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Your Morning Dump… There’s a 10 percent chance Doc leaves?

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

There is still the possibility — stress possibility — Rivers will choose to walk away from his contract to coach the Celts. A source close to the situation, however, insists it remains far more likely he will return.

The word as expressed to us is that it is “90-10” that Rivers will continue on a contract that has three years and $21 million remaining. If he leaves the Celtics, it will not be with the intent of coaching another team.

Some involved winced when Danny Ainge told reporters last week that Rivers was definitely coming back to coach the 2013-14 Celts, knowing the coach had yet to make his final call. But Ainge said at the time that it was the indication he was getting in every conversation with his coach as they discussed what had happened with the C’s and how they evaluate the players on hand as they proceed into the offseason.

Yet the Rivers question continues, and clearly this has become, at least to some degree, a distraction for a team that is about to make some heavy and expensive decisions about its future. It will go away only when Rivers, who flew to Boston yesterday, steps up and lets his intentions be known.


As if the dreary New England weather forecast for the holiday weekend isn’t depressing enough, now we have to read about Doc Rivers’ uncertainty about returning to Boston.

I’m going to chalk this up to coaching burnout. Phil Jackson pulled this stuff after nearly every season with the Lakers.

If Doc needs a break from the job, I’ll understand. But if he’s bailing because he doesn’t want to stick around for a rebuild, I’ll be pissed.  That makes him a quitter.

In other news, Rajon Rondo appeared on the E! show Fashion Police:

It’s a mildly entertaining segment, if you can stomach looking at Joan Rivers’ mangled face.

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  • Chulinho

    I think too much is being made of this. Doc is coming back. He doesn’t seem like the kind of person to bail in a time like this.

    @4:49 Good to see Rajon still handing out assists. I hate not being able to watch him in the playoffs.

  • Double P

    Can’t help but think Doc is holding Danny’s feet to the fire.. He wants to come back to coach, but only if his guys are here or it’s a team he would want to coach? Can’t say I blame him, he has pretty good leverage the guy could coach anywhere in the league if he was a free agent why coach a rebuilding team?

  • Go, Doc…and take Ainge with you!

    It`s time to inject young/energetic blood both on & off the court….Rivers/Ainge have been here 10+ years…both are now well in their 50`s…fatigue sets in…”quality FA`s” have clearly avoided joining the Doc/Danny team at any and all cost {Posey & House were the only good signings ever}.

    Loved Ainge as a player…he has drafted well…but the only quality players he gets are those who have no choice but to come here {drafting and trading}…those with a choice {good FA`s} refuse to even consider becoming Celtics under the Ainge/Rivers regime, and that`s too much of a handicap to overcome!

    • Double P

      You think free agents not coming to Boston is because of Danny and Doc? Boston has NEVER been a destination for free agents and if we are being honest why would it be? Warm weather and lower taxes in Florida? Larger market in NY? Larger market AND warm weather in Cali? That has nothing to do with Danny and Doc. If anything Doc would be one of the draws to Boston.

      • Larger market for “what” in NY? Name all the Knicks & Nets you see endorsing products on nationally televised commercials.

        It snows in Dallas, and it lacks oceanfront property…but, Chris Paul, Dwight Howard, and other top FA talent always at least indicate a willingness to go there.

        • Double P

          Well for one, jersey/apparel sales which the players generate revenue on. On top of that, larger exposure and potential to expand their brand.

          Regarding Texas, they are a large market as well, with warm weather and a lot of players have roots there.. OH and they don’t have state income tax. That’s always nice

          • State/City taxes in NY & Calif. make Mass. look like a bargain!

            Of the top 15 players in jersey sales…none belong to any NBA athlete in the entire state of Texas {Dal-SA-Hou}.

  • vitamin d

    The Rondo video doesn’t work anymore =[