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LeFlop James has the audacity to whine about officiating

The unthinkable happened in last night’s Pacers victory over Miami – LeBron James was whistled for SIX fouls.

He collected a technical foul to boot.

There were bad calls on both teams.

After the game James discussed, in detail, three plays in which he didn’t believe he committed a foul.

You can ‘t blame the guy. He’s been coddled by officials for years.

CBS Sports Ken Berger has an interesting take on the game:

I know everybody hates the referees and, to be honest, this game was not a career highlight for Crawford, Rodney Mott and Derrick Stafford. But in these flop-tastic NBA playoff games, the officials have a lot to overcome, too. They have to overcome 47 minutes of players trying to trick them into getting calls wrong and then are expected to be perfect when it matters.

Just look at this absurd double-flop involving James and David West:

The NBA’s anti-flopping policy is an epic failure and it should surprise no one. The league lets dozens of obvious flops slide before handing out a measly $5,000 fine.

Adam Silver’s #1 priority upon taking over the commissioner’s chair throne from David Stern must be to abolish the flopping.

Whatever it takes.

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  • eddysamson

    I feel like at this point any flops the Pacers are doing (maybe with the exception of Stephenson) are purely because they know the Heat get away with it and they figure fight fire with fire.

    BTW did anyone catch the play last night where Ray Allen elbowed someone (I forget who) in the head, sent them to the floor, and then they called the foul against the Pacer that got knocked down? RIDICULOUS!

    • Fitzy

      against paul george; Frank Voegel received a technical for complaining about that call. So the official compounded his mistake.

      • eddysamson

        Ah yeah thats right…so awful. Was close to the shot clock issue wasnt it?

  • vitamin d

    What’s more disgusting is Reggie Miller trying to justify the Heat’s horrific flopping ON AIR.

    • Danno

      against his former team, no less. Nothing worse than a former player trying to flex his “I’m no Homer” ego by showing everyone how much he can lie about games on TV

      • vitamin d

        That’s why I love Tommy !

    • Chulinho

      Actually, now that I think about it, Reggie Miller was a flopper when he played.

      • kg215

        True and he was proud of it because he was definitely good at it. I don’t think he is wrong though, the league has to figure out a way to punish the players. Right now the fines almost seem arbitrary, tons of flops are fine then all of a sudden a couple fines here and there that doesn’t exactly scare the teams/players from flopping.

        • Chulinho

          Seeing the players do it is annoying. But ultimately, the refs call the fouls. And it doesn’t help at all that guys like Joey Crawford are among them.

  • Jake Gruber

    Agree wholeheartedly about flopping. There’s selling a foul that kind of did happen, and then there’s flopping like that ridiculous clip above.

    It’s no secret that the calls Lebron receives and the lack of calls on him are both beyond ridiculous and almost shame-worthy. Nevertheless, that 6th foul call on Lebron last night was pretty bad. Tough to call that no matter who it’s on with that little time left.

    Then again that entire 4th quarter was just one make up call after another.

    • vitamin d

      I would agree that the 6th foul on Lebron wasn’t clear cut, and he’s too important to be called for something like that with less than a minute left. But I can recall a play where Stephenson went to the basket, and Lebron held his arms down but no call.

      But putting that aside, in general, Lebron fouls MUCH more than he gets called for. No way he played Game 3 with NO FOULS in 41 minutes. You can’t convince me he’s THAT good of a defender.

      • Jake Gruber

        Haha I agree with both things you say. That’s what I was saying about the 4th quarter just being make up call after make up call. The bad calls just kept coming for both sides.

      • jman

        Really, you feel he’s too important to foul out at the end of games? Kg used to get late fouls on him for illegal screens all the time. That was a foul and finally the damn refs called him. In the end James is a player no different then a rookie. They should be called the same regardless of who they are or in that case leave kg who is one of the greatest to ever play alone on calls.

        • vitamin d

          It was just a close one. And that’s the way it works, stars should remain in the game on plays like that. Of course, if he actually commits a foul, he should get the hell out. But the pick he set was a “could be/not be foul” in my opinion.

          But either way, I was extremely satisfied with his 6 fouls, and I hope it happens more often 🙂

  • vitamin d

    Also, officials can fall for flopping since no one is perfect, but…..why hasn’t the league fined Dwayne Wade yet on that flop from Game 3?

