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Paul George dunks all over Chris Andersen

Paul George and the Pacers outlasted the Heat in Miami last night 97-93 to even up the ECF at 1-1. The highlight of the evening once again belonged to Paul George. Check out this nasty dunk all over Chris “Birdman” Andersen:


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  • eddysamson

    This series has been damn good so far, hope it keeps up!

    • eddysamson

      Also, did anyone see Wade with more of his dirty bag of tricks last night? Lance Stephenson sucked after he got beat in the head by Wade out of no where…no call as per usual with Wade (like that time he clotheslined Rondo and it didnt call, but they called it on Rondo as a flagrant later…)

      • Chulinho

        Even worse were Reggie Miller and Steve Kerr claiming the elbow was “inadvertent”. GTFOH.

        • eddysamson

          Its sickening…actually even a little disturbing that they can be okay with that. Wide open court, nowhere near the ball, and he just knocks him down. Worst part is Wade thinks he didn’t do anything wrong.

          • Chulinho

            Apparently the NBA doesn’t think Wade did anything that terrible either. They assessed him a flagrant 1 penalty. It’s pathetic really.

  • Chulinho

    Awesome play. Great dunk by George; even better was blowing by LeBron. But what’s up with all this friendly crap during the games? Guys giving dap and slapping hands with their opponents. I feel like the Bulls and Celtics are the only teams that actually hate their enemies.

  • vitamin d

    I love the Pacers for beating the Heat in Game 2. Lebron turnovers, yessssssss

  • Mike C

    That dunk by Paul George was probably the greatest dunk I’ve ever seen in an eastern conference final. As usual ESPN has to protect their golden boy Lebron from being embarrassed in a highlight clip, so I only saw about 2 ‘airings’ of George blowing buy Lebron and throwing down the most vicious dunk of the playoffs. UNLIKE, when they ran Lebron’s weak ass dunk over Terry, who didn’t even try to contest it. Of course ESPN showed that about 100 times the next day. I’ve never seen a player more protected ON or OFF the court than Lebron. Its truly sickening!