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Remembering that Larry Bird is the mastermind behind the Pacers’s David Aldridge has a fantastic column on how Larry Bird built the Indiana Pacers:

It was Bird that traded for Roy Hibbert on Draft night in 2008, a center prospect considered so slow and so heavy that other teams picking just ahead of Toronto — which took Hibbert with the 17th pick and then sent him to Indiana — didn’t even have Hibbert on their boards.

It was Bird who took a little-regarded forward from Fresno State named Paul George with the 10th pick in 2010, a player that was dismissed by a lot of personnel types because of the relative lack of competition the Bulldogs faced, in part because people thought George was a little soft.

It was Bird that convinced David West to sign in Indiana, and not Boston, as a free agent two years ago … even though the Celtics were offering more money. It was Bird that used a second-rounder in 2010 on Lance Stephenson, whose troubled past gave most NBA teams the willies. And it was Bird that didn’t hesitate to promote a then 37-year-old assistant coach with no prior head coaching experience — though he was a star point guard for Juniata (Penn.) College — to be his coach in 2011, replacing Jim O’Brien.

We’ve praised Bird before, essentially calling him the most successful individual in NBA history. It’s tough to argue with that label. Bird has found success in so many different roles.

I don’t think Danny Ainge is going anywhere and it’s highly unlikely Larry would leave his cocoon in Indiana, but is it okay to dream about Legend calling the shots for the Celtics?

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  • LA Flake

    Did we offer more money to David West? Didn’t Ray Allen criticize West for taking more money to play for Indiana as opposed to taking less to contend in Boston?

    PS: *Bowing down* to Larry. I’m not worthy…I’m not worthy…

  • Lee in Oregon

    I’m still slightly bitter about the David West signing- we havn’t signed an all-star FA in some time (please don’t bring up JO & Sheed- I meant an all-star in this decade).

    Be interesting to see what Danny Granger has left and what Indy does with him next year.

  • I think David West went to the Pacers for a little bit more money to look better financially. That’s what I remember reading. He’s a free agent again this year. I know I know, he ain’t leaving Indiana.

  • ShawnCVD

    Love that a former Celtic great is the architect of this Pacer team that’s giving the Heat such issues. Best of three Indiana. Take Game 5! Play big exclusively! Blue Collar Gold Swagger!

    PS super pissed still that the Hick nabbed DWest instead of Ainge. How much better would Boston have been? C’s would have reached Finals for sure last year. Probably taken Thunder to town as well as the Heat. KG/West/Bass infinitely better than KG/Bass/Hollins.

    • KGino

      Imagine us starting KG/West rather than Bass? We would have been so much better off these last 2 years… F David West

  • forever_green

    The legend continues…

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