    The league has to enforce the rules they set, or else they’re useless.

    • Jake Gruber

      Can you imagine if they fined wade for all of his flops? And maybe even his dirty plays that go completely unpunished by the league? He’d lose his entire salary!

      • vitamin d

        Sounds perfectly fine to me lol. Oh, I wish….

  • Fine the refs for calling a foul on a flop, don’t fine the player. The player is doing his job by trying to trick the ref.

    • Danno

      No, the player is cheapening the game by acting like a spoiled brat. FINE BOTH OF THEM.

    • Jake Gruber

      That’s not a bad point a all, and I don’t disagree, but can you imagine how unfair that’d be to the refs? Have you ever referred a game before? I tried once and I couldn’t even do middle school, let alone the NBA. I’m not making excuses for them, because some of them are just horrible, but I think it’d be pretty excessive to charge them for falling for a flop at the high speeds that the NBA game is played at…though in theory I like your idea!

  • Joanne Tran

    Lmao that GIF is hilarious but Karma is an obese bitch.

  • pierce Hart

    I heard that they were gonna get out the Spanish shirts for the Hispanic market but stern thought Los Floppers would I’ve the game away. Take a dive Dwade!

  • One thing about ray he fits right in with miami.
    Did you see him elbow stevenson after he got embaressed by him.
    Ray your a loser who i used to like till you jumped ship.
    For reasons we all understand.
    Miami is the biggest bunch of floppers and crybabys I’ve ever seen.
    But look whos leading miami the queen cry baby james.

  • ShawnCVD

    If the league was serious about ending flopping call them technicals. If caught in game it’s a free throw . If under review video evidence can determine the play was non basketball, fine the player plus a technical added to their season total . Remember overall technicals add up throughout year and lead to suspensions. Starts over and accumulate during play offs also. I’m okay with a little gamesmanship but at this point its ruining the game.

  • Double P

    Completely ruining the game, it is seriously hard to watch this garbage. When the best player in the league is doing it so blatantly on the biggest stage it just means that everyone is going to do it. Awful. Awful for the fans, for the league, and for the players. They HAVE to figure this out or the NBA is going to become soccer and be a laughing stock

    • LA Flake

      That said, Paul Pierce never flops. Great, great Celtic!

      • KGino

        It’s funny, heat fans will try to tell you Paul Pierce is the biggest flopper in the league. There is a HUGE difference between pierce getting stripped in the lane and throwing up his arms and yelling, and what Lebron James does on a regular basis (looking like he was just hit by a sniper bullet from the nosebleeds).

  • Double P

    and by the way that is barely a flop from David West hes just responding to Lebron’s slap down and flail on his back. It literally blows my mind that that GIF really happened it is so over the top pathetic. How can ANYONE root for Lebron and the Heat?!?!

  • bstnv

    It;s insane how you can find these flops on every other sports website except ESPN who protects that team with no shame.

  • Mike C

    Any fouls Lebron gets whistled for (legit or not) at this point in his career are way Overdue! They pulled up a stat after he fouled out that game. It was only the second time in a 128 post season games that he has fouled out. Has any player in the history of the NBA been more coddled by refs than this guy? ANSWER…NO!

  • Danno

    For the Record – Zach Lowe_NBA and Zach Thomas of CBS’ SPorts crying about this article on Twitter to John and Chuck is just about the worst example of unprofessional, childish, egotistical sports writer behavior I’ve ever seen. Those two nitwits should be ashamed of themselves for defending LeBron like someone stole their woobie blanket. The worst thing to every happen to professional sports fandom was the coining of the term “Homer” and the suggestion that fans shouldn’t support their home team, or for some reason need to be more courteous to opposing teams and their fans.

    Lebron Flopped, period. The man has had NBA officials in his back pocket as David Stern’s Darling Boy for years now. God forbid someone make fun of him for being treated fairly when he acts like a petulant child on the court.

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  • tanstaafl

    Dave Cowens had a great solution. Mike Newlin, a notorious flopper during Cowen’s playing days, once drew a foul on the Celtic’s center. “That’s not a foul!” growled Cowens. The next trip down the floor, Cowens flattened Newlin. “Now that’s a foul!”. Cowens explained to the referees.