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Your Morning Dump… Where the Celtics are looking at every possible angle

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Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

According to team president Rich Gotham, approximately “91 or 92 percent” of the season ticket base — the same as last season — has re-upped.“We’re coming back with over 90 percent of our season ticket-holders, which is a good number,” said Gotham. “It’s above the league average, and it’s in line with past seasons for us. We have a loyal fan base, and we’ve quietly built a young nucleus with Jeff (Green), Avery (Bradley), Jared (Sullinger) and Rondo. The fans see that. Those are players the fans like.“This is in line with last year,” he added. “We’re lucky. We have a base that loves our team, and intellectually understands that we’re not always going to have the same result, but also understand why. This year we were without Rondo in the playoffs, and they understand that doesn’t make it a bad season because we were knocked out earlier than planned. That makes it a reality check for us. We just didn’t have all of the players on the court that we needed.”The uncertainty for next season, with the returns of Pierce and Kevin Garnett on hold, has apparently created more anxiety in the basketball operations office than the ticket office.“We’re hopefully preparing for the fact that we will be (competing),” Gotham said. “Hopefully we’ll be able to include this team, keep key players, keep Kevin and put players around him. But it’s our job to also think about what could be a worst-case scenario, and kept the best team over time. We have to look at every angle.

“We’re evaluating everything right now,” said Gotham. “There’s a lot of moving parts. Paul’s contract, whether or not Kevin does another tour of duty. The draft, free agency. It’s hard to focus on any one thing in a vacuum. They’re all inter-mingled, so in the next 30 days we really have to think everything through from every possible angle. But it’s too early to say.”

Boston HeraldRay Allen imprint felt

Celtics President Rich Gotham had an interesting and possibly telling quote in Mark Murphy’s piece.  This could clearly be looking too much into what was perhaps just a passing sentence in a discussion, but he did single out ‘Kevin’ and not ‘Paul.’  “Hopefully we’ll be able to include this team, keep key players, keep Kevin and put players around him.”

Again, KG is stressed there and building players around Ticket.  The only specific mention of Pierce is “Paul’s contract.”  So, we’re at the offseason limbo phase where we’re over-analyzing a single quote (ok maybe just I am).  But this shouldn’t really come as a surprise, nor should Pierce’s departure if it leads to that.  Ever since his post-game interview following the Game 6 loss to the Knicks, it’s seemed like Pierce is gone, just nobody is sure how exactly.  Gotham is usually measured and professional when it comes to his media appearances, so he’s likely just being as honest as he can.  I do appreciate that they are carefully evaluating every path to the “next” team as opposed to just making moves to placate the fans.

As he stated earlier, there is already a 90-plus percent season ticket renewal rate (granted as a season ticket holder they do require that you renew around February, for what it’s worth).  But the Celtics absolutely need to do this.  The fans are smart and they also get emotionally attached to their favorite players (this is a good thing, it shows the passion).  But I think as fans, we all understand and can accept any ‘plan’ that would lead to being a true contender for Banner 18.  Being stuck in mediocrity is something we experienced for a long, long time in the post Big Three Era.  I think we all learned from that mess.  I don’t think “THAT GUY” is out there yet for the C’s (well realistically anyway), and Paul Millsap, while being ‘Plan A’ is a nice, solid player, is no franchise player.  Gotham is saying all the right things, let’s hope they stick to that plan, whatever it is.

The beginning piece of Murphy’s column discusses just how much Ray Allen is missed in the community.  Say what you want about Ray, but Murphy outlines just how much (and it was a lot) that Ray did give back to the community.  A lot of times these things get overlooked but they really shouldn’t.  I understand what Ray did to fans was a punch to the groin (and I felt it just as much) but I always love to see players, especially star players give their time back, especially to kids.

In the Globe’s Sunday Notes linked below, Gary Washburn tells us to not be surprised if the Celtics draft a backup PG with their pick (likely either Shane Larkin or Dennis Schroeder), mainly to run the pick and roll, as well as to have a viable backup to Rondo who will be recovering from his ACL surgery.

The Rest of the links:

Boston Globe Sunday Notes – Rick Barry realizes his strong opinions may have cost him shot at NBA coaching job | ESPN Boston – Here’s the plan: Cleaning house

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  • Chulinho

    I would really hate to the see the captain go. As a young teen, I became interested in basketball (and subsequently Boston pro sports) after watching him play. But at the same, I realize not all NBA greats retire with the team that made them (Michael Jordan & Karl Malone are two of the more recent guys I can think of off the top of my head.) I’m truly conflicted; I really just want all of this to be over.

    “Being stuck in mediocrity is something we experienced for a long, long time in the post Big Three Era.”

    Mediocrity is a kind word, Jay. Lol.

  • swissflix

    Please no sentimentality. They better explore every option, because frankly i am quite jealous of the Parcers fans right now – it’s so nice to have a team with a future actually. If they don’t beat the Heat this year, they will do so next year, because they have time to grow. Whereas we contemplate about 2 36 year old players (Pierce an Terry) and KG who is 37. Seriously, we are so back into 1993 with being sentimental. And it gets us nowhere, except for it seriously stalls any plans for the future (and i DO love the Celtics with KG and Pierce).

