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Your Morning Dump… Where Danny has a much better idea of how to improve the roster?

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

They still don’t have definitive plans or answers from their Big Three — Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and coach Doc Rivers — but league sources are saying the C’s have a much better idea of what they will be able to do to improve their roster this offseason. And while some of those answers aren’t encouraging, others give a hint that Danny Ainge may have some options when it comes to moves.

In terms of the latter, it will be hard for the Celts to make much of a splash unless they can get their salary structure in order and work out a sign-and-trade deal or two. You will be hearing some interesting names floated in their direction over the next weeks, but just know it will be impossible for them to straight-up sign a free agent who will command double-digit millions.

On the other hand, there is reportedly healthy interest in Pierce out on the market. But the Celtics won’t be giving him away. Ainge has noted that his captain had a strong overall year, and while he wasn’t quite up to his own par in the playoffs, there are valid reasons for that. (Without Rajon Rondo, Pierce’s job description grew dramatically.)

Herald – Waiting game continues for C’s

I’m confused. On one hand, Steve Bulpett writes about all the uncertainty surrounding the Celtics, yet league sources say Danny Ainge has a better idea of what he’ll be able to do to improve the roster.

Could it be this simple – Bring back Paul Pierce or trade him?

As for all the hubbub surrounding Doc Rivers, he went public yesterday:

Fast forward to today, when Rivers was a call-in guest to ESPN New York Radio’s Stephen A. Smith and Ryan Ruocco show (LISTEN TO IT HERE). Over the nearly 11-minute interview, Doc discussed the Eastern Conference finals, LeBron and the increase in talent across the conference.

He was not asked about his future in Boston, but in closing the segment, Stephen A. said this:

“In the very near future you will be hearing from me again to talk about your Boston Celtics.”

Wait a minute, Stephen A. Smith had Doc on his show and failed to ask him to clarify his status? What about Smith’s absurd “trade Doc, KG and Pierce to the Clippers” trade rumor – was that a topic?

Did Doc Rivers come on the show with the conditions his situation in Boston not be discussed?

Something is fishy…

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  • LA Flake

    Huh…So, Big Three is now PP, KG and Doc not Rondo?

    • KGino

      The term big 3 is thrown around all too much lately..

    • knn

      I believe they used it in reference to people who are in question of returning

  • CoachAJ

    If we bring in another big the question that is most important after KG is do we keep Bass. He did prove his worth in the playoffs(when it all matters most), but with a rookie big coming in and Sully coming back, plus KG moving back? to PF, his spot is in danger. I would love to see him back in green if it will keep the team moving forward.

    • LA Flake

      a single series in which he played good defense on melo but NOTHING ELSE and you think he proved his worth? i really really hope 29 other GMs see it that way.


      • CoachAJ

        What’s it going to take to secure Al’s services again. I’d say about 21 per year, shooting our salary cap to up over 90mil. But hell it ain’t our money right. Unless we can trade PP, but why would Utah do that if they are going young now? I would love Al back too, but does the owner want to pay the inflated tax? And you know as well as I do if there is a Rondo, Bass gets open jumpers to knock down.

  • pierce Hart

    Take some class A drugs. Maybe then you’ll have ideas for rooster changes