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Dwyane Wade is still a dirty, dirty player

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) May 25, 2013 Around the NBA 17 Comments on Dwyane Wade is still a dirty, dirty player

Dwyane Wade thinks he’s a sneaky little bastard.  What he really is is a dirty player who takes opportunities of plausible denial to deliver cheap shots to opponents.

Last night, when Lance Stephenson was in his way in transition, Wade seized the opportunity to do the “jump to avoid a guy” and deliver a deliberate elbow to Stephenson’s head.  If you listen to the guys on the broadcast, the plausible deniability is obvious when even they think it was probably accidental.

It wasn’t.  It was deliberate.  It was meant to be an elbow.  And it was meant to go to Stephenson’s head.

If Wade was REALLY trying to jump to avoid Stephenson, he’d have tucked the left arm in, turned his body, and then pushed off of Stephenson as he got even with him.  That’s the fastest way to do it at that speed.  And we’ve all seen Wade’s body control in mid-air, it’s a very easy thing to do.

What Wade did was put that elbow straight out… right where Stephenson’s head was.

Wade’s done this before.  He was suspended for the same opportunistic cheap shot on Ramon Sessions.

“Oh.. I was just off-balance and my leg kicked out!!”


Wade’s done it before.  He did it again last night.  And for some mysterious reason, Wade has decided to be the cheap shot guy.  He could have gone down in history as one of the best two-guards of his generation.  Now he’s also got that “dirty” label.  And make  no mistake.  He earned it.

What Wade did last night was dangerous and malicious.  He was suspended for the kick to the nuts.  The league had better step it up and give Wade a multiple-game suspension for this.

Enough is enough, NBA.  Send Wade a message.

(video via CBS Sports)

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  • Go Pacers.

  • Mike Slys

    Wade’s a punk and a whiny d-bag. He’s def a dirty player and his “I didn’t do anything wrong” attitude is pathetic. Go Celts! Go Pacers!

  • If only the NBA could still allow for a Parrish-on-Laimbeer, “I don’t like this thing and here is what I’m gonna do with it” type of response.

  • Buddy_Hinton

    He’s gonna keep doing it until someone retaliates, which probably will never happen because no one in this league has the balls to do anything.

    • vitamin d

      Rondo speaks up to the refs…. in his own special way…. lol

  • I hate him. It’s bad enough that Chris Bosh looks like a legitimate velociraptor and that Lebron takes self shots at the gym like its 2006 on MySpace, but Wade’s play is dangerous. He takes advantage of the fact that stars never get calls against them by acting like an idiot on the court. I hope the Pacers crush them Ivan Drago style.

  • zippittyay

    We are all Pacer Fans.

  • KGino

    Biggest hypocrites in the league.

    “I don’t flop.” — Lebron

    “I’m here to play basketball, all the extra circulars really aren’t necessary.” – Lebron

    News flash Lebron, one of the dirtiest players in the league is 2nd fiddle on your own team. And I have substantial amounts of video evidence proving that not only do you flop, but you are one of the poster boys for the flopping movement.

  • ShawnCVD

    Yes. If the league doesn’t suspend him, at least they should fine him. So many fans missed that moment bc it’s not shown on highlights of the game. Issuing a fine (at minimum) would then force media outlets (including the next game) to show the dirty play on it’s own. DWade deserves some public humiliation for his cowardly actions. Why he does it is not nearly as important right now as exposing him as a dangerous player.

  • This is what Stern ball gets you- not calling fouls on supposed stars makes them feel entitled to play as dirty as they feel like. Can’t wait for Stern to retire.

    • Stern has groomed his ass kissing replacement

    • Mike C

      Could’nt agree more. This little piece of trash has been getting away with murder ever since he got in the league. Miami still hasn’t won a legit Championship as far as I’m concerned. Refs made both titles possible, 2006 and 2012. Should be a giant asterisk next to each year in the record books. This punk is a true disgrace to the NBA. But like Chris points out, he’s one of sterns ‘precious little stars. Rules dont apply to him!

  • Amir Buxbaum

    Will never ever forget what he did to Rondo two years ago

  • Good for you man!!! Great write up!! First thing I did after that play was call my brother screaming the dirty bastard did it again!!! He took Rondo out in 2011.

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  • forever_green

    Where’s my comment? huh…

  • forever_green

    Ahhh..there it is.