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Jackie Mac: KG leaning towards a return, Celtics want Millsap

When the legendary Jackie MacMullan talks about the Celtics, we listen. She dropped a few bombs tonight on CSNNE (courtesy our very own Mr. Triple Double):

“I’m hearing that Kevin Garnett is coming back for one more year… they’re all waiting on KG”

Jackie Mac also said that she thinks at the end of the day, KG would play one more year if Pierce is here or not

“Everyone knows that they covet Paul Millsap” When asked what she thinks “Plan A” is, she said getting Millsap

Yeah she also brought up how difficult it would be to get Millsap, then brought up how it might be easier to bring Big Al back

I’m extremely happy to hear that Kevin Garnett is leaning towards a return with the Celtics. The dude can still play and his leadership skills are irreplaceable.

As for Paul Millsap, he’s an unrestricted free agent. What’s the 28-year-old worth? I’m guessing at least $12 million. The only way the Celtics land Millsap is by executing a sign and trade deal with Utah that includes Paul Pierce and a young player (Avery Bradley or Jared Sullinger?).

Of course, Utah could lock up Millsap and look to deal Al Jefferson.

Either way, the Jazz will have plenty of suitors for their leftover big man.

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  • akash gondalia

    Links to the original please!

    • There was no “original.” Jay tweeted as he watched the show. When CSNNE posts the video… we’ll add it!

  • Chief_00

    So the rockets will take a pick for Thomas Robinson…. Would he be a good swap for the 16 th pick or are there better players that we can draft at 16??

    • pierce Hart

      I think they’d take lower be could flourish under KG and finally become a good player

    • frickenWaaaltah

      C’s pretty much can’t get him.

      The Rockets are trying to move him to a team that has cap space to absorb him for nothing but a future draft pick in return. It’s about trying to make more salary cap space this summer to sign Dwight Howard.

      So for the Celtics to be involved It would take a three team deal where the C’s send salary to match Robinson to a team with cap space. That team would have to prefer the guy we are sending them or why not just take Robinson from the Rockets themselves?

      • Chief_00

        Yeah right I thought it sounded to easy to do, let hope we get someone halfway decent at 16.

  • Mark Vandeusen

    Do you know what show Jackie Mac was on? I’m trying to find it in my dvr so I can watch

    • Probably Sports Tonight… usually airs at 6:30.

      • Mark Vandeusen

        yeah, thanks. It wasn’t in the rerun aired at 1:30 am, but I guess that was the 10 pm edition.

  • gregbert

    Why do we want Milsap? Are we not committed to Sullinger (same size/position?) We should face facts — Fab is not going to contribute, and we need a shot-blocking big: Dieng, Withey, Adams.

    • KGino

      Why do we want Millsap? Is that a serious question?


      It`s very impressive how Jefferson & Millsap are able to consistently lead the Utah Jazz…directly into the draft lottery!

      They`re now a perfect 3-for-3.

  • frickenWaaaltah

    Utah won’t be interested if they don’t get a really nice offer because if they lose Milsap they’ll have more than enough cap space to replace him. If they renounce/lose both Milsap and Al they probably have as much or more space this year than anybody.

    So no way they take a Pierce based deal, it doesn’t make any sense. They’d want deals based on Jeff for Milsap and Rondo for Al.

    If Pierce gets traded, it will probably be between now and the end of June, to a team that wants more cap space in summer 2014, and ideally one that will take his buyout because then he can still re-sign with the C’s in time for 2013-2014.

  • Much rather get big Al Jefferson. Lets face it, Indiana is for real and Miami’s weakness is size. Lets get big again!!!

  • Double P

    I prefer big al too millsap. Low post scoring is key in the east and no one does that better than Al

  • wil

    C’s need a bigman, but are chasing the wrong ones, What do you do with Paul Millsap and Sully when kg retires? if you ever get him without trading bass, then youre trapped with 3 bigmen who cant play Center and Power forward together

  • kobe

    Celtics to be a contender should get Nikola Vucevic he’s 2nd to Howard to RPG on the regular season.

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