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Your Morning Dump… Where Doc is on hand to view pre-draft workouts

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

With Rivers present, the Celtics finished the second day of predraft workouts, which featured six players: four point guards and two centers.

The point guards: Myck Kabongo of Texas, Baylor’s Pierre Jackson, Miami’s Shane Larkin, and Missouri’s Phil Pressey. The centers: Pittsburgh’s Steven Adams and Creighton’s Greg Echenique

On Friday, the Celtics hosted six other players, also four guards (Marquette’s Vander Blue, Virginia Tech’s Erick Green, Providence’s Ricky Ledo, and Louisville’s Peyton Siva) and two centers (Colorado State’s Colton Iverson and Kansas’ Jeff Withey).

The Celtics have the 16th overall pick in the June 27 draft and no second-round picks.

Several of the 12 players they hosted are projected to be second-round picks, outside of perhaps Larkin, Adams, and Green, who are projected to be drafted in the first round.

However, the Celtics need help at both the point guard position, where there is no capable backup to Rajon Rondo, and at center, where the only player at that position currently on the team’s roster heading into next season is Fab Melo.

Boston Globe – Celtics’ Terrence Williams gives his side of the story after arrest

While the headline and first portion of this Globe story is about Terrence Williams, we won’t delve too much into that since John covered it yesterday.  Instead, we’ll highlight how Doc was present for the pre-draft workouts yesterday in Waltham.  This might seem like it should fall into the “yeah, so?” category but since there has been so much discussion and debate on if he’ll return, we can put this into the “leaning more towards the 90 percent of 90-10 returning” category.  Sure, he could still change his mind over a Memorial Day BBQ.  It’s possible that while grilling up some burgers, hot dogs, steaks, chicken, whatever… that he wants to become the next Bobby Flay on the Food Network and pursue his life-long dream.  Even if his grilling skills are amazing, I still expect his better skills as Celtics head coach to be back in Boston next season and beyond.

Aside from that, it appears as though the C’s might be tipping their drafting hand a bit, by bringing in point guards and big men.  They definitely NEED several of the latter, but the point guard aspect is interesting.  I wouldn’t use the 16th pick to draft a backup for Rajon Rondo, especially if they do decide to hold on to Terrence Williams.  But there are growing rumblings amongst C’s fans that they could trade into the second round to draft a PG.  They do not own a second rounder this year, having sent whatever they did have to Portland as part of last year’s trade for Courtney Lee.

It might only be a pre-draft workout, but it’s nice to see basketball being played in Waltham again and to hear the random dribbling sounds and sounds of coaching instructions being shouted out.  It’s never fun to have the season end so early so this was nice to see.  It’s even better to see Doc there.  For now, watching draft prospect videos on Draft Express will have to suffice.  The C’s still have lots of decisions to make, and the clock is ticking down to a month away from when we’ll know more (which is when Pierce’s contract decision must be made).

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  • zippittyay

    Trades are in the works

  • Buddy_Hinton

    Draft for a point guard (Dennis Schroeder) if he’s still there at 16 and trade for or sign a big man. We don’t need anymore big man projects we need results from a center this year.

    • kg215

      +1 on that, we already have a project big man that may or may not work out. Using our 16th pick on another seems like a waste. This could be smoke and mirrors to get someone like Dieng. Not a fan of Olynk but even he might be better than another project big, we know he can score already.

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  • Double P

    Good sign

    On an unrelated note – the idea of a spurs / pacers finals must have stern pulling his hair out. Look for some horrible officiating in heats favor, and don’t hold your breathe waiting for wade to be suspended for that elbow

  • LA Flake

    OT: Had dinner and drinks with an NBA exec last night. Damn I feel so phony writing that, but he is a legit exec for a team and I met him through one of my clients who has nothing to do with the NBA and we all went out for some great food and drinks. Anyway, some tidbits:
    The Celtics are one of the classiest organizations in all of sports. Loves Doc, Steve Pagliuca and Jeff Twiss.

    We were watching the SA-MEM gameand he said he was sure the C’s let TA go because they thought he was crazy. Said TA’s on med to stay sane. He also had some bad things to say about the Griz organization. Mainly that Chris Wallace has no backbone and that Lionel Hollins is an ahole of a person.

    I asked what he thinks about the refs and he said he and a “whole lot of us believe they affect the outcome too often” and that some refs are outright homers.

    • LA Flake

      we talked about some other aspects of the NBA because i was in a full fanboy mode last night. but nothing much related to the c’s. oh yeah, he said the flakers are a very polarizing team but the c’s are universally respected!

  • Scott

    could be trading rondo if we draft a pg

    • Chulinho

      Could happen. But I’m not sure teams would want him until he’s fully healed. Also, the C’s actually need a backup PG so that could be another reason they draft a guard.