon, no loyalty at all, so i wont be surprised if C’s dont welcome him back

  • AYO


    • edda sastine

      This isn’t Game of Thrones, but would be so cool if Rayray did a Lannister.

  • forever_green

    hmmm…this is hard to believe…plus you made your bed Ray.

  • Davy Martin


  • JimJamJones

    Oh right, because NBA on NBC Boston has been SO accurate with their “rumors and sources” before. (Sarcasm)

  • LA Flake

    I want to go back to Rachel Adams, too, but…she doesn’t know me.

  • josh

    total lie

  • zippittyay

    How is he at folding laundry?

  • Jester00

    he would be the best shooter on the team by far



  • Celtic Bro

    As much as I hated him for leaving and told my self that I would never want / like him again, I would love for him to come back in a bench role, and I will amost completely forgive him.

    • forever_green

      I wonder if this is how his wife thinks & feels?

  • KGino

    Hahaha yes! This makes me feel good inside. Now if the Heat will just implode tonight maybe my nuts will stop tingling from when Ray kicked them last summer!

  • frank

    We do need shooting but no. We need to get younger do not take a step backwards. Ray is my all time favorite player but no. You moved on ray. We did too.

  • ShawnCVD

    I for one am happy to hear this the day of the Heats most important day of the year . Please let this be a distraction to Miami .

    Go Pacers.

  • Lebron James

    Sign him and trade him to the grizzlies.

    • kg215

      Lol don’t give him a no trade clause and trade Ray at the deadline that would be HILARIOUS. I don’t think Ray was wrong for being mad at Danny (Danny tries to trade everybody in every scenario) but that would be so hilarious we gotta do this.

  • I won’t be popular for this but yes, I would take him back. He would bring great spacing off of the bench. We could have used him this year too.

  • Brick James

    They can keep him. Too late Ray Ray

  • frickenWaaaltah

    [Mckayla Maroney face]

  • Alex Hunter

    YES, We would greatly welcome his 3-point shooting. Not letting him back is like LeBron wanting to go back to cleveland then all cavs fans get pissed… WE WANT YOU BACK RAY!

    • KGino

      No we don’t, Ray

  • Ray Allen can rot in hell.

  • Chris

    Bring Ray back and let’s win another title!!!

  • kobe

    who would you choose? Ray Allen or Jason Terry? lol

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