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Your Morning Dump… Where Pitt center Steven Adams is linked to the Celtics

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

With or without the core of Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce — two players who may not be in Boston when training camp opens — the Celtics need size. Adams is a project; the consensus among executives is that he will spend most or all of next season in the D-League, where he can get used to the speed of an NBA-level game. But Adams oozes potential. At 7 feet, 254 pounds with a wingspan of 7-5 and enormous hands (9.5 inches long, 11 inches wide), Adams is a physical specimen with extraordinary athletic ability who showed nice range for a big man at the combine. – Mannix mock draft 2.0

After watching Fab Melo lumber through his rookie season, I’m wary of the Celtics drafting another raw big man. The obvious difference between Melo and Adams is the athleticism. Watch some of the highlight reel and you’ll notice that Adams can move.

While Chris Mannix projects Adams will start in the D-League, Brian Scalabrine thinks the 7-footer can make an impact immediately:

“He could play for them next year,” Scalabrine said yesterday in between workouts. “As long as (the Celtics) have (Rajon) Rondo, Kevin (Garnett), Paul Pierce, (Jared) Sullinger and Jeff Green, he’s a rotational big on that team.”

“The fact he hasn’t played for long is what makes him so special. I don’t know what is going on in the war room, or what they’re planning, but (Adams) is a great fit. With his ability to roll to the basket, Kevin can go back to (power forward). It’s very draining for Kevin to keep playing the 5 the way he has. They don’t have a big who rolls (to the basket) like this. Imagine Rondo with him rolling, and Kevin picking and popping.

Add Adams to the likes of Gorgui Deng and Kelly Olynyk – two other big men linked to the Celtics in mock drafts.

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  • pierce Hart

    No point looking at Carter Williams anymore or any of those ridiculous rondo trade rumours with Milwaukee looking to favour Ellis over Jennings they must be looking to draft a PG.


    When has any team ever “struck gold” with a “project big man”?

    Don`t go by how good he looks in his highlight reel. Every player looks good in his highlight reel…that`s why they are called highlight reels!

    He`s a 7-footer. What the Celts really have to measure is the “fire in his belly”, the “competitive juices” that flow through him, the size of his “heart”, how badly he wants it, etc. If they see that in him, draft him…if not, he`ll be this years` Fab Melo

    • eddysamson

      Isn’t that exactly what Roy Hibbert was?


        You`re comparing the collegiate careers of Hibbert and this guy??
        There is no comparison!

        Hibbert was a second team All-American in 2008…All Big East first team member in 2007…All Big East second team member in 2006…scored 18 with 11 boards in leading Georgetown to victory in the Big East title game in 2007.

        • eddysamson

          Doesn’t change the fact that he dropped in the draft and was regarded as a project at the NBA level.

          • RED`S LOVE CHILD

            For a “project”…Hibbert certainly won his fair share of Big East/All American honors.

            Hibbert was also drafted in 2008 ahead of…DeAndre Jordan, Serge Ibaka, Mario Chalmers, JaVale McGee, Courtney Lee, etc.

            Time will tell about Steven Adams.

          • kg215

            Actually Hibbert wasn’t considered a risky project, he was more a safe pick that didn’t have too much upside (scouts liked his size but he didn’t have the athleticism).

        • zippittyay

          Roy Hibbert was All Big East second team in his SECOND year. Adams stats are far superior to Hibbert’s first year and he made the All Rookie Team which is pretty good considering that no centers made the All Big East 2nd or 3rd teams last year (Deing made the 1st team)

    • Double P

      Umm Marc Gasol, Gortat, Tiago Splitter, Andrew Bynum, all looked at as projects. Try again


        Bynum was good enough to get selected 10th in the draft at age 17, and LA would own 2 fewer titles without him…Gasol was the price LA paid to acquire to acquire Pau Gasol, and would own 2 fewer titles without him…Gortat is in his “prime” at 28, averaged 11 pts/ 8 boards this year {Is this your idea of super-star?}

        Try again.

        • ShawnCVD

          I think what your saying is there’s a premium on quality big men . What’s coming up is that you can’t teach size so GMs will waste mid round picks on size bc serviceable sg/sf are easier to find and therefore cheaper. With today’s NBA talent should be assessed a little differently. Two way players and floor spacers are more valuable then specialists. And raw size should be aassessedas a specialist

        • Double P

          You’re overlooking the fact that when these guys were selected people viewed them as projects and after a couple of seasons of development they paid dividends to the teams who picked them. Yes Bynum was selected at 10 but we are picking at 16 not a huge difference. And Marc gasol was a 2nd round pick viewed as a throw in at the time

        • zippittyay

          Marc Gasol was a 48th pick throw in.

          • zippittyay

            As for Marc Gasol being the “price LA paid”, let us remind you.. “The NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers, who suddenly look like favorites in the Western Conference, recently pulled the trigger on a trade in which they acquired the extremely talented seven foot All Star Pau Gasol for a handful of no-names in Kwame Brown, Javaris Crittenton, Aaron McKie, the rights to Pau’s younger brother Mark Gasol, and two first round picks, a trade that made most wonder what the Memphis Grizzlies were thinking. “

          • RED`S LOVE CHILD

            Definitely a lopsided deal in 2008…but, even at the time it happened, Marc Gasol was the one player LA was not pleased to see go in that trade.

            Also, how exactly are you defining a “project”?
            Is it any 7-footer that is not a Top 10-15 draft pick?

          • zippittyay

            The Lakers gave up TWO first round picks. Marc Gasol was almost undrafted. His biggest claim to fame was being Pau’s little brother. In my world, 1st round picks are almost always more valuable than late second round picks. You are not making any sense. But yeah, usually any big man not taken in the first half of the first round is considered a ‘project’, other wise they would be in the first half of the first round.

      • kg215

        Bynum was the only true project in that group. All those other guys already had a lot more experience by the time they started playing in the NBA.

        • Double P

          Right, I forgot that Marc Gasol was drafted late in the 2nd round to make an immediate impact. Tiago Splitter was drafted at the end of the first round and rode the bench developing but he wasn’t viewed as a project? You must have the wrong idea about what a “project” is because every guy I stated were viewed as such. Along with Deandre Jordan and slews of other big men across the league. Most are viewed as projects. Some pan out, some don’t.

          It’s like people who are acting like Fab Melo was a bust because he didn’t play this year. You do realize he was never supposed to play this year? It takes years for these guys to make the jump

  • Double P

    Looking at the bulls, pacers, spurs, grizz, I still think you take size all day. Big men > guards

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  • Raoul

    Adams and Sully would be an extremely physical and effective duo, on both ends of the floor. Adams, like Sully, has the frame to have immediate impact.