    • KGino

      Yea well I’m jealous of the Spurs cuz they haven’t sold out their veteran Hall of Famers and they got a chance to do it again w the players that fan base had adored for over a decade

      • swissflix

        Dear KGino, why always these comparisons to the Spurs? KG and Duncan, ok. But other than that? SA have Tony Parker – a HoF point guard who scores at ease, a difference maker. He makes it so much easier for eveyone around him. I love Rondo but i don’t think he is as good as Parker on offense. Other than that, they have a better coach when it comes to offense sets. Also, the same Spurs team hit the wall very badly last year against the Thunder. We can talk about the Spurs and age IF they beat the Heat / Pacers:)

        • KGino

          Always the comparison to the Spurs? Maybe you want to re-read my comment, nowhere did I say the Celtics & Spurs were anything alike. And idk why you started comparing our roster to theirs, that had nothing to do with anything.

          My point is, being “sentimental” as you call it, isn’t necessarily bad. The spurs have been “sentimental” and they are back in the Finals now. So clearly, it is not impossible to show loyalty to your vets AND be successful as well.

          • You compared them first by being jealous of them, wtf are you talking about? If you didn’t want them to be compared you shouldn’t have brought them up.

          • KGino

            Saying I’m jealous of the spurs in no way implies any comparison to the celtics, sorry

        • LA Flake

          the same spurs hit the wall very badly last year…yet they’re back in the finals this year.

          am i missing something here, swissflix?

    • Double P

      Every team in the league is jealous besides the teams that are still playing. You think the pacers weren’t jealous of us last year playing game 7 ECF while they were sitting at home? And the Celtics do have pieces quit acting like we have no future, we’re better off than a lot of teams

      • swissflix

        “pieces”…yeah, whatever. we got crushed in the first round, just remember. that’s the reality. yeah we’re better off than Charlotte or Washington. Obviously that is your benchmark.

      • KGino

        basically Double P, he’s saying it doesn’t matter we had 2 starters and a 3rd major rotational player injured, we still got knocked out in the first round… so clearly we suck.

        It’s like that year Brady got injured for the Pats, we didn’t even make the playoffs… clearly the Pats have sucked since!

        This guy is a moron. Obviously, he doesn’t watch the whole season. One of those fans that just watches the playoffs and then thinks they know it all on how to go about fixing the team. Probably didn’t watch last season when we were healthy and took the Heat to 7 (although we should have won in 5 if not for garbage refereeing).

        • swissflix

          KGino, i have watched every game this season. Have followed the team for 20 years plus (if that mattered). And i was talking about Paul Pierce and Garnett and their future with the team. I was not talking about Green/Bradley/Rondo or any other player. ..

          People like you who get all aggressive and start insulting people on the internet make me smile. You’re probably the super submissive guy behind the desk for the rest of the week.

          • KGino

            You basically said if we were completely healthy we’d still get knocked out in the first round… Sorry but I’m not gonna let that slide cuz it’s completely wrong

          • KGino

            And also that keeping KG and P would leave us in the same position as 1993. Nope, not gonna stand for you trashing our vets like that, as well as undermining the young talent on our team

          • KGino

            Resorting to attacking me personally shows you’re threatened, it’s cute

  • KGino

    Wherever pierce goes, I will be an insta-fan of that team. Except the Heat, but Paul has more class than that other joker

    • vitamin d

      I wouldn’t become a fan of that team, but I would want Pierce to have a great individual season and root for him. I’m a Celtics fan forever

  • kg215

    I hope you mean stuck in mediocrity in the pre big 3 era, not post big 3 era. This is our first year of post big 3 and we were only mediocre once Rondo went down (chances of winning it all went from long shot to zero=mediocre).

  • frickenWaaaltah

    The best chance for upgrading the roster is trading Paul to a team that will waive him, then re-signing him, and June is the magic month in which it can be done in time for 2013-2014.

    Washington has Nene at 13 million per season until 2016. Nene should be on a team trying to compete now, and Washington will probably not even win a 1st round playoff series before his contract is up after 2015-2016. They also have Okafor and having both of them is redundant. If they trade Nene for Pierce, they could get out from under that and begin remodeling their team with younger players to go with John Wall in summer 2014.

    Maybe Nene isn’t the guy we need, but a team with a guy in that sort of situation is who will be interested in trading for Pierce just to take his cheap buy out, a team looking to get more cap space by ditching a player or players under contract until 2015+. Forget all the sign and trade guys; the C’s would have to give up too much to get them.

  • frickenWaaaltah

    Or maybe given the success the Pacers are having with Paul George, they would trade us Danny Granger for Paul and then take his buyout. Then after July 1st they’d be in a position to re-sign David West AND add another major player or two this summer via FA. And I guess if they did that, they’d try dealing Jeff to Utah for Millsap?

    Anyways that Indy situation with Granger and George seems like an opportunity.

    • Buddy_Hinton

      Finally, someone on here making sense

      • Mannie

        George’s natural position is SG. Granger comes back, they can move George back, that’s if they keep him.

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  • Chris Laterza

    I think the celtics have 2 choices rebuild completely or try one more run- last year was garbage. Either get rid of PP and KG and hope it isn’t 20 years until you get another shot or get a real center and shooting guard and take one more shot.

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