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The best play in Celtics history happened 26 years ago today

I get giddy every time I see this.

I can’t believe it’s been 25 26 years. (counting is a problem at my age)

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  • Sorry John…but, you`re having a real bad day!

    Probably the reason you “can`t believe it`s been 25 years”…is because it has actually been 26 years {1987}.

    Look, I`m all for making Bird`s birthday {Dec. 7th} a national holiday…but, with 17 banners hanging from the rafters…any play that does NOT directly or indirectly lead to a championship is “automatically disqualified” from ever being considered the “best play in Celtic history”.

    What are we…the Minnesota Timberwolves?!?

    • Guest

    • Ok, I screwed up and counted wrong… it’s 26 years. Sorry.

      I will, however, call BS on the logic. The C’s would have lost game 5 were it not for that play, and gone down 3-2 to the Pistons. This was the ECF, and they won it in 7.

      This play won a playoff game and ultimately, got the C’s to the Finals. And besides all that… when you look at what was involved, how it unfolded (Don’t discount DJ’s brains to cut to the hoop when he saw what was happening)…. this is clearly, to me, the best play in C’s history.

      Name a better one.


        Definitely not disputing the fact that Bird made a “jaw-dropping” play in a super-clutch situation. That goes without saying.

        Merely disputing the “ultimate significance” of that play. Exactly 2 weeks later, Magic kicked us in the nuts with his “Junior Sky-Hook”. Another 5 days later, LA was enjoying their champagne!

        Just like Bill Buckner`s Game 6 error in the 1986 WS destroyed the joy Dave Henderson`s HR gave us just 13 days earlier vs. the Angels.

        1987 was a nightmare season for Boston. It basically began that previous summer {1986} with the death of Len Bias, and ended with Magic`s hook shot and LA beating on a crippled Celtic team in June of 1987.

        As for steals…I never get tired watching Gerald Henderson`s 1984 steal, or Havlicek`s 1965 steal. But, given how things ended, I can do without watching Bird`s.

  • Lee in Oregon

    To quote DA…”they forgot about Larry Bird”.

    I’ll never get tired of watching that clip……Walton’s facial expressions say it all. It’s one of those moments where you never forget where you were and who you were with when it happened. The fact that it was against zeke and the Pistons just makes it that much sweeter. Huge props to DJ on that too- great presence of miind to break for the basket…..I always thought he got fouled by Joe D on the lay-in.

  • LA Flake

    What a magical play that was. BTW…Anyone else shocked that Lance Stephenson wasn’t suspended for running into DWade’s elbow? I was sure he’d get at least 7 games.

  • Mike Slys

    Never get tired of seeing that play. Still awesome to this day. Larry Legend.

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  • Goosebumps still and likely forever. Greatest clutch play in the history of the league.
    How about Bird’s ho-hum reaction? Can you imagine an athlete today making this